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Black Orbs

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 04:46 PM
Just kind of adding to this thread that there is a belief in both christian and non christian (satanic) churches that anything acquired in a house from someone that has ever practiced in the "dark arts" which craft, voodoo or pretty much anything to do with communicating with spirits, that object is like a lottery card the "spirits/demons" or what ever you want to call them may follow the object to wherever it may reside.

So just because the house is only 20 years old, it doesn't mean it can't be haunted or that something had to occur in it to be haunted. It just requires an object associated with the "black arts". Many people have also swore up and down, when they get rid of the objects they no longer have an issue with it.

I'm not so sure about that myself but do know my sister's house was haunted for sure. Well one day I was asked to clean out their garage attic and discovered all kinds of old stuff but what I kept was an old painting of a lady obviously a portrait painting from the late 1800's and hung it in their dinning room.

Her kids freaked when they saw it saying that was the lady ghost they see at night. I told them to just leave it up and see what happens. No more hauntings' ever again. Point being I'm not sure what that pic did but everything stopped and has never started up again so they leave it up all the time.

posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 10:41 PM
I live in an apartment in Roanoke Rapids n.c. and we have a cemetary directly behind my apt. Back in the early spring of this year around 725 to 730 pm i had gone on into my bedroom as i normally do and watch t.v. I had my bedroom window open as it was pretty warm. I was lying in bed watching the tv when i heard a noise like something had fallen(i thought)and it was loud .Ilooked over and didn't notice anything so went back to the tv when i heard it again. I have a computer table right in front of the window and a long dresser less than two feet across from it . The first time i heard it it must have hit the computer table and the second the dresser. The second time got my attention real good. I then saw a gray to black movement moving across my room outlined agains't the white wall and continued across until it was in front of my lit tv screen and after it passed away from the tv to a large clear area of my white wall i saw it clearly. This thing was completely round and was as BIG as a large globe of the world .I said nothing and it didn't bother me and after it crossed to the door to my living room i didn't see it anymore. I haven't seen it again yet , but have caught shadows movement. Can you tell me WHAT this thing was. I know what i saw and am very sane.

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 03:01 PM
i was looking on here for black orbs .because my mom and dad seen one a while back and told me the story, and i was trying to find out some info on it. they told me that they were sleeping and my dad said he felt something in his face [you know like when someone is up real close to your face when you are a sleep]he said he opened his eyes and there was this object right in his face, so close he started swatting at it with his hands .from him swatting at it ,it woke my mom up she asked him what he was doing. he told her something was in his face . he said about that time this black round shaped object abotut the size of a softball floated backwards to the foot of the bed. he said it did not float still .it wobbled in the air kinda like a butterfly. he said that him and my mom sat up in bed and was looking at it and asking each other if they both were seeing it. he said it floated there at the foot of there bed for a few seconds then it rose up to the ceiling than went towards the bedroom door, but was to high to go thru the door ,he said it dropped down and rolled under the door frame like a water ballon ,then went down the hallway .him and my mom talked about it then got up to look for it they went all thru there house and did not find anything . my mom and dad are in there 60's they they are not going to be telling any lies .and in fact me and my brothers are the only people they have told they dont really talk about it.if thats what my dad saw thats what he saw. i told him he might have been dreaming but that dont explain my mom seeing the same thing and they were talking to each other while watching it . any info would be great thanks for reading and your help

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 08:55 PM
i have it on good authority you should under no circumstances let a red or black orb touch you. i wasnt told what would happen. the information came from an Cree Native American.

posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 11:22 PM
reply to post by Levita

I witnessed black orbs about 6 yrs ago in an apartment I lived in,at first I thought it was a mouse but I couldn't figure out where it went to so fast,but when it happened again I was sitting in my livingroom and I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and thought it was the mouse again but when I looked I saw 2 black orbs floating across my kitchen, as I watched,they floated right through the kichen wall.Needless to say I was a little scared by this,so I mentioned it to my pastor and he said I need to get my place blessed,which I did and I never saw them after that.

posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 07:19 AM
Those things are appearing in my bedroom at the moment. Sucks

Anyway, found this about them. Sounds about right in my case

Amazingly, Heinemann has found that orbs often appear at happy gatherings, near spiritual healers (particularly in the region of the head), and at “positive” events. This has caused Heinemann to link spiritual orbs with more positive energies and settings. Yet, according to Heinemann there are orbs currently understood as “dark orbs” that typically appear at hauntings and other locations with paranormal activity. The latter orbs apparently absorb energy rather than emit coherent light like the orbs that show up at the more positive gatherings. The latter argument may support the notion that spirits draw on the environment to act and/or manifest.

posted on Jan, 29 2009 @ 03:34 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

your friendly neighborhood hippiemouse here...i just took a picture of a white spectral orb outside my house in the back yard and when i uploaded it to my pc i zoomed in on it and saw a tiny black orb underneath it to right
here it is

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 12:01 AM

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:48 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
I've never heard of different orbs. I only know the two:
Alien UFO orb/stone
and the photographic orb

If you ask me I'd say they look extremely similar in many cases. I wonder if they are the same, just cloaked or multidimensional or something. hmm

that is what i have been coming up with, the orbs could possibly be an alien probe of some sort to watch us. Maybe just study us. I myself have an orb that follows me around, to work, the stoe, etc.....i only have this idea because of photographical evidence. Orbs are a form of energy and i do believe spirits can manifest from them as well!!

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

hey anonymous - with the picture can you zoom it in for us to see the black orb?

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 04:21 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

you can see them often? are the first to describe the black orbs as i saw ...eclipse like black holes. My exp involves leaving my body during a disturbing dream. The thing is I tried pulling my girlfriend into the dream prior to leaving my physical body and by her reaction was successful. I saw this movie from the 80's called dreamscape a few nights before the the movie people could get into each others dreams. i was falling to sleep and started having a very scary dream(lightining thunder..raining cats and dogs and then the rain turned into scary ghost like sirens...I thought to myself hey this would be funny to pull my girlfriend into this dream have her watch the rain and it will scare the heck out of her. That's how it all started. I left the dream and was laying in bed next to her and started saying with my mind "Stephanie! Stephanie!" I could hear her reply in my mind sounding sleepy and grumpy...the next thing i know we are both in the same dream together. Same lightining thunder etc. but different location. She was a cocktail waitress at this oyster bar across from the huntington beach pier at the time and we were at that location. She was in the long white shirt of mine she wore to bed. She was pouring a pitcher of bear into my glass mug but was so sleepy that it was missing the glass and spilling allover the counter. I stood up and walked towards the back sort of upset with the wasting of the beer and started walking down a hallway towards the restrooms. The hallway was lit with red chinese lanterns and the red glow started to humm and scared me right out of the dream. I left my body lying in the bed next to Stephanie. I floated above the two of us in kinetic physical form. I was looking at my kinetic arms and noticed i had 360 degree vision. I was in shock. After 15 seconds or so I look to the left and can see through the bedroom wall an orb as you described. It communicated to me thru my mind telling me I was doing great and it seemed to be excited and happy for me. It left and came back with a second one. They asked me to follow them. They moved off and I chickened out. Shot into my body woke up as if under water for minute or so. Stephanie woke and asked frantically "what just happened!" I replied where were you? She described our dream. I asked if I was there. She confirmed I was and that I had left. Her dream was nightmare like. I did not get the feeling the orbs had anything to do with that. They seemed helpful and peaceful and I think wanted to share more insight with me. I was frustrated that my fear forced me back into my physical body. Bought a book trying to train myself to do it again (the possible human) but for many years could not do it until getting into my sons dream 10 years later. Him and his crazy power ranger dreams riding megasaurs thru the air on some crazy other word with a turquise and orange sky(another story) but that is my only exp. I would have been a fade to black atheist if not for that first experiance...please write to share stories or ideas how to train to do this at will......thanx for your input and time......

posted on Aug, 10 2009 @ 04:02 PM
... huh.
It occurs to me now, what if there were light orbs, but they were also no good?
People generally seem to assume that light ones are neutral, and dark are just plain evil. I'm just saying, what if?
And how do 'they' KNOW the dark ones draw energy?
And has anyone established that the light ones actually throw out energy?
And! - they could all just be misbalances, and other entities in condensed/cloaked form. (In the loooooong dream described above, if an orb said something, of course it wasn't just a spot of energy, as some think them to be. And~ regardless of what color it was in the dream, it could have actually been luring you.)

posted on Sep, 7 2010 @ 09:45 AM
I guess this is why they call it ATS. I am supposed to believe in the accuracy of the previous posts, that the people are genuine and not delusional like my sister Kathy who had an imaginary friend.

What a stretch.
Still, anything is possible. I have to offer benefit of doubt and consider...Before this thread I never heard of dark orbs - but why not?

I'll believe this impossibility and raise you one!

Crop circles are presumed to have been formed, according to some, by orb activity.

The design in these orbs seems to vary in intricacy and complication like a 'flower of life' design or a simpler one. This indicates to me a level. A vibrational level.
Read once we each must hit all the notes on a cosmic scale from lowest to highest before advancing or graduating.

The design pattern if any, of orbs resembles these vibrational patterns as I have seen illustrated, done with sand on stone or any flat surface accompanied by a noise. The higher the frequency the more intricate the pattern.

The ancient Merkaba meditation is said to awaken a 'light body.'
We can even travel around in it.

I saw a video where an orb came floating up from a kiss.

Orbs are seen in outer space.
Remember the tether incident?

And there have been other photographs of UFO's that look like an orb. Many times they resemble closely a sand dollar floating in space.

I see clusters of white orbs in photographs, gathering around positive activity.

Angels have been sighted and described as orbs of light seen prior to a persons changed outlook our miraculous recovery.

Old photos and depictions of angels show a halo or they are brightly glowing and luminescent, an entity within a circle of light.

On another thread here recently I read about astral projection, and
I believe in the experiences recalled by NDE's.
Yet no one has seen these people travel out of their bodies as they claim.
Perhaps when they travel they look like, take the form of, these orbs?
Maybe the orb is the shape of our living, eternal essence.

I have heard it said the soul is about an ounce, or the size of one atom.

Maybe this orb shape is what this one particular "soul" atom looks like, outside of the human body.

I am postulating...orbs we see are dead people. Floating souls.

Maybe death is not a static end, but an active state.
The soul atom just drifts away...or pops out, as NDE's typically report, from the dead and useless body.

Perhaps there is a cosmic soup of orbs, every soul that ever lived floating about us now? It is the only way we would all fit.

Those souls or orbs who want to reincarnate, could pop into the fetus of a pregnant female - and be born again....memory erased.

Other souls might stay around loved ones floating about as light body souls, angels, and as white or dark orbs.

UFO's and ghosts are inconclusive, but orbs are everywhere.

Something to think about.

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