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Collection of Poems

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 05:06 PM

I feel like an empty void
The scavengers scurry by
Chasing the freedom fly
Little do they know?
They do not chase freedom
There is, but one fortune they will find
Failure and misery at every stop
This illusion pleases them
Their feeble minds are too weak
- To ever handle the truth
Understanding is to succeed
I sit in the shadows observing this monstrosity
Will we ever be saved?
Must we endure this any longer?
The strain is ripping them apart
Limb by limb they begin to collapse
But this feeling pleases them
They feel as a whole
- Together and united
I must resist this urge
Submerge my thoughts in an icy vat
Release and reconsider all my thoughts
Is it too late?
No it can’t be, I must try
Sever my thoughts
Cleanse my soul of this deed
Only through this task can I be redeemed


I’ve been dealing with this defect since the beginning.
Knowing beyond that smile is dishonesty and lies.
I try to shrug it off, but I am feeling the strain.
Sitting here, in deep thought… left out to dry.
Feel the cold pierce through my flesh like a razor.
It stings, but I will not change.
I must stay true to my loyalties.
My actions may seem strange.
One day I guarantee you shall understand.
The thoughts that went through my mind were not so queer.
They spoke not a semblance.
Indeed they may have seemed odd and caused fear.
He may preach blasphemy
However, one must learn to tolerate the unusual man.
For he speaks a word of truth through all that nonsense.
Embrace him for who he is and his odd plan.
It may lead to eternal happiness in the end.

The Passing (I wrote this when someone close to me passed away)

The passing a time of thought
In waves of sadness
People have sought
The answer to all this madness
Who would have thought death to be so harsh?
The pain in my heart is an unending feeling
As the time passes I sit here kneeling
It will never be the same without you
They say life goes on
But I believe it stops
For on the day you are never the same
Never again will you continue down the path you came
Is it all left in the hands of fate?
Can you delay and make it late?
Why was there no warning?
I don’t want to be mourning
But it’s not that easy, obviously
Or else you would be standing here right now
The pain will never end
The pain in my chest will never mend
Seeing the once restless
Lying in a position of eternity
Is all but too much to bear
To high a fare
No matter I will care
You will always be remembered
Even through your passing we will recall


It won’t be long, I promise.
Soon I will move on,
Like a fell swoop into the chilling breeze
Forever forgotten in the sands of time
Lost in the echoes of past champions
Only to emerge like an ember
In hopes to blossom into an inferno
Will you remember me?
I think not
However this has become a fact of life
No longer do those tedious thoughts drain me
Avoid the two faced chains of tribulation
Soon I shall rise again as a baby phoenix
To manifest on the flames of pity
I shall ride on the bricks of ascendancy
Fly through the sky and enjoy false immortality
In the end to only find myself lost in the valley of endless time
Where my body shall decay,
But my mind shall never stray.

Today is Tomorrow

The world is ending
Our destruction is solidified
It was but a fabrication of our own creation
We were warned
Our actions were the sacrifice
Our words were the flame
And our souls the blood stain
We should have listened
The warning was certainly there
We chose to ignore it
Ignorance was amiss
Our pride was at stake
Those terms were too high
For our greedy souls
Now we pay the consequence
Our guilt was the ultimate price
We are, but a sacrifice in the scheme
Another ember in the flames of life
Soon to be extinguished for eternity
Perhaps we have learned our lesson
There are no second chances
Failure is not an option

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 05:06 PM
Let me know what you think and what message you get from them. Thanks in advance! Constructive criticism is good.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 05:36 PM
hey those are quite impressive, i've been writing/reading tons of poetry recently (some of which aren't close to impressive) and i gotta say, these are some of the better bunch.

Just a curious question, where do you draw your inspiration from?

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 06:21 PM
First of, thanks a lot!

The poems come from real life struggles. Anytime I feel a strong emotion on a subject I tend to write something relating to it.

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