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Message from Venus

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 03:55 PM
This is a message to make certain people aware about the state of affairs on planet Earth, the dangers we all face and the potential for incredible change that is before us.

This planet faces a crisis of cosmic proportions. There is a great deal of negative activity happening on a global scale whose purpose is to enslave, pervert and destroy humanity. The truth of this is far worse than many can imagine, but I will not go into the details of it since that is not the purpose of this message.

A group of beings agreed to incarnate on Earth to help prevent the architects of this cosmic evil from effectively enslaving the human race to the lower realms and cutting them off from their natural evolution to a higher state of consciousness.

If you are one of those beings I am sending this message to you to make you aware of your commitment and to tell you that it is time to awaken to your mission which is one of great courage.

You are from a vast and wondrous great civilization of star faring worlds spread out across this galaxy. You came here from on a mission of love and service to this planet Gaia who requested help in a time of great trouble and sorrow. You came because you have experienced all the mysterious wonder, beauty and love of realms which are not as dense as this realm. Your purpose was to bring all the power of what you have learned and been given by your home, people and God to a place cursed by negative activity, hatred and war. It is because in your studies in those higher realms you learned that it is in the darkest night that you must find your greatest light to cross an abyss of despair and terror, and create beauty and love where there is none. This is your mission, this is your challenge.

The dream of Gaia is for a peaceful and wondrous civilization to arise on this planet that is joined to her in love, that is connected to all the great civilizations in this galaxy that serve the purposes of love and light, and that is at one with the universe. You have seen this dream, you know it, it is in your heart, you have lived it on your home world. You have come to fulfil that dream.

There are negative beings who work 24 hours a day solely doing everything with their considerable intelligence and knowledge, technology and power to make sure you don't make that dream come true. However all the power at their disposal is nothing compared to the power that is within you.

We are entering the last few years of a cosmic struggle that has raged on many levels and in many arenas and in the end the final struggle will be decided here on this planet. There is only one outcome. The omnipotent power in the universe will play it's card to conclude this war. That power is Love.

This message is to make you aware of the power of the love in your heart that is able to change the karma and fate of this planet and transform it into a place of harmony and cosmic wisdom.

Here is my advice for you to solve the grave problems you face and finally triumph in succeeding in your mission. Firstly purify your life from anything you know is wrong. Then:

Become Love.

Let love fill all your thoughts and intentions. Wrap yourself in love and send it our from your heart to all beings and all things. This is your power, this is the promise of your victory.

Don't be content to just love your friends and family. Take time every day and send love to suffering humanity, to those who came with you to this planet, to the animals, to the sky, to the sun, to the moon, to the Earth and to Gaia. Send your love to the seas of this planet, to the higher beings who govern this planet. Send love to the nature spirits who are everywhere, to the stars and your home worlds and send your love to the creator of all things. Become acquainted with the infinite mystery and wonder of love, fill your soul, your heart, your mind, your spirit, your body with love. If you are going to meditate, meditate on love. Let your heart become a vibrant wonderful overflowing thing, not a calculator. In this way you will transform yourself and the world.

Eventually your actions will follow the intent of your heart, and will contribute to setting the people of this planet free from the tyranny that governs them and into the arms of Gaia and the peace that holds the universe in it's embrace.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 04:36 PM
Thank you for your post. I agree, and have been doing this as much as I am able for a while now.

I don't know if I am one of these who came here for this purpose, though I suspect I am (having "memories" of being a far different being than I am here in human form), but I feel that is irrelevant. We all should be doing this.

Take up the torch, all of us. Whether we believe it is because we came here from elsewhere with this purpose in mind, or because we want to be a contributor to the positive energy, reach out with heart to all.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 05:28 PM
Could you share what you are smoking? ... to me that message does not make sense

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 05:57 AM
I have always felt a bit like I am not from this planet lol. This does make sense to me.

posted on May, 21 2008 @ 07:13 AM
Why can't we all respect each beings free will, even if that leads to it's selfdestruction. It's called natural selection. If people don't want to look around themselves, the world and universe as a whole with their place in it and where we are going they should be perfectly free to do so.

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