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So, what's really going behind closed doors at NASA?

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 03:02 PM
Ok, so all the NASA hype turned out to be a little more than a disappointment.. It seems a little peculiar that they took the time to publicize the announcement of this major 50 year discovery weeks in advance, maybe to let our anticipation build?

Certain pieces just don't fit, plain and simple. First of all, supernovas are nothing revolutionary or new. Second, there aren't more than a handfull of people in this country who actually care about a recent discovery of an established phenomenon.

Last but not least, if they're going to be responsible for the NASA thread getting 500+ posts by a bunch of ATS'ers sitting at their computers eating popcorn like a child waiting up for santa, it better darn well be worth our while!

Now, as a whole on ATS the majority of us feel certain that intelligent (or un intelligent) life in the universe does exist. Appenrently NASA feels the same way:

The human race will find life elsewhere in the universe as it pushes ahead with space exploration, astronauts back from the latest US space mission said.

"If we push back boundaries far enough, I'm sure eventually we'll find something out there," said Mike Foreman, a mission specialist on the Endeavour, which returned to Earth in March.

"Maybe not as evolved as we are, but it's hard to believe that there is not life somewhere else in this great universe," he told a news conference in Tokyo.


Obviously if life does exist NASA would be well informed, so why should they keep it from American citizens? Panic is always a possibility though quite unlikely, and national security is a wonderful excuse.

So what's really going on behind the doors at NASA?

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