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An Experiment in Alternative Methods of Earthquake Prediction

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posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 02:37 PM
I am just gonna throw out that I am CRANKY today with no reason.

Other symptoms are slowly clawing their way to the surface, but boy am I grouchy.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 05:02 PM
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posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 07:36 PM
I would just like to mention a magnetic disturbance in sky this afternoon in middle TN. I've heard that could mean an eq in the next 3 days.

On a personal note, I was unusually hungry this afternoon.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by winotka


Describe, please.

Note my location.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by winotka

Pictures...links.....something please!!

I am in Memphis, Tn.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by winotka

Yes please, more information for those of us in TN, inquiring minds want to know!

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 10:52 PM

Originally posted by winotka
I would just like to mention a magnetic disturbance in sky this afternoon in middle TN. I've heard that could mean an eq in the next 3 days.

On a personal note, I was unusually hungry this afternoon.

I have been absent for a while here and have not really read much that i missed but things are shaking under me like crazy. Things have been emotionally turbulent and I have not coped well. The cat is very nutty and I am noticing other cats out and about are seeming to be more active and nervous like. Mine just is sleeping a lot and smelling the ground a lot and kinda whining. She keeps coming into the room when I am laying down to check on me and make sure I am okay it seems. Now shes a total nutcase around the room jumping and flitting about playing.

There was quite a few feelings for me tonight of vertigo but unsteady wavering feeling. It feels magnetic.. like.. I was talking to a friend online about things and she was feeling rather lightheaded herself. I have been very sleepy tonight for no real reason. I have a bad feeling that something is on the horizons soon. I see we have had a few things already. This shaking is crazy though.....

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 11:22 PM
Since everyone is talking about cats, I'll chime in on how ours have been, we have 3, we only moved back to our old house about a month ago, All was going smoothly, but now in the last week our white deaf cat (who's 5) has decided to go from a cat who had never had litter problems, to outright peeing on our lounge room rug and table! She's a bit sensitive, so I'm *hoping* is just teething troubles with the move, but hmm. the other two are fine,but fight with each other constantly!

Can't comment on physical symptoms for myself as recovering from a tooth infection and root canal this past week! Still logging on much more than normal lately though looking for any convos about the PNW.

posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 12:44 AM
Young cat was trilling & wanting attention two different times tonight.
She even went under the desk once & cried!
They both were with me on the couch at the same time too!
Not a usual thing!

Oldest daughter is 'still not right"! (Extreme, over the top emotions!)
Pretty scary if this is related to quakes, because I don't ever remember
it getting this bad. There is a possibility that she has Celiac Disease,
(gluten intolerance), but she won't go & get checked.
So if there is a good sized quake soon, maybe not.
But if there isn't....there's my sign!!!
Huh, which do I hope for???

I'm having some fairly loud & steady ear ringing right now too.
Young cat just sat straight up from a sound sleep & started trilling again.
Then she went under the desk trilled & came back out,
& is really clawing me!!!???

posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 01:07 AM
Morning....just logging in to report feeling very odd this morning. Sore ribs, back and front now, very strange anxious feeling, slept of but still very tired.

Not had this one before, so I don't know what to make of it. I hope it's not a sign of something completely new that we just don't expect, but that's where my feelings are taking me. Someone posted in the 2012 quakewatch thread the other day that he suspected we were going to experience something we hadn't seen before, or in an unusual place.

Stay safe, stay calm everyone. Much love.

Cait xx

posted on Nov, 16 2012 @ 06:10 PM
link little dog is doing her wierd behavior again. For those not familiar, we went through a time period last year where she gets shakey, moans, looks around wild eyed and hides. It seemed to coincide with small, very local quakes. Not typical for us to have them so close to our house and we haven't had one for awhile,....and her behavior disapeared at the same time.

Just now she kinda fell off the couch and was looking around wild eyed (like she hears something scary) and seemed a bit shakey and confused.

Probably means a small, very local (less than 20 miles) quake from my house in the next few hours, or a bigger one a little further away. I am in Skagit county in washington state.

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 01:11 PM
Just checking in to see if anyone is feeling anything different,
something more than they've ever felt before???

That's what hubby just told me, but he can't talk about it yet.
He has me worried. Said he's felt it the last few days.
All he would say was, "I've never felt anything like this in my life."
And he feels an extreme sadness with it.

Our oldest daughter is still giving us problems,
but maybe because she's feeling it too?!
That has him upset, but it shouldn't be this bad.

I haven't noticed the super rude & testy behavior on the threads yet,
that seems to show up before bigger quakes though.

I guess I'm just hoping other people are feeling something too.
So I can be a little reassured that it isn't our family that has a target on it,
& it isn't something coming that will test our family!

Then I feel selfish even saying that, because it would mean something
strong must be coming that will affect so many other people!

Trying to stay positive. Don't want to scare anyone. It may just be us.
But if any of you are praying people....please say some!!!

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 02:59 PM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly

WOQ....I hope you're all starting to feel better very soon...that can't be pleasant for any of you. It's worrying that your husband can't talk about what he's feeling yet. Personally, and I know you won't take this the wrong way....I hope we are all wrong about everything!

For me, well good news in a way. Blood tests so far are fine, apart from a mild blood sugar spike, and I get the rheumatology results on Monday. I can't see that they would be the cause of how I'm feeling though. No real anxiety to talk of, but this weird almost flu like feeling of sore crushed ribs, neck shoulders, back. Very very odd. It's a very strong calm before the storm feeling, and I've noticed that it has gone kinda quiet on this thread. Maybe that's a good thing though, and no-one is picking up on anything much. I still have Enya stuck in my head today, yesterday it was Sweet Home Alabama again, and also, totally out of the blue, Swing Low Sweet Chariot. I know I didn't hear it on tv or anything, or even the radio in the car and it was stuck in my head all damn day. The pictures I keep being presented with are all about water, large waves, waterfalls, chasms, gorges, big movement of huge amounts of water.

I also have a feeling of distance from whatever it is, like it's going to happen a long way from me, which doesn't make me feel good at all. I know there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, and no point in issuing warnings...we won't see it coming.

There was a vid posted in another thread earlier today that I watch..will try and find a link...was very interesting.

Here you go... other EQ thread and video
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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 03:32 PM
The feelings are all uber strong right now. Feels like within hours.


posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

Things that make you go hmmmm......everything really is connected.
All we have to do is be able to recognize it!
I watched it quickly. Will watch again when I can concentrate better!

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by lasertaglover

Thanks, that makes me feel a little better!
Though I'm worried for the people where it will be.
Have to run to town soon....hope we get back before
we get stronger symptoms!

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 03:47 PM
I have to say, you guys are scaring me a little bit. I'm very tired, in bed already, and still have this weird sore buzzy feeling round my neck, ribs, back. I almost wish I would get ill so I knew what it was. Stay safe everyone.

Ok...edit to add a spooky thing. Thinking about Swing Low Sweet Chariot...the only place it mentions is Jordan, and I checked to see if there is any correlation at all. Look again at Mike's map from a few pages back and extend the red line northwards. It passes very close to a place north of Seattle called Jordan.

A couple of links...

Mike's map

Jordan, Washington
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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

I'm getting the upsurge of energy like I do sometimes before,
but it could just be adrenaline from being busy & rushing around???
You stay safe too!

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by caitlinfae

Was just looking at the old zip code book I have,
from the 70's. It lists a Jordan Valley in Oregon too.
Don't have time to look if it's in line with the rest though.
Leaving the house in a few minutes!
Cue the spooky music!!!

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 08:45 PM
I wish I could post a pic, but I was driving. The oldest cat is being really clingy. There was a good size irridescence in the sky, almost a shimmery rainbow that usually comes before an eq. Seeing a general continental map almost clear this afternoon gave me a sinking feeling. There had been some bottled water on sale. I wish now I had insisted we stop to get it. I get help lifting stuff cause I have a bad back. We have some for a fundraiser, but it may now come in handy here. At least, I was able to get some canned salmon.

I'm about halfway between the Cumberland Basin and the Cumberland Plateau.

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