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An Experiment in Alternative Methods of Earthquake Prediction

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 05:29 PM
I have been miserable all day and all last night. I only felt really normal for a little while after that 4.5 in Cali happened. Within an hour I have been back to feeling just bad. Headache about to split me apart, nausea, even some heart palpitations or just my notion I just am not doing good. I have been trying to determine if it is anything but quakes as per usual and the quakes seem to be winning out this 24 hours past. Its quite sad how I just want to feel better but that might mean someones home or life and property...Its not a fun feeling and I have prolly said this before.

I also had a few weird cat and other animal happenings today but the most significant thing since the quake in Cali was a huge wave of vertigo hitting me and sending me reeling to one direction (as if I was in a tube and someone pushed me downhill) If I remember the last time this happened there was the Costa Rica quake...I will check that.

I am just throwing this one out there for the record but the direction I felt the vertigo push from was NW 310 degrees or so (yes I actually get a compass for stuff sometimes cause hey it could be useful) and this was about 15 mins ago from post time I estimate. I wasted some time with the compass... Hope everyone is well and I will be checking back.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 07:03 PM

Type: Earthquake 13 minutes ago
Magnitude: 4.3 DateTime:
Tuesday September 25 2012, 23:48:26 UTC Region:
Utah Depth: 12.6 km Source: USGS Feed

This might have something to do with my earlier post.

Daughter says her right ear is ringing again, uh oh......

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 07:18 PM
Yep came here to check in when I'm feeling this way.
Low low energy ringing in my ears and sensitive to
EMF's . We'll see what's gonna happen?

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 07:33 PM
A ha !
Been reading back a day or so in this thread and sure enough
whenever I'm feeling these specific symptoms Westcoast and Doodle
check in.
And rbkruspe, our symptoms are just about identical.
Something is going on. Earths Magnetic field, EQ's mantle magnetism

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:00 PM

M6.2 - 75km NNE of La Paz, Mexico 2012-09-25 23:45:26 UTC

Just for documentation sake.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:09 PM

Originally posted by Doodle19815

M6.2 - 75km NNE of La Paz, Mexico 2012-09-25 23:45:26 UTC

Just for documentation sake.

That's perfect thank you!
Yeah I was just over at the thread for the mutiple US
quakes after feeling funky and checking in. It's kind of
reassuring to know about the quakes and that you guys were
feeling pretty awful previously as well.
(that came out wrong, haha, but y'all know what I mean)

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:53 PM
Don't know if it's over yet.
Old cat is still under the desk & young cat beside it.
Good ol' Tonga sure got it's turn in. Glad it was after we left!

My left ear just started ringing like crazy & I'm starting to get a headache.
I very rarely get headaches!
Was craving oatmeal the last two nights, (not corn this time), finally gave in & had some.
Do feel a little better now. But starting to feel a little antsy.

Felt completely drained the last two days though, but figured that was from over 27 hours of traveling time,
over 20 of it sitting on planes!!!

Hubby has the usual symptoms again too, but also feels like he's getting pneumonia. He's had it before a few times.
Haven't seen the sun since we got home & lots of rain forecast for tomorrow! Need ...sunshine!!!

If others are feeling crummy too maybe more quakes are on the way? I guess we'll just have to wait & see!
Stay safe everyone!

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by sealing

lately its about all I can do is sit with the quake map up and wait. I have had a feeling on something being up for a while. I am just too shy to speak on it all and have a hard time keeping track of it and then writing it out here, I am usually just feeling sick and if I feel up to posting, I usually am not at my best. It drives me nuts to not be able to just record and upload my thoughts and just highlight what is relevant and go. Especially hard when one can barely stand to be in front of the computer screen or even the iphone. I can not look at the screen sometimes when I am at my worst, and tonight was def. one of those nights! I am feeling better now though but I hesitate to say its over. I have felt that for the past day that something big is up. I am keeping watch on the sun and all other factors as well.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 01:33 AM
reply to post by wasobservingquietly
Oatmeal! Wow, I needed some oatmeal earlier and made some cause I had a pack stashed away for whenever.. I never really thought oatmeal and quakes But hey whatever works! I have had food issues of another sort today and yuck its not been fun really but I deal..

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 07:08 PM
Ha, ha! Bazinga!!!

MAP 6.9 2012/09/26 23:39:59 51.583 -178.200 40.5 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA


posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 07:19 PM
I think it is awesome that so many of you have posted about empathy. Again, it was just a strong hunch, but thanks to all of you for posting your stories.

In regards to eq activity, I've almost posted on here several times over the past three days, the symptoms I experience have been off and on. But it just has not been enough for me to say anything.

However, based on my feelings, I believe we will see a strong 7, or stronger in the next three days. The 6.9 just now did nothing to slow the feelings at all for me.

Peace and love to all of you

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 07:56 AM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

Originally posted by rbkruspe

I am just throwing this one out there for the record but the direction I felt the vertigo push from was NW 310 degrees or so (yes I actually get a compass for stuff sometimes cause hey it could be useful) and this was about 15 mins ago from post time I estimate. I wasted some time with the compass... Hope everyone is well and I will be checking back.

That's very interesting, because you posted this at around 12:29 am my time on Sept 26 -- 10:29 pm GMT on Sept 25, meaning 6:29 pm Sept 25 your local time. You mentioned in a previous post that you're in Norfolk, VA, so I could calculate your local time from that.

Also, I could calculate where a 310 deg bearing would head to from where you are, and eventually it passes just below Alaska's Aleutian Island chain.

Anyway, at 23:39 UTC (GMT) on Sept 26 -- just over 24 hours after you posted the above -- there was a mag 6.4 quake in the Aleutians at 51.634°N, 178.293°W:

M6.4 - 29km SSW of Tanaga Volcano, Alaska 2012-09-26 23:39:54 UTC
Event Time

2012-09-26 23:39:54 UTC
2012-09-26 14:39:54 UTC-09:00 at epicenter
2012-09-27 01:39:54 UTC+02:00 system time


51.634°N 178.293°W depth=9.9km (6.2mi)
Nearby Cities

29km (18mi) SSW of Tanaga Volcano, Alaska
1481km (920mi) SSE of Anadyr', Russia
1572km (977mi) E of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
1589km (987mi) E of Yelizovo, Russia
2807km (1744mi) W of Whitehorse, Canada

(Source: USGS)
That's a pretty decent sized quake and to be honest they don't get ones that big in that region every day.

So I checked on Google Earth and traced a line from Norfolk to that quake's epicentre:

The heading from you to that quake is 319 degrees. (ie NW) Your rough estimate with a compass for the "vertigo push" was "NW 310 degrees or so"!

Now, that's pretty noteworthy. Okay, "one swallow does not a summer make" and all that, but even so it's well worth having the details noted here. This result suggests you not only sense some form of energy release pre-quake, you even sense its apparent direction. If that's so, and if it's possible to repeat the results (and especially if other member can do the same), then it could be another clue to the conundrum of exactly what is being sensed -- and that could eventually lead to the key: how to build a device that could detect whatever it is you felt.

I think we'd all be very interested if you could give any more details about how you determined where the "vertigo push" comes from and also, what it feels like -- if that's even possible to describe. Anything you can offer will be very helpful.


As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 06:52 PM
Yeserday I had four or five moments throughout the day where my ears were ringing. Today its been almost every hour. Lot of moments of light headedness today as well. Still think something is coming in the next day or two. The other symptoms are all there too.


posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by lasertaglover

I see that you are in the Midwest, I was wondering if you are familiar with ?

I have been able to link up symptoms on there before.

I have had short bursts of energy followed by the dizziness and pressure in the ear. (It is allergy season here though.)

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 08:35 PM
Having constant left ear ringing for a while again. And so wiped out, still been sleeping 12 hours at night!
I have so much to do, but feel like somebody took out my batteries!

Hubby called from work this morning asking if there had been a 7 something quake.
That is the first time he actually volunteered a magnitude!
Says he still feels like it's coming, but can't narrow it down any closer time wise.
I was surprised, because he felt pretty good when he left at 5:30 AM!

We all have some kind of 'vacationitus' though, so it's hard to be objective!
Still haven't seen the sun, nothing but gloom & rain!
Flu going around here already too!

Never got to answer the empathy question. But yes,we're familiar with that too.
Hubby can tell when something is wrong or someone in his family is sick, even though they are half a world away! His mother is the same way.
He called from work, right after our daughter called to tell me, that she & the grandkids had just been in a wreck.
They were okay, but he had felt something for a half hour & couldn't shake it!

That's why he doesn't like feeling eq's. Doesn't like knowing that people might die, & he can't do anything to change the outcome! He can't always tell if it's an eq or something else is wrong. I'm trying to get him to pay more attention to it & hone his feelings, so that he can tell them apart, but he doesn't want to feel any of it!

And the night I kept waking up while we were gone, was apparently the time one of our rescue cats died!
Have to narrow it down with the time difference when I see our son this weekend! He didn't tell us about it while we were gone, only after he picked us up from the airport. Didn't want it to ruin my trip.

Young cat is near the desk again, but not old cat. But he has been under it off & on for days & earlier this afternoon.
That is very unusual for him. Don't know what to think.
Wish their eyes would just light up like Rudolph's nose when one is coming!!!
Sure would make things a lot easier!!!

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 11:09 PM
I've only posted on this a couple of times, but thought i'd add over the last 24-48 hours i've felt a LOT of anxiety. Heart palps, nervous, panic attack symptoms. I suffer from anxiety, so I know they aren't doctor checkup problems, but just thought i'd note the increase i'm feeling on here (you never know!)

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 09:53 AM
Last week was rough! I sure do appreciate the amazing map, JustMike. I have no decency with getting things like that to work. I just got to read this thread last evening and I've spent time collecting stuff I've written prior about the vertigo push/gravity wave stuff. Tracking down anything I have. Those things I will pay attention to most since I have such an awful physical feeling associated. So if I need to scribble a time or so on a receipt, so be it! though once I get here who knows what I do with the paper. I thought I had some bearings notes from the compass the other day but I dont think so. I was grappling with a reading of NW 317, though my thought was it was not quite right for some reason. I did my self check (of don't be obsessive and over thinking) and shook my phone to recallibrate the sensor closed my eyes and "felt" the direction out. Now this was after I felt it but it was still fresh. I saw 310 and that's what I went with. I also used magnetic north as opposed to true north.

I have not got too much for yesterday's 7.2 cause I had contractors show up at 8am to tear out boards in the front balcony and stairs of my complex (unannounced mind you!) and the hammering and banging was awful. Thought The complex was gonna crumble down! I had noticed some gravity wave clouds prolly around noonish when I managed to get peace and quiet to go outside when the workers had lunch. So yeah. I was pretty much useless with stress.

This morning I have dealt with feeling sorta blah and tense plus tinnitus of sorts which I hesitate to associate quakes since I had my ears shattered quite decently yesterday. Headache is present and I just feel Blegh. How are all of you?

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 10:18 AM
i have been pondering a post to ATS for a couple of days now regarding earthquakes.
let me start by saying that my search engine for this site does not work, so i apologize if this topic has already been dealt with on this site. and i will add this, i started to read this thread and got to page 8 and realized there were 154 pages of i skipped to the end.

on a different site that i consider to be the trailer trash version of ATS there is a gentleman who has been pushing something called sacred geometry. he has created a grid of the earth that he refers to as ley lines. on the other site his posts are pretty much scoffed. i give him props for hanging in there actually.

i won't say that i was a scoffer of his work...but i was skeptical.
but i seriously have to admit that he seems to possibly be on to something.
his recent predictions of large earthquakes have been close to being spot on.
his range of days seems to be +/- 3 to 4 days.
his predictions for locations are what i would call nuclear....reasonably accurate...or so it would seem.

i have never given him much attention as his postings are pompus...he does a lot of 'i told you so' stuff...
but the site he posts to is brutal and he is heavily trolled.

but he pretty much nailed the Colombia earthquake and several prior to it.
his predictions have to do with the geometric lines and an apparent 188 day sequence.

i know in the first 8 pages of this thread you were looking for out-of-the-box indicators leading up to the advent of earthquakes.
i am just wondering if this would assist as simply another layer of information to add credibility to other indicators that are being investigated.

i will post a link to the other site if there is an interest in this. but please understand i do NOT endorse the other site even slightly. i SERIOUSLY see it as a trailer trash site.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by bkaust


Thanks for posting. The more people that do, the more sure we can be that something is brewing!
If nobody posts, or only one or two do, it makes us think that maybe we are feeling something else!

There has been pretty steady activity lately, with hardly any breaks in between!
And I did notice that I felt it a lot more when we were in Australia.
I think because you are closer to the more active regions.
Lucky you!!!


posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by rbkruspe

How are you feeling by now?
We've been pretty wiped out & yucky too.
It seems like we just can't get off of Aussie time!
We either are not sleeping at all when we should be, or are sleeping too much at the wrong time!
Plus all the eq activity on top of it!

We still have only seen the sun for a couple of hours, maybe on two days since we're back!
And it's been pretty chilly too. Just very gloomy & depressing.

I don't know if hubby slept at all last night. He was wide awake when I woke up in the middle of the night.
He called from work again this morning to see if there had been another quake.
He's been feeling lousy.

I didn't tell him that his brother called from Australia an hour after he left for work.
Didn't want him to worry & not keep his mind on his work.
Hopefully, nothing happened there that he is feeling!
If I hadn't still been asleep, I would have thought to ask him if everything was okay!
But the cobwebs didn't clear until after I hung up!

I was so hungry before I went to bed last night that I was really expecting to see at least a 6 when I checked today!
That's usually a sure sign for me. Ate a good supper, but felt like I hadn't eaten all day!
Then there was a thread on the trending list about a solar flare. But someone posted that it wasn't true!
So who knows what we're still feeling? Too many variables!

The cats aren't under the desk anymore either. They had been most of the time the last few days.
The one in Japan seemed to bother hubby more than the bigger, closer one in Columbia!
Can't figure that out unless it's because he was more tired when that one happened.

Sure is hard to follow. Guess I'm going to have to buckle down & get really serious
about making time to log all this stuff!

Yep, my ears just started ringing again!
Is it happening more, or are we just paying more attention?
I really think it's happening more often.
I had read somewhere, that if you have ringing in the ears, it means that you are losing some of your hearing!
If that were true, I would surely be deaf by now!!! Ha, ha!

Hope you're feeling better!

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