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An Experiment in Alternative Methods of Earthquake Prediction

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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by damntheptb

ants a collective mind well spotted me thinks yor on to something there

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 11:55 AM
What is concerning to me is not only the feelings, dreams and such but add to that the real eye opener (for me anyway) is OK not having as many aftershocks as I would think they should be having.
Also, Arkansas is completely quiet. Again, puzzling.

I don't feel as "off" as I have been but there is this nagging feeling that there is a bigger one lurking. For me, making sense of the aftershocks is a must and I just can't make sense of so few.

12 small ones since the 5.6 and just one under mag 3.....that is also puzzling to me. I would expect many more smaller ones following. Am I missing any??
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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by JustMike
I'd just like to log a couple of things that have been mentioned by members in other threads as they are interesting and it's worth collating such information here.

First, in this post on the "Earthquake Swarm in Arkansas Intensifies" thread, TMG333 said:

Had a dream last night about Arkansas getting hit by a 7.4... probably means nothing, but I saw the USGS map with the big red square and specifically remember that number, thought I'd share since I see there's been some activity. ...

I didn't see this one at the time as it was late summer and I wasn't on here so much and not keeping up with everything even when I was. However, today (late last night her time) Westcoast made a statement on her own "Moderate Quakes Striking Odd Places in USA...Coincidence Or Not?" thread. It was in response to queries about her concerns for Oklahoma -- concerns that she first voiced back in August and had repeated several times here on ATS in different threads, well before the 4.7 of last Friday let us know that she could be onto something! In part, her statement said:

I had a dream a few days ago that my quake alert on my phone woke me up. Scrolling across the top was Oklahoma and 7.4.

Now here's the tie-in to TMG333. She responded to the above post and in her reply she said, in part:

Strange, that magnitude you dreamt of is the same one I dreamt exactly one month ago. Only I didn't have a specific location in my dream I felt that it was Arkansas, I could see a map of sorts but I'm terrible with geography as it is and it's possible it may have been meant for another state. I made a post about it in the Arkansas swarm thread after I had it. ...

Also need to add some details that Westcoast mentioned regarding timing of a larger event. In this post she says, among other things:

ugh....I might as well say it. Again, I am not wanting to predict anything.....but if there were to be a larger event, I think it might happen on 11 7. Those are the numbers I saw this afternoon and since I already put myself 'out there'....I may as well go all in.

So, we will see what happens. Like Westcoast and IMG333, I'd be quite happy to see the coming days pass relatively quietly. I'm certain you all feel the same. But just in case, if you live in a potentially affected area, have your bugout bag ready. If you don't have one, start getting one together.

Above all, make sure you have a supply of water. We can survive for days with no food but without water the human organism won't last long. Now, we all know that mains water would probably fail in a major event but even if the taps still flow, the water could be contaminated and therefore unsafe for drinking. But the same applies to wells and other natural sources: quakes can severely impact wells, springs and even brooks and rivers and you cannot rely on them. The only water you can be sure you'll have is what you stored away in advance.


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(I know this is a long quote...but I don't care. I need it for reference.

I find how I have acted these past few days as odd. Here I have never really gone out there with an actuall prediction based on nothing other than things associated with premonition. I have given opinions before (Usually in regards to Washington) but that is normally based on historical data or things/pressure releases going on. The only other time I have said "something is going to happen" because of a feeling, was Japan. Ummm.

So here I have been 'receiving' info for over two months, and rather than come here to the prediction thread I have just been dropping little one-liners, etc. on various other threads. ("we need to watch Oklahoma") Then, when things start to happen in Oklahoma, and people start asking me more questions...I finally start talking, but still fail to come 'here'. JustMike and I have been exchanging U2Us so the timeframe for my dreams/etc. are documented in that way....but I am feeling bad now that I did not share here, which is what this thread is all about. I think it is because I am still in denial or struggling with it all. maybe I don't want to 'lose face' here at ATS? I don't know. Either way, doesn't matter now. I'm putting it all out there for you guys. I'll start at the begining and give all I might be complete BS, but if it isn't???? I feel I am meant to share it, otherwise why would I be shown? Hope that makes sens. Anyways...I am running out of room, so I will continue in another post.
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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 12:38 PM
reply to post by MamaJ

MamaJ, it's because it's a foreshock.

Ok. here it is:

As JustMike pointed out, I first began posting about Oklahoma on 8/23 in my 'Odd quake' thread. It was out of the blue, had nothing to do with what was being discussed.

The reason: I was praying/meditating about the odd quakes (Virginia/NY/CO), asking the question of what was I missing? I knew there was something there I wasn't seeing. I tried to clear my head and think only of that. I was surprised when I saw a map of the states and the only one that was boldly labled was Oklahoma (outlined in red and labeled in red) I think thought/heard "You need to watch Oklahoma". That was it. This message was SO strong (stronger than anything I've experienced) that I have felt compelled ever since to keep repeating it on various threads at random, without explanation. That was before the quakes started....and my feeling is even stronger. People there need to prepare.

So then the quakes start. My feelings intensify. Last week I had a dream (before the 4.7) that my phone quake alert woke me up. It took me over a day to remember what I saw. I can clearly see the white lettering against a black background...scrolling....Oklahoma 7.4. I just saw Mikes post about the other member and their dream. Mike told me about his post last night but I was soooo tired (very late/early here) that I went to bed. I was too saturated.
Well. I can honestly say that if I saw that members post when it was written, I do NOT remember it. I U2Ud JustMike about my dream the day after I had it, just so someone else would know about it.

Then yesterday we 'talked' some more. The 4.7 had now happened. I felt like I needed to give in to whatever this is and try to get some more info. My 'gut' was aching more. So....I did the same as before. Cleared my mind. The following where the random words/image that I got:

"All bets are off"
An image of a fracture (jagged open ground) leading up to a large hole

I then realized that I wasn't getting a location, because I already knew; Oklahoma. BUT. We needed a date. So I just asked: "When is it going to happen?" Not seriously expecting an answer. Immediately though, I saw in blue numbers against a black background: 11 7

I wrote about all of this to JustMike some hours before the 5.6. That 5.6 isn't it though. I seem to only get this intense feeling in the pit of my stomach when it involves a loss of life. Like it is disturbance in the 'stream' that I have spoken on here before that causes the ripples to travel and affect us.

I hope I end up looking like an idiot. On the off chance that this all means something though, I need to be bold and put it out there.

I have already gone onto the threads about the Oklahoma quakes just to warn everyone posting there that lives in the area to get prepared for a natural disaster, if they aren't already. I really think that is the only thing I can do. Warn people. If it can make a difference to one person than that would be worth it.

Again...hoping i am WAYYYY off and this is all nothing more than dreams and random thoughts.

Oh. last night I had another dream..but I can only remember part of it. I was leading some people on some sort of tour, where we were walking over a map of the states. As we were walking, i had my phone in my hand and as earthquaks hit, my phone would sync with the map we walked over and light up red circles where the quakes were. All I remember is when we walked arcross Arkansas. We were about in the middle of the State (walking East) and several red circles lit up on the Western end near the state line and I made the comment "Oh! We just missed several big ones." Probably just my over-saturated mind at work.

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 12:43 PM
reply to post by MamaJ

Could be that there are some micro quakes that have not been posted yet. Really small quakes sometimes don't get posted till they've been added manually by the seismologists. But as for the aftershocks, I'd say there has been a fair number. I've seen quakes up in this magnitude range that have had none at all, even in much more seismically active regions like in the Cascadia Subduction Zone region off the coast of OR and CA. Was a mag 5-range quake there a few weeks ago that had no aftershocks, in fact.

That being said, because quakes up into the 5 range are so rare for the OK region, we don't have a lot of data as to what's considered normal or what's not around there. Regions vary and so do the aftershocks, in number, magnitude, time after main shock, depth and duration. We'll just have to see how this pans out and hope that the mag 5.6 was not a foreshock for a larger event. Anything over a magnitude 6 is starting to get pretty scary as it can cause severe damage. As for a mag 7 or bigger, it makes me feel ill just to think about what that could do there.

For example, a magnitude 7.4 quake is about 63 times bigger in terms of shaking than a 5.6, and it's also around 500 times stronger in respect of the energy released.

In other words, it would take five hundred magnitude 5.6 quakes to release the same energy as one magnitude 7.4 quake.

Here, this is a seismograph in Arkansas that picked up the Oklahoma quake earlier today:

The big trace is obviously the mag 5.6, but those little squiggles you see dotted around further down the page -- they're seismo traces of the aftershocks. They look so small relative to the main shock because that 5.6 quake is two full magnitudes larger. It released around 1,000 times the energy of each of those small ones and also caused about 100 times more shaking through the ground.


posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by MamaJ

Do you have this link? I like it better than USGS's 1.0+. It's only central US so there's less to look through!

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 01:17 PM
In reference to this post by westcoast

I can confirm that Westcoast gave me those details via U2U and in fact we have exchanged several in the past couple of days on this subject. She detailed the date of "11 7" in one I got yesterday. If "proof" is demanded later for some reason then if necessary we could give permission to Admin to access those U2Us and confirm what she and I have said.

In this post on Nov 5, I made the point that

when I also feel "antsy" but can't work out a "where", the trend has been that the quake will be quite large and often with casualties.

I still feel this is the case and I tell you all, it's a horrible feeling, especially when you've had it numerous times and more often than not a big quake does happen. I said in that above post I considered the time frame as within three days and up to a maximum of five days. I see no reason to retract that statement and yes -- today's 5.6 event doesn't qualify as one that would give me the feelings I've been getting.


posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 01:49 PM
WC~ Like I have said before, If you are concerned then so am I. I have been on ATS actively since March and I knew when the Japan one happened the Earth was fragile and the feeling of dread came over me. I began to remember how I felt with the Arkansas swarm and dead birds....again, dread. I think the Japan quake awoke us all.

I hardly ever remember my dreams but the other night all the red on USGS was bothersome when I awoke. I have been thinking a big one is just around the corner because of it. But, itwas just a dream I keep telling myself. Maybe what I saw wasn't USGS but Folkworm and maybe it has nothing to do with anything. At least, this is what I have been telling myself.

To have dreams such as a specific date, state, and magnitude is a different story though. Had I, had a dream like you, I would have to come all out and warn people as well and I applaud you for doing just that. Your reputation is not a one that reeks of doom and gloom but only awareness. I think awareness is what you are displaying within your dream state.

I feel like before we lay our heads down...we can "ask" something and if you are in need of an answer you will get one. Ask and you will receive type of thing. I find when I ask something before I go to sleep if I remember the dream, it was meant for me to know the answer.

Because the other poster stated the same mag in his/her dream is even more alarming, honestly.

For is a wait and see, yet hope for the best. I hope both of your dreams, others feelings and off the wall dreams do not manifest into a reality because like you and Mike will be devastating for OK and possibly even my area (NMSZ). I have no bug out bag, nothing prepared or anything. I will have to say....NOW...TODAY...I am feeling more and more like if I don't I will have wished I had.

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 02:02 PM

I still feel this is the case and I tell you all, it's a horrible feeling, especially when you've had it numerous times and more often than not a big quake does happen. I said in that above post I considered the time frame as within three days and up to a maximum of five days. I see no reason to retract that statement and yes -- today's 5.6 event doesn't qualify as one that would give me the feelings I've been getting. Mike
reply to post by JustMike

All week this week has been hell for me. One of my friends was over Friday night and then another friend came over and we were all three talking about how weird this week has been and how whacked out we have all been feeling. My feelings are an anxious one. Heart beating fast, pressure in my head, and just a feeling of frustration and fatigue. I don't know what to make of it really. I mean, being a woman we tend to feel stranger than normal I think.

Friday was a "bad day" for me on ATS as well. I read a lot more than I posted though. My words were never really fit for the site. They were too negative, I thought which is so unlike me.
I even had Puterman telling me all I need is love.
I know right?

I guess what I'm getting at is every things changes and I do feel the Earth is changing and we just so inhabit her.... we may see a bigger quake in this area or possibly New Madrid or who knows....Japan again.

I really think there is something to WC dreams and or visions and the other poster also having a dream with the same mag....well.....just crazy to think it is just a coincidence.

Being alert and aware I think is crucial because we can prepare now just in case. Preparing is not something I have done yet....but I think I will begin to prepare today. Just makes sense, right? I have been thinking and telling myself that God feeds the birds, and if it is meant for me and the kids to survive we will because we have already been provided for. I know to some this may make no sense at all but for is who I am. I am a God loving, praying, mystical, spiritual type of person and I just really think I will be taken care of like always. Naive? Maybe.

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by MamaJ

MamaJ I am glad to see you say you might prepare yourself today. I hope you follow through with that.

I appreciate your comments A LOT in regards to believing if you are meant to survive, God will see to it. I think though, that part of being because God intends us to prepare ourselves. We are meant to know for a reason, what other than to prepare ourselves and others? To ignore those warnings, I think, is not what HE wants. So please.....prepare. Doesn't mean to go all crazy and build a bunker with a years worth of food. All I have is a few gallons of water in a few different places (Kitchen, garage, 5th wheel) and a bug-out bag. I only made that earlier this year, in response to my heightened awareness. God wants us to prepare.

SO...not to get all spiritual on people, but I just can't deny what it is. My soul aches. Literally. Building up-to and after the Japan quake was torture. That night.....when I saw those P waves come through I just remember looking up at my husband, tears streaming down my face and saying "You just don't understand. Thousands of people are dying RIGHT NOW. My soul aches from it, I can feel them dying." I don't know how else to describe it.

I have come to better terms with it since then. I have come much closer to God and understand what is working through me. We are ALL connected. We can feel each others joy and pain. I believe we can feel when many of us are pulled from this stream of life at the same time. But it isn't anything to be afraid of or scared of. It is how it is meant to be. In order to feel joy we feel pain. The love that is there is so much greater than anything else though, that it overshadows it and makes everything bearable.

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 05:48 PM
Here's some thoughts, written late at night and perhaps without thinking them all through, but I'll write them anyway.

MamaJ, you've said how this is all new to you still -- discovering this link between quakes and what you feel -- and also what your husband feels. It puzzles you, or perhaps leaves you wondering how it can even be possible. And perhaps you wonder if it's a blessing or a curse, metaphorically speaking.

Whatever way we perceive it, you know it exists, because the correlations are undeniable. Even by adding our posts to threads like like this, we are building up pieces of evidence that humans do feel things that seem to go beyond our five senses, that go beyond the common perceptions of time and space and experience.

A couple of years ago or so, I mentioned in a post on this thread where I was explaining a successful prediction, that some of my predictions have an "esoteric" component. In fact, those have often been the most accurate predictions. Though I didn't spell it out, I expected them to be more accurate than the few that were purely "scientific" in their basis. All of them have a scientific basis, because that's essential to avoid posting total nonsense. But it was the esoteric that often led me to examine the scientific for validation, and not the other way round.

On the one hand it's frustrating because most people working in conventional science won't consider the esoteric angle. The "gut feeling", the "intuitive". Okay, the "psychic" angle. But the fact is, it's here and it's evidenced in this thread, it's further evidenced in some of Westcoast's posts on other threads, it's evidenced in the thread by TrueAmerican where he predicted a year in advance that the next magnitude 8-plus quake would be in Japan and would be in March of this year. It's all here on this site, and of the advantage we have here is that we, the members, can't edit our posts days or weeks later. After a couple of hours or so, whatever we write is untouchable by us, for good or for bad.

The question is -- how? How do we pick up on these things? And why? Or are they the same question, really?

Like Tara, I am more disturbed by impending seismic events that result in serious casualties than by the mere magnitude number given to the events. It's what happens to peolple and to nature that seems to impact the most. But for me, those are the ones I always have trouble defining in terms of location. Or, if I do get an indication, I seem to deny it to myself and can't bring myself to write about it in advance.

Fear of failure? No, not that. I have "non hits" posted in this thread, where I made predictions and I was wrong. I don't mind being wrong and sometimes I am relieved to be wrong. So, it's something else.

Is it what Tara has said? That we feel the people dying? Maybe yes. I certainly feel something -- and I suspect that there are forces at work that can affect our perception of time in that regard so that we begin to feel this well before it physcially happens. But perhaps it's also that for many, it is a terrifying experience and we sense that fear.

Then there is the sheer scale of energies involved. Big quakes involve almost incomprehensible amounts of energy and it is released in many ways. Motion, heat, sound, other forms of EM radiation and so on. But is there another component of energy involved?

Question for all: is our ability to sense time a product of the energy involved in the "piece" of time? Does anyone follow me? Time and energy are intertwined, after all.

And if there is a variable energy component, could it be that some events in time somehow overflow their boundaries -- if that makes sense?

Okay, I didn't put that well, but hopefully it might mean something. As I said, it's basically just come out as I think it.

Well, it's heading towards one a.m. here and I need to sign off. I pray the morning will show nothing large and red on the quake maps. That would be a good start to the week, even though my mid-morning is still just the barest sliver of the new day in the US.

As it stands right now -- by UTC time at least -- the quake in Oklahoma was not only the biggest in that state's history, it was the largest in the world for this entire day. That really is quite something. Would be good if Oklahoma doesn't set any more records in the days to come.

Can we hope? Yes, always we can hope, even if we fear our hopes might not prevail.

Good night everyone,


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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 07:22 PM
I want to reply to a lot of what is being posted on here, but just know I support so much of what is being said.

Been reading everything, but I have never been so drained. Ears have been ringing all weekend, ringing now as I write.

All of you who have been posting in here are awesome, much respect and love to all of you.

Sadness, anxiety, and that same damn feeling that something is on its way, just taking its time....

I know it is not depression...still having that uber streak of luck in all aspects of my life. But the ear ringing is happening every few hours, and anytime I sit still, those feelings pounce.

Gonna go keep moving

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 12:33 AM
Well, my walk was very refreshing. Cold, but a beautiful sunset and some geese decided to be in just the right place at just the right time:

Just a couple of minutes ago I started to have quite a strong sensation of motion sickness. I felt this way with the Japan quake too. Right before and for several days after. Hopefully I am just getting the flu.

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 01:13 AM
I hadn't checked out this thread until tonight but I saw JustMike mention referencing my dream here so here I am. I feel a few things are kind of strange in my life lately. I live in Southern California so I'm always a bit on edge about when the big one is going to strike here. The thing that was strangest to me about recent events was the VA quake in August. My boyfriend lives out there, about 40 miles from the epicenter in Mineral, VA. I had flown out there from CA to stay with him for 3 weeks prior to this quake and the entire time I was there, I had this overwhelming urge to check USGS on my phone because I felt like I was going to miss a big quake back home. Nothing happened of course back in California while I was gone. But literally just days after I flew back home, the VA quake hit, almost right where I was staying with my boyfriend. He had never felt a quake before and I was in complete disbelief when he told me because for three weeks I had this feeling looming over me about an earthquake and this felt like it was the answer and I was finally able to make sense of it, I was just looking in the wrong part of the country. I know it wasn't anything devastating but it was a bit of a big deal to them out there.

So that was the beginning of the weirdness I guess. Ever since then I have been trying to tune into these "feelings" a little more. Sometimes when I'm sitting here I think that I start to feel a quake and it turns out to be nothing, all in my head, but I get all worked up about it for some reason. I feel like I'm going a bit crazy. The last few days I've been feeling like I'm getting sick, I've been extremely nauseous, dizzy, just not feeling right, but not actually "sick". My appetite has just dwindled and my stomach's very uneasy and I can't figure out why. The 7.4 Arkansas dream I had bothered me a lot for a few days afterwards. The number itself is what bothered me because it just felt so important for some reason. I had to remember it, though the location itself wasn't so specific. There was some mention of the New Madrid and something about evacuations on the east coast, and when I woke I immediately thought about my ex that lives in Arkansas and how much I didn't want to talk to him but felt like I should warn him. I didn't end up doing so because it wouldn't be good for me to speak to him again. There was a real sense of urgency but after I saw nothing happened in the following days I let it go. Seeing WestCoast's dream with the same magnitude sort of reignited that urgent feeling about the dream I had. I don't know whether to be worried about Oklahoma or Arkansas or both or neither... maybe the recent OK quake will wake up something big in Arkansas, I don't know. I feel like a crazy person but somehow I feel less alone by posting about it here. I really hope I'm just crazy and nothing happens.

Also, I listen to the radio here daily and in the last few weeks there has been a serious increase, and by serious I mean from absolutely none to hourly, in "reminders" about preparing for earthquakes. I really heard nothing about disaster preparedness on this radio station until just about two weeks ago. Suddenly they are playing these commercials over and over to prepare. It's bugging me... why now?

That's all I've got, maybe I'm overreacting, I hope I am, but I've always been the type to expect the worst so at least if it doesn't happen I can be pleasantly surprised, it's easier to handle than getting my hopes up by being too positive, haha.

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 05:48 AM
Hello all,

good to have the new posts with your comments and observations.

Laser, I know exactly what you mean about how you feel. And yes, it's definitely not depression.

Westcoast, love the photo! Thanks for sharing it.

TMG, that major increase in those broadcasts was expected. We were told by "TMiddlebrook" that they would ramp up and be more frequent than during any previous awareness campaign. For more details, just message me.

Now, I'd like to offer an observation. Rather than say a lot I'll instead simply post an image. It's a screen shot from Google Earth, where I have marked the positions of the two main OK quakes of Fri and Sat, along with the locations of Guy and Quitman in AR (where there have been swarms of quakes), the location of Arkansas Nuclear One, and also shown the town of New Madrid as a historically significant reference point.

All I did was draw a line from the OK quakes through Guy to show where it leads as we head east from there.

(Click on Thumbnail for full sized image.)

Okay, technically I have not allowed for curvature but all the same...
I'll leave it with you to ponder, but I have to say it bothers me.


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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by JustMike

Ya'll......I really feel like we are family more than we are internet buddies. The connection is a spiritual one, of course and our feelings are definitely in tune with the Earth's and her inhabitants. The feeling of dread was overwhelming for me last week. I couldn't shake it and I even got a post removed because I told some lil boy off in one sentence.
Just ......ALL!

Thinking of my kids and ALL that is going on in the world really got me down and I couldn't shake it. I even began to wonder if my dream (seeing all the red on USGS) was anything to take lightly ESPECIALLY after hearing about WC dream and the other posters dream that had the same mag. My spirit is not easily shaken and I found myself on the verge of chaos. Out of the chaos does come peace though. This is where I'm at today.

I will indeed prepare. I am going to the store today for a lot of can foods. I have saved about 5 gallons of water over the weekend and will prepare a bag today as well....JUST IN CASE my higher being needs it in the days or years to come. Other than preparing food and water I am trying to talk my mind into purifying this body of mine. I admit.... I drink beer and smoke..... so....I really need to prepare my body as well. Outside of those preparations there is nothing more I can do but pray. I will be praying for world peace with the intent of watching it manifest.

I appreciate everything that has been laid out before us and I happen to continue to think this week may bring chaos....but I am at peace with it.

Peace and love to you all!!! xoxoxox


ETA: I forgot to ask you what YOU think this map means....ya know my terms.
"Map clarification for dummies".
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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 12:22 PM
Hello everyone!

TMG333: I have "Nationwide Emergency Broadcast System-2PM- marked/scribbled on my calendar for this Wednesday. I think it was for a test? It also says: Homeland Security takeover of communications? But I can't remember where I got the info. I'm usually in a hurry & jot things down thinking I'll remember, but I should have learned by now!!! It could be that the announcements are tied to this? It almost sounds like something from a conspiracy thread, but I don't usually mark that kind of stuff on my calendar!!!

MamaJ: I think all we can do is prepare the best that we can & if something does happen, be there afterwards for the clueless people. (Cluple?) I've done my best to prepare my family but.... My sister has had the same results! They are slooowly coming around! BUT will there be enough time? VA's eq did shake some of the cobwebs of denial from in front of their eyes! My brother finally came around, but not for disaster reasons. He was laid off!

Which is kind of the approach my sister takes now with her family. We can get bad snow storms here & our local economy has had down turns. So she tells them to be prepared in case the financial dominoes start to wobble! They could find themselves without a job & no unemployment funds! They can relate more that way. The whole 'normalcy bias' thing I guess. Apparently they don't even teach about the Depression in school! But of course a lot of people don't think that could ever happen again! Much less a disaster here!

Where was I going with this??? Oh, yeah! The whole 'ant & the grasshopper' thing! We just might be the 'ants'!!! If something does happen, the cluple will be in shock, walking around in a daze! They will need someone to reassure them, show them how to shut off their gas mains, organize things & survive day by day.

The 'ants', having been aware, hopefully will be able to keep their wits about them & do what is necessary to help people survive whatever happens!

Sorry....I don't know where this came from. I'm not 'jumpy' today.....just ....sad. I wonder if there are stages to this whole thing like the stages of grief???
Denial, anger, bargening, depression, acceptance......???

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by MamaJ

Hi MamaJ,

good to hear you're getting prepared. Hopefully you'll never need it, but it's better to have it anyway.

About what the map says: well, I think sometimes we can take from these things what we wish. It could mean nothing, but I just think it's strange, to say the least, that the line goes straight to Memphis, seeing as that's one of the locations FEMA and others have identified as a major concern in the event of a big quake within the NMSZ.

By the way, I've started a new thread where I've posted a video: my own personal protest song against fracking. If you'd like to see it, just go to Hard Times (and not just in Arkansas...)

Good to see that things are relatively quiet in the US so far today, and in the rest of the world. Hope it stays that way for a good while.


posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 02:08 PM
Wow, so many posts to read through! I'll go back and catch up, but first I came on here to post what I'm experiencing.

Starting about yesterday morning, my mood suddenly went to really, really irritable and grouchy (which is rare for me...for the most part I have a sunny disposition). And this morning I haven't been able to tell if I'm still irritable, but only that I feel really, really "off". I am feeling a bit of vertigo & disorientation. But I really can't shake this "off" feeling and it's really uncomfortable. I don't feel sick, I mean I feel like I should be okay...except I'm not. ( a little more vague why don't ya?)

It's not anxiety (I know that feeling way too well), but it's that same feeling of not really being okay with where ever I am. For example, I don't really want to be sitting, but if I stand I don't really want to be doing that either. So the feeling of an anxiety attack...but without the anxiety part...if that makes any sense.

But I cannot over emphasize the feeling "off" part. Also, today our networks & internet access at work is really unpredictable and doing bizarre things. But electronics in general have been having issues the last couple of weeks, so don't know if it's related. But something definitely amped up yesterday morning.

posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 02:09 PM
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"Cluple". Now, that I like!
Nice one!

But yes, that's the way it is and I guess it's way it's always been to some extent. That's what the fable was about, after all. It was a message to be more like an ant and less like a grasshopper. In fact, back in my high school days, the school motto was "Vade ad formicam", from the Latin saying:
Vade ad formicam, o piger, et considera vias eius, et disce sapientiam.

This translates as "Go to the ant, you sluggard, and study her ways, and learn wisdom."

It's not just the ant's actions that matter, it's the wisdom of those actions. So, acquiring knowledge that could be truly useful -- such as we are doing -- and finding ways to apply that knowledge and even change the way we think and act, well, that's wise. Sadly, the way of the world these days is so often the opposite, because making the effort takes time and is not always a whole lot of fun. Many people -- or cluple -- would rather not take the time and effort to learn useful things. Instead they want to be entertained and simply absorb information that will be utterly useless to them in a time of trouble.

However, I think we'd agree that most people act that way because they've learned to. Even the evening news is a form of entertainment and often if we boil it down, very little of the so-called news is actually of any great or lasting value. But people have been socialized to want entertainment. It's the "Give them bread and give them circus" technique. It worked well for the Romans for quite a while and for other regimes since then.

That little song I presented allows for this. It has (dubious!) entertainment value, but at the same time it might help to get a message across. That was how the many protest songs of the 60s worked and they were a powerful force. I can't match them and don't even pretend to, but sometimes music is a good way to help spread a message.


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