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Shalom and Happy 60th Israel!

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 09:22 AM
Tonight marks the 60th anniversary for the May 14, 1948 declaration by David Ben Gurion that the ancient Jewish state—destroyed by the Romans nearly 20 centuries ago—had been re-born. It was a warm Sabbath evening when the declaration was made in Tel Aviv, against the advice of many of Ben Gurion’s top advisors who urged him to wait until it was clear the United States would back the declaration. But the white haired leader decided to proceed even without such a guarantee, and the US government recognized the new state 11 minutes later—the first to do so on earth.

Eat yer heart out world!
The little nation that can!
and will
Gen 12:3

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 09:28 AM
Congratulation to Israel and all its people.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 09:44 AM
Text RedToo bad about all the Palestinians suffering needlessly as the hands of Israelis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISRAEL!

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 09:56 AM
Happy 60th Israel!! Your a great nation and I hope you live long and prosper!

the contributions from the Israeli people far exceed the larger nations that are much older! Amazing! (considering all the attacks Israel has repelled and still keeps on keeping !! )

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 10:03 AM
Shema, Israel, Hashem Eloheinu, Hashem Echad!

Listen, Israel, The Lord your God is One!

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 11:46 AM
Happy Nakba!
All the Palestinian people are celebrating the diaspora.
So happy 60th anniversary


posted on May, 15 2008 @ 06:00 AM
Palestinians mark 'catastrophe'

Palestinians are marking the 60th anniversary of al-Nakba, or "the catastrophe" - the founding of Israel - with a series of marches and protests.

More than 700,000 Palestinians fled their homes or were expelled in 1948, during the war that followed Israel's declaration of independence.

The events come on the second day of US President George W Bush's visit.

He is currently in Israel, joining the Jewish state's 60th anniversary commemorations and pushing peace talks.

The other side of the coin.

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 09:22 AM
there are many people on this planet who claim land that they say is theirs. Always this will be so. But, its what you do with that land that in the end will stand out. The Zulus had lots of land and lots of fights, native americans the same. I could go on and on, but I think that I will just say this is the way of humans through-out recorded history. Land is fought over -land is won and land is lost-land is eventually shared, land is limited on earth. Land, a topic that can be written about ad infinitum. The earth is owned by us all and ruled by a few.

I found this letter to a paper written by June Brott from

Oakland, California-I thought it was very good and to the point. I'm sure I could find different views also, but, as with almost any topic that is so world known and discussed and viewed with so much personal emotion it can always swing both ways. But, which way is closer to the truth? Well thats in the mind of those who are closest to the topic? Or insert your opion.....

" Editors, Daily Planet:

Imagine that while you are celebrating a big birthday, most of your neighbors are plotting ways to kill you, and rewarding their friends for debating your “right to exist.” That is what the Jewish State faces.

Tiny Israel—1/19th the size of California—has a population of 6.5 million, including 1.5 Arabs. It is surrounded by 100 million in 22 Arab League countries that occupy 1/10th of the earth’s land surface. Of the UN’s 192 members, only Israel is charged with racism for the crime of its existence.

Although ancient Israel dates back 3,000 years, modern Israel is now 60 years old— powerful, economically thriving, and financially independent. On May 14, 1948, even as five Arab armies began attacking the reborn Israel, Jews danced in the streets, thrilled at returning to their ancestral homeland. These days Palestinians dance in the streets to celebrate when Israelis are murdered.

In spite of constant enemy attacks, Israel is a world leader in medicine, agriculture, science and technology. Its contributions—drip irrigation, the cell phone, the computer chip, the MRI, and other lifesaving advancements—benefit all people, even those determined to destroy the Jewish state.

Israel’s enemies are brilliant at rewriting history and influencing others, like the ‘new’ UN Human Rights Council, which last year directed 2 percent of its indictments against Burma and 75 percent against Israel.

There have been no Israeli suicide bombers or American flag-burnings in Israel, which may partly explain why, according to recent polls, more than 70 percent of Americans favor strong ties and share values with the Jewish State, the only democracy in the Middle East. "

June Brott


source of letter to the editor :the berkeley daily planet

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:02 AM
Let's hope the borders and government of Israel in 60 years look startlingly different from those which we see today. Shalom indeed, Jewish people. Israel, the regime in its current form, can go take a jump.

People on both sides of the borders deserve better.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:07 AM
Happy Birthday Isreal, i can't help but wonder what the world will be getting you for a birthday present.

On a side note; When Humanity finally gets it into it's head that all land on earth belongs to all people on earth, maybe we'll start making progress where international political relations are concerned.

But until then, Happy birthday, Isreal.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:14 AM
You know, it's exactly this kind of Israeli nationalism that has been causing problems for the past 60 years.

Do you never cease rubbing people's noses in your victories? Is there so much to celebrate? Your people live in constant fear and a police state, so much for Democracy...what rights do Arabs have in Israel? How about the Palestinians? I read an article recently detailing how you will either be a Jewish state or a Democracy - but you will never be both as long as you oppress Gaza. Good luck with that.

Enjoy your cake, I hope it's not to hard to swallow as it tastes like hypocracy.

BTW, stay the hell out of U.S. foreign policy and our political process.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by kosmicjack

Lots of anger there. Why not go visit Jerusalem on your next vacation and witness how moderate jews liev side-by-side with moderate arabs in peace.

The people Israel is trying to protect itself from are the inflaming extremists who threaten with bloody murder every day.

Getting your bias from the Internet or the Newsmedia wont replace actually having been there and meeting the fantastic people on both sides.

To the OP: Shalom and Happy Birthday.

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posted on May, 16 2008 @ 09:03 AM
(happy?) birthday to the main reason for an unstable Middle East region.

And Happy Al-Naqba

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 10:08 AM
Happy Birthday Israel and I sincerely hope that the next 60 years will be much more peaceful than the last 60 were.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
reply to post by kosmicjack

Lots of anger there. Why not go visit Jerusalem on your next vacation and witness how moderate muslims liev side-by-side with moderate arabs in peace.

I'm assuming you meant moderate Jews in that sentence but you're right..

Unfortunately the politicians and media do their best to breed hate in 'celebrations' such as these..

Just bear in mind that Muslims,Christians and Jews all live side by side in Lebanon too...or at least they try to when others aren't blitzing them..

I've got friends who are on both sides of the border.

(And yeah.. I've been to Jerusalem,Tel Aviv and Beirut too.. for over two years.. NOT a vacation)..

This celebration leaves a bad taste though I'm afraid.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by AGENT_T

thats right, I meant moderate jews and moderate arabs.

This place is rife with anti-jewish and anti-arab propaganda and Im not having any of it

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by Skyfloating

My bias? I can have an opinion on the State of Israel without being either pro/anti-Jewish or pro/anti-Arab. This is one of the most successful tactics used by pro-Israeli coalitions - labeling those who criticize Israel or it's policies or tactics as being "anti", as in anti-Semite. It's a tired old ploy. Quite frankly I expected more of you - free-thinking, world traveler that you claim to be.

As far as where I get the information to form my opinion, it's irrelevant as long as my conclusions are justified. The fact that the region has been in turmoil for 60 years and more and more citizens of this world and, in fact Israel itself, are calling on Israel to moderate its policies toward Gaza substantiates my assertions. If so many Jews and Arabs were living so harmoniously, as you claim, the region wouldn't be in the news every other week highlighting how they are killing each other.

IMO, I really don't see what there is to celebrate here. To make such a big deal of this anniversary, when there is still so much suffering and so many unresolved issues only serves to fan the flames of hatred in the region. In the long run, it will only make Israel's burdens heavier.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 01:54 PM

Thats the attitude that will perpetuate the same thing for another 60 years.

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Okay Sky, what do you suggest?

Let them go by their doomsday book to get to their Armageddon, and let the fate of a people be the fate of the whole world?

For clarification I am not talking about prophecies but about policies.

[edited 'politics' for 'policies']

[edit on 16/5/2008 by khunmoon]

posted on May, 16 2008 @ 02:11 PM
There´s a lot of heat surrounding this issue.

Who gets left out? The moderates. The young israelis and muslims who dont care about conflict. They dont get reported, they dont get shown, they dont get promoted.

Muslim moderates and jewish moderates.

Also, dont forget that the supposed "poor underdog" arab/muslim world makes up 90% of the middle east and israel 10%.

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