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Brown on the Ropes

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 07:42 AM
It seems that Gordon Brown is on the ropes, his supporters are willing him on, but blow after blow is landing, leaving him looking like a man who knows he losing his beloved control.

He has looked clearly rattled on many occasions since taking over office, but none more so than in the last couple of weeks, as he has been attacked on all fronts, including a back-bench rebellion which forced an embarressing climbdown from the abolishment of the 10p tax.

It seems as though the knives have been out for a while, starting last year, with lost confidential information, the northern rock fiasco, and the economy starting to fail.

The publication of Cherie Blairs book hasn't really helped, and I can only imagine her glee as she twisted the knife after plunging it into his back and taking her revenge on a man she apparently despises.

I have no doubt that brown can survive until the next general election, but he's going to have to do an awfull lot better to win it.

The question is, can he?

His party appears to be on the verge of self-destructing, and the "apology" by Frank Field was nothing more than an exercise in damage limitation.

The PM has set out an ambitious draft legislative programme, which sounds impressive - but after more than a decade of impressive sounding legislation voters are still wondering when the substance will show through the rhetoric.

The tories are talking a good game whilst attacking brown, but whether they can improve on things, as they say they can, remains to be seen.

IMO people have lost faith in brown and new labour, and are seeing them for what they are - old fashioned labour with a policy of tax and spend, with little in the way of results, except the figures twisted by the PM's office.

Time will tell.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 03:33 PM
Hi Budski,

One limiting factor in your well thought out post is. If the Treaty of Lisbon is ratified, there will not be a UK to have an election in post 1st January 2009. There is a ray of hope in the Stuart Wheeler legal challenge. I hope he suceeds and there is a referendum, but if not Gordon Brown will not need to have a general election as the UK's sovereignty will be given to the bureaucrats in Brussell and Strasbourg.

Apart from that minor niggle, I do agree that Brown does look like he's on the ropes



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