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Are US Citizens Collateral to the Queen of England?

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 05:08 AM
As crazy as it sounds, it may be true.

The Federal Reserve used WWI to do
a corporate take over, and to pay
back our debt, our government used
us as collateral. That is why we
are issued birth certificates,
because we are stock, just
like cattle. That is why they call
us "useless eaters"

Now, they are thinning down the herd.

Here is the best video I've found on the

I think why this makes so much sense to me, is
that all the resources in the world, are no good
if you don't have human labor to extract those
resources, and make products out of them.

Now, with machines and robots rapidly beginning
to replace human labor, the weak and sick are being
killed off, leaving the strong as slaves to credit.

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 06:25 AM
So, I want to show the reader a tool used by the Queen of England, to suck up huge chunks of Americas corporate wealth, through banking laws.

The word currency was invented from the word current, which means "flow", such as the current of the river of cash being held in by the banks.

But, the flow of electrons (individual atoms of electricity, a city of electrons)
is also current.

So, in order for our currency to become current (electrons), the Queen devised a way to use offshore accounting (Isle Of Man) for the banking system of America to allow large corporations to invest their employees payroll accounts in overnight investments.

These overnight investments are called "corporate sweep accounts"

They are not federally insured, so they must be done "offshore"

These giant companies (GM, Kellogs, etc) take their payroll account, and trade it for euros overnight.

This was all good, while the dollar was strong. But now, the dollar has tanked, and these giant companies are losing all their money into electrons, owned by the Queen, because they are locked in through automatic contracts.

We are officially, the United States of the Commonwealth.

Conveniently allowed by the Freemason influence on the constitution, which never outlawed taxes, or slavery.

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 06:47 AM
So, one may be asking, how is congress allowing this to happen. Isn't this

Well technically...

they needed to install a new regulations system, called Basel II, from Basel, Switzerland. But, the US Office of the Comptroller was blocking it.

In steps John C. Dugan, appointed by none other than GWB.

Immediately, Basel II is installed, and Dugan also gets the job of
Chairman of the Joint Forum.

The Joint Forum is controlled by the IMF, WTO, and World Bank.

Guess who they are controlled by.

The top of the pyramid, her majesty.

And Charles is licking his chops.

He just can't wait to become,

"Lord of Man"

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 01:50 PM
Be prepared to be attacked spreading this kind of information! That being said, DON'T STOP spreading the truth!!!

I challenge anyone, anyone to disprove the facts Mr. Maxwell is saying, do your home work. Most attorneys will swear it is not true, but go to any hearing day at your local court house. Go in and just watch (traffic court is the easiest). Watch the Judge ask people: How much can you PAY today or Now?

When you watch it happen over and over again, you will begin to see, it has nothing to do with rights, it has to do with $$$$$$$, currency, cash. CONTRACTS. Its all contracts, it takes allot of guts to stand up to the judge, you have been taught all your life to respect authority, guess what, all are equal under the law. The Judge has no more authority then you do.

Learn contract law, it will save you from the evil that has been the evil for centuries.

Note: Mr. Maxwell leaves out very improtant details on this, you better learn it yourself. You should not 'dishonor' a summons or court order, but you can honor it without acutally going to court, that is why there is so many days between NOTICE and the court date, that is YOUR time to honor the order and get out of it without dishonor. They want conflict, conflict only comes with dishonor, court follows dishonor.
Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty, but dishonor shows guilt, that is why they set a court date in the future. If they had any jurisdiction or real claim why would they just not go to the your bank or home and take the money? Why do they need your consent if they have the power to do it already? Truth is, they do not, or they would.

Of course, it is getting to the point, they just take your freedom and life without any due proccess, so you better wake up before its too late.

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