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GOD is ? poem, AKA 888LetsRoll all rights reserved

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posted on May, 13 2008 @ 04:47 PM
You Know, Thomas Jefferson said something it went something like this...
"I sudder to think that GOD is just".
If GOD is just, then what is justice. why must someone seek Justice if GOD is just. And if GOD is just, where are his rulings. If GOD judges one worthy of heavan does that make him just - and he is just and we are human - how can GOD be just. we are a wicked being and a heavenly being. all in one wrapper called human. how can human ever be just.
Is GOD just or is it that man knows he is and finds leading is easier than following does this make GOD just? GOD the creator is just - then why? is GOD just mans vision of how to lead. So Just Lead... looking at us I would say anyway possible. Because there are no Saints at the Top... none - and this proves GOD is not Just.

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