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Who really killed Martin Luther King Jr.

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posted on May, 13 2008 @ 02:07 PM
It was 6.00 on April 4th on 1968 when Martin Luth King was standing on the second floor balcony of memphis's lorraine Motel when someone shot a snipers bullet straight through the chest of the most inspirational man i could ever remember.

The supposes assassin caught months later was James Earl Ray who was hardly a criminal mastermind whoose offences were gas station stick ups and a prison escape sounds like a perfect person for the government to put the blame on i think.

Two and a half decades later a small mountain of evidence tends to support james's claim that he didnt fire the fatal bullet.

Also on the days leading up to kings murder a small army of goverment spies,goverments agents,informantsand soldiers quietly piled into memphis their bussiness remains unknown.

so what im saying is that did did the goverment not like the fact that black people were gaining rights and wanted to stop king and did James Earl Ray really kill Dr. Martin Luther King or was it another goverenment cover up tell me what you think about the whole situation.

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