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Supreme Court ( Canada ) : No drug dog's in schools without cause.

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posted on May, 13 2008 @ 10:49 AM
Drug dog's cannot be used without legal cause

Sadly, the US Supreme Court has ruled exactly opposite, alowing dog's to harrass and search without warrants both in schools and in public. At least Canadians still have a few good judges left at high levels; all we have here are far right wing morons that care nothing about rights.

How could two modern nations based on the same legal principles be so far apart? Now students and travelers in Canada do not have to worry about being intimidated and harrassed by thug cop's and dog's in school and on the streets; of course the cop's HATE this decision as now they have to actually have a REASON to investigate rather than randomly searching everyone with a dog and arresting those that are marked by the beasts.

Good for Canada and shame on America. Anytime the thug cop's are reigned in a little more it is always a good thing for the people.

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