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Abdullah Khadr; CIA/MI5 Sponsored Terrorist?

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posted on May, 13 2008 @ 07:06 AM
Abdullah Khadr, oldest son of the Canadian Khadr family, associated with fighting with Osama Bin Laden against Russia.


From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

May 12, 2008 at 9:32 PM EDT

A U.S. intelligence agency paid a bounty of $500,000 (U.S.) to Pakistani military officials who arrested a Canadian citizen wanted for links to al-Qaeda, according to a new Federal Court ruling.

Mr. Justice Richard Mosley ordered an Oct. 19, 2004, RCMP memo released yesterday after lawyers for The Globe and Mail fought for its disclosure. The newspaper obtained the document more than a year ago, but chose not to publish it after Crown lawyers warned that the release of the information could illegally reveal a state secret.

Remember the 15 yr old kid that went to Guantanamo? This guy is his older brother!

"He is deemed to be a national security threat and has a $USD 500,000 outstanding bounty for his capture," the memo reads. "He is deemed to be a great intelligence asset due to his close relationship with Osama bin Laden and other [al-Qaeda] members."

The suspect is the older brother of Omar Khadr, who was arrested at 15 in Afghanistan and sent to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

But, the case is bizarre. He's been in custody for years, and if he had knowledge of Bin Laden, since he supposedly ran guns for the Al Quaeda,
then they should have had it by now.

So, what are the "State Secrets"? "Crown Lawyers"? Is that the same thing as
MI5 lawyers not wanting Khadr to release the REAL players of 9-11?

Everything about this case is odd. The RCMP says Khadr admitted to involvement in a plot to assassinate Pakistan's prime minister. But the Pakistanis apparently didn't take that very seriously. In fact, the Pakistani government was planning to release him last June, according to the RCMP. But at the last minute it changed its mind.

The CIA and RCMP (a tool of MI5) were well aware of Khadr, and the Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien spoke with Bhutto and got him released after being accused in being involved in the bombing of the Egyptian Embassy which killed 15 in 1996.

Jean Chrétien raised the Khadr case with the Pakistani prime minister at the time, Benazir Bhutto, and within weeks, Ahmed Said Khadr was released. He resumed his life, which he claimed was devoted to charity work in Afghanistan.

Not only does Khadr know (or knew) Bin Laden, but they were old

U.S. and Canadian Intelligence sources, however, identified Ahmed Said Khadr as a close associate of Osama bin Laden.

Now for the first time, members of the Khadr family admit that bin Laden and Ahmed Said Khadr were old friends. They fought together during the Afghanistan war in the 1980s.

Maybe they say "were" because Osama is dead?

Now, here's a little bit about Khadr's younger brother, the Guantanamo detainee that is odd.

Mr. Khadr's Pentagon-appointed defense attorney, Marine Lieutenant Colonel. Colby Vokey, said America would become the first country in modern history to try a war crimes suspect who was a child at the time of the alleged violations. The conspiracy charge is based on acts allegedly committed when Mr. Khadr was younger than 10, Colonel Vokey said.

A Pentagon appointed lawyer for a kid that killed a green beret with a
grenade in the act of war??

Conspiracy charge??

Some smell fish here, like the government trying to keep loose lips sealed??

And the MI5/CIA connection. Is there any difference between the two agencies. CIA working for the Queen? Whats up?

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