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New Kennedy Assassination Theory

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posted on May, 12 2008 @ 10:40 PM
Maybe someone else in the far lands has stumbled upon this, however I haven't seen it in my digging as of yet, so I will post it for ATS to discern.

Okay, so what I believe happened, all things considered, is that the SS passenger driver turned and shot JFK in the neck, in a fluid motion handed the Gun to Governor Connally, who puts it away. The Governor then turns awkwardly to glance back to the same side he stashed the gun.

The Billboard conveniently hides the passenger SS man, who if you notice, casually turns back to the front when he realizes he hit his target. Why else would SS be called off from next to the car if it wasn't their fear of exposing the perps inside the car?

Did you take notice of the motion of the Governor? Mrs. Kennedy actually glances at him as JFK is holding his neck.

Govenor Account of Assassination is contrived if I ever saw contrived.

This Doctor was under the impression that the Governors wounds were made from fragmentation, however I don't count out the idea that it was to deflect attention.

I can endorse the source, but do old men like this really lie?

It's so funny how clueless this guy is at the press conference. He actually didn't know what he was being charged for?
I wonder if he likes "scape-goats" milk?

How bad of taste is this reference? If there was really a fued between the kennedy's and the Bush's, it seems the Bush's have the upper hand to this day, and see where our world is.

I often say when I see something unjust, this is what it'd be like everywhere if the Nazis won. Well, I believe our world would be closer to peace if the Kennedy's would've won the war.

Evidence? Kennedy - "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."
Bush - "We've raised the terror level to Orange."

This next link is the most damning piece of evidence for the conspiracy theories.

Actual Video of Confused SS being ordered to Stand Down

Can you believe they were asked to stand down? Did you see the utter confusion and frustration? Do you not think if they were by the car, and had full vision, they could confirm or deny such claims? Probably.

Also, you must keep in mind Connally's relationship with LBJ, the future President of the United States.

At the 1960 Democratic convention in Los Angeles, Connally led the weakened forces which rallied behind Senator Lyndon Johnson. He claimed that John F. Kennedy, if nominated and elected, would be unable to serve as president for a full term because of Addison's disease and dependence on cortisone. Kennedy, however, had wrapped up the needed delegates for nomination before the convention even opened. Johnson went on to seek the vice presidency on Kennedy's ticket

More on The Suspect Governor

So in closing, allow me to reiterate my theory, the powers that be created the plan to off the president Using Governor Connally, and the passenger SS agent, who fired the original shot (possibly to assure his head remained still for the fatal blow).

Any thoughts ATS? I haven't really dipped too deep into the JFK conspiracy to date, however I am surprised how much damning evidence is out there.


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