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The 7 Minute Silence...

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posted on May, 12 2008 @ 02:53 AM
Isn't it weird when you are talking to either 1 person or several that it seems like every so often everyone pauses and is silent, then after a moment of not noticing the conversations start back up again... I have noticed this many times and I'm sure plenty of you have as well..

I did a search to see what info. I could gather on this... If you have anything you'd like to share even an experience you had with this please do...

An awkward moment of silence when no one has anything to say which occurs after seven minutes of conversation.

My date and I were chatting really well then, out of the blue, the seven minute silence hit; bummer. 7 min silence...

Bush watching this lady programming the children like nazi's, just noticed this and George W.'s 7 min's of silence video...

That was all I really found on this phenomena... All I know is it's definitely strange... And it's strange that Bush was silent for 7 min's...

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