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9/11 and Chinese Astrology

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 11:55 PM
In the western hemisphere little is known of the full spectrum of Chinese astrology. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to a Chinese horoscope then ones year animal. In a full horoscope interpretation, you have a year animal, month animal, day, and hour animal sign, as well as associating elements for each of the four divisions time.

There are 12 animals and 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water). Each element has a respected counterpart of Yang or Yin, male or female quality, thus equaling 10 elements in all. In a cyclic order set up a long time ago, the 12 animals and 5/10 elements revolved unbroken from ancient times to the present. There are also other vital aspects to look out for when interpreting a chart and that is special animal combinations. Here we will be concerned with the special animal combinations called the four triangles, due to the alignment of 9/11 which was the triangle of trade and commerce.

The four triangles are:

Triangle of Creativity: North/Water Rat Dragon Monkey
Triangle of Home and Family: East/Wood Rabbit Sheep Pig
Triangle of Ambition: South/Fire Tiger Horse Dog
Triangle of Trade and Commerce: West/Metal Ox Snake Rooster

9/11 was a most dreadful day. It was a day the beast exposed its hideous face. What I am about to share is that, the level of sophistication to carrier out such an act that we observed on 9/11, was not only physical in nature, but a labored effort in conjunction with the paranormal. When I first compiled the chart for 9/11 and noticed the special animal combination of trade and commerce I thought I miscalculated. I re-compiled the date several times only to find the same alignment. What I found particularly interesting was that the three animals that make up the triangle of trade and commerce, where the only animals present in the forecast for 9/11. Statistically such a combination is one in thousands. In Chinese astrology this trio with no other animal influence, doubles up the strengths of the triangle naturally.

You might find the above hard to believe as I did. What I am suggesting here and what I have found out is that the culprits behind 9/11 used Astrology in a timely manner to insure there success. In the more advanced forms of ancient Chinese astrology, astrologers not only used this body of knowledge to predict clients futures, but used such science to predict favorable days to act in relation to certain intentions, as well as when not to act. Cosmic alignments are by nature natural and will only enhance any form of timely endeavor. With the above in mind, any action "any action" taken in relation to trade and commerce on 9/11 between 9am and 11am, would have been highly advantageous and opportune. Is this mere coincidence? In my personal opinion No! I am still researching the subject. Any insights would be great.


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