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Dolphin & Whale Massacre in Japan and Europe - Video

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 05:41 PM
It's hard to believe how human beings can inflict such pain and suffering on an animal!

When people go hunting for deer or hogs, or when animals are killed for the market, the animals death is usually pretty quick. This video shows how these animals suffer while they are dying. It's not quick. They thrash all around in the throws of death.

All the media I've ever heard always talks of Japan doing all the killing of whales, I never knew that European countries also join in on the slaughter of whales and dolphins!

This video is a real eye opener as to what's going on and the animal cruelty that takes place during these "hunts".

******WARNING: This video is VERY GRAPHIC!******

Really very sad.

Truly, at least in my book, that is animal cruelty making those things suffer like that!

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