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posted on May, 10 2008 @ 04:20 PM
Berlin Family Finds "Holy Potato"

A potato destined for the fryer has become a holy relic to some Berliners after a woman cut it open only to find an image of a cross inside. Birg├╝l Balta, 49, was cutting potatoes for French fries at her home in Berlin's Charlottenburg district when the cross-shaped cavity inside one of the spuds stopped her cold.

It's a Miracle!!!

But Catholicism, at least, is open to the idea of holy symbols being present in everyday life, Markus Thurau, a Catholic theologian at the Free University of Berlin, told Berliner Morgenpost. "There are continuous phenomena like this," Thurau said. "In principle the Catholic church is open to miracles like this, but of course it could always just be a coincidence."

Coincidence? It's obviously a potato that's been designed in the shape of a cross...any gullible person can see that.

News about the unusual potato preserved in a bowl of water in Balta's kitchen spread quickly around her neighbourhood. She quickly found a constant stream of pilgrims on her doorstep.

Hurry up and put out the collection plate!

"She feels it's strange that among two million Christians, a Muslim lady found it. She thinks, 'Well, I guess it's a little bit miraculous and a little bit nice.'"

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

During the Dark Ages, what did churches do to try and bring in more money from the masses? Find (or make up) a genuine artifact like the Holy Grail or the Shroud of Turin and watch the pilgrims roll in to see it. So make sure you tell YOUR church leaders about this Holy Potato so that maybe they can get in on the action! It could be their's if The Price is Right!

The couple's son has set up a blog dedicated to the potato, which White said the family may sell on eBay.


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