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What has the government stopped you from doing today that you could do freely in the past?

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 02:47 PM
I can't gamble on the internet.i was going to get in an online poker tournament with others but the financial instituion i have my card with will not allow payment for illegal activities.i am outraged.I was in NY when the bastards started a lottery there.They had commercials on tv and radio promoting gambling.It was all about showing how people can live the good life after they win-big cars-mansion-etc.Personaly i believe that is taking things too far.I don't like the government deciding for me what is right and what is wrong,especialy when they are being hypocrites.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by niteboy82

My government provided a terror threat color scale to let us know what color to match our fear with.

that pretty much sums it up. they want us to be VERY afraid and that the only ones who can save us is them. they have been controlling the masses after the great depression, leaving no option to the ignorant people but to submit to the federal government.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by CaptGizmo
reply to post by spaznational

I think the point is that some of these may be very subtle civil liberties being eroded, but who's to say when or if it will stop. You know the old saying
"give them an inch, they'll take a mile". If you look at how the invasion of privacy has been trampled on, then that is a good example. There are many that will say"why should you care if you are doing nothing wrong". Then they should watch the movie "Minority Report" because thats where we are headed.

Are you saying that banning child pornography is an invasion of privacy? The way I see it is that the production of CP violates the rights of the child, therefore CP is justifiably illegal. Banning it does not infringe upon the right to free speech.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 03:09 PM
Just to pose an example of rights conflicts. In Pearl Harbor back in 2000 a friend and I were just off base across the street smoking cigarettes while waiting for a chance to cross the road. In dress whites mind you. A Honolulu police vehicle (completely unmarked) pulls up in front of us and blocks our path. He steps out of the vehicle and tells us he wants us to "put down those joints and put your hands on the vehicle". We didn't want to be stupid and get tazered so we did. He took our cigs and told us we had to sit in his squad car until they could test our cigarettes and see if there was marajuana in them. He claimed he could smell marajuana when he was passing by. This is an E-4 and and E-6 with 16 years of service between us and he wouldn't listen to a word we said.

He told us both to shut the #uck up and not say a word more for our own good. It got bad though. At seeing this the gate guard called the SP and let them know what was going on. Next thing we have military police, NCIS and HPD all arguing over what was going to happen. The dumba$$ officer who held us for 4 hours on a curb beside a major highway and argued with 15 military enlisted and officers over 2 packs of cigarettes.

Worst part is, in the next week, over 50 sailors, marines and soldiers were arrested in different parts of Hawaii for "disorderly" behavior as well as other things. The HPD is a prime example of corruption in the police system and the fact that NOONE is safe from their local police department.

The USN, USMC and the Army are still having alot of cooperation issues with HPD as well as most local police. They can't stand not having control over a percentage of the population. Concentration Camps seem to be the next step.

And on the child porn issue, it's horribly wrong. Put them in prison together and let them rot. You can't stop free speech but you can make sure those who abuse it get punished.

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 03:27 PM
They Cancelled my protections under Habus Corpus, THey shot my Constitution with a Patriot Act. nothing a Revolution cant fix.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 03:42 PM
over 10 states now have a maximum fine of 500 dollars for speeding when it is a first offense.Why is that?When they need more revenue and the politicians don't want to raise taxes they look for other ways to stick it to us..Someone can end up having to pay hundreds of dollars for what may have been nothing more than an honest mistake.A repeat offender who speeds and is doing it intentionaly may not even get any jail time because that would cost the government money.There is more incentive then ever to use law enforcement as a tool to raise money rather than to serve and protect.There is more incentive then ever to pull you over and find something they can write you up on.There are speed traps and even lights that are designed to briefly go to yellow then to red,just to maximize the money they take in. ..When i asked for a restraining order from a crackhead neighbor that explained to me he owned the neighborhood and could do what ever he wanted,I was told i had to pay a fee to do that.i think policemen spend more time than ever going out and creating revenue,rather than protecting us. They may decide that smokers need to pay more taxes.After all smokers are a minority of about 30% and that is better than getting 100% of the taxpayers pissed off.They can then claim they are doing it for our own good,but it is not because they care about the health of the smoker.What it really is about is they want his money so they don't have to raise taxes.It is at the point now where smokers pay more than their fair share.They often don't even live long enough to collect social security,which saves the government billions.What has changed basicaly is they are finding ways of taking something from us a little at a time in small groups that way as long as the other guy is getting screwed ,most will just go along with it.they have not stopped us from doing much that we could not do in the past,but if they can figure out a way it would help them create more revenue they will do it,just as they are doing with internet gambling.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 03:49 PM
What I would do personally? Nothing....until I am fed up with the BS and decide to revolt. Whether people are with me or not. Writing this probably got me a spot on the terrorist watch list.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 03:53 PM
Kiss my son every day, wake him up, put him to bed, and be a father. EVERY DAY. Thats what the government has stoped me from doing.

I used to be able to do that freely in the past. but thanks to a divorce done by a judge who worked for the government of the state of Florida. I can no longer do that.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 03:58 PM
The government has stopped me from believing that a future will exist in which our children are not slaves.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by JoeTheThird

Yes, this also hits home with me, i fear for what my kids and my kids kids will face when they grow up long after i am gone.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 04:12 PM
Whoa, this is an angry bunch of people! Everybody's mad.

So, what now?

What is there about toppling bad leaders that we don't know how to do?

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by ianr5741
Peaceful protest. (See: Free Speech Zones)

Privacy. (See: Warrantless Wiretapping)

Life. (See: 9-11)

Economic Prosperity. (See: War Cost $3 Trillion)

Freedom from Slavery. (See: Income Tax)

Freedom from Debt. (See: Federal Reserve Fraud)

World Trust/Respect for USA. (See: Illegal War, Occupation, Invasion)

Legal Defense. (See: Writ of Habeus Corpus)

Freedom of the Press. (See: FCC)

Freedom of Locomotion/Travel. (See: No-Fly List, Driver License, Passport)

This is just what they've gotten away with so far.

There are a lot of new things cooking...

[edit on 10-5-2008 by ianr5741]

I couldn't make a better list.

We have no say in anything really. Our votes don't matter in elections, congress pushes policies and never asks us what we think.

We pay taxes to a government that operates under the control of elite families who are Global citizens and don't care about sovereignty or the constitution.

We have no right to be heard. We have free speech about gay issues, abortion, wedge issues, we can have parades and protests about but political issues we can't or we have to sit in a caged in area and most likely they will put a dressed up cop in the group to throw a bottle then they pepper spray everyone.

“When an individual is protesting society's refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.”

Bayard Rustin quotes (Black American civil rights Activist. 1910-1987)

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by plug_pray
What has the government stopped you from doing today that you could do freely in the past? This same question was asked on c2c few months back, no caller could give a good answer to the question, all who called in just gripped that the government is taking away our freedom etc….etc, but no one could give an example, so now I pose the same question to you.

Nothing! Now I have read all of the bitching but when it comes down to it, nothing.

I have been critical of the US Government and have never been detained, my home has never been searched while I am gone.

Now I don't like having to get a FFL and go through the NICS to prove I am not a criminal/ nut job just to buy a firearm but I still get the gun it just takes an extra 15 minutes.

When I was a kid I could buy ammo all day long, didn't matter for what type of a gun either. Kids can't do that today, 18 yrs for shotgun shells/ rifle and 21 for pistol.


posted on May, 11 2008 @ 05:21 PM
People who ask stupid questions like this will later on wonder how they got cancer or why they don't have good food! I'd like to reverse the question and ask 'WHAT HAVE THEY GIVEN US LATELY????

I like my Ipod but I would rather have a cure for hunger and energy. Or how about have the freedom to pay the federal reserve or go to jail. Of course, you also have the right to live in run down trashy cities with millions of cops and criminals while they flouridate you into stupity! You have the right to video games and Brittany Spears but not to health care and equal energy use. Oh yeah, and you have the right to be covert test subjects of eugenics programs right here in my home state of Indiana.

If anyone else is experiencing this type of freedom let me know...

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 05:32 PM
The government where i live has stopped us from smoking pretty much everywhere, nuff said.

Im not a smoker but those used to be rights. Also in small communities, cousins used to be able to marry.

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 05:33 PM

Originally posted by Roper

When I was a kid I could buy ammo all day long, didn't matter for what type of a gun either. Kids can't do that today, 18 yrs for shotgun shells/ rifle and 21 for pistol.

Woa woa woa, hold up, you have to be 18yrs to buy shotgun shells? Why isn't this bigger news! I demand you all revolt to rid the US of this scourge on freedom!

I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't want antsy hormonal teenagers buying as much ammo as they want, when they want. Doesn't seem all that 'fruitful' to me.

In Australia you basically can't even own a gun, if we have a government we don't like, we usually vote them out. That's what democracy is for, right?

If your government kicks into NWO mode, a few guns isn't really going to save anyone.

I think they're a false sense of security.

I await the
ing from many happy gun owners
. Nothing wrong with that of course, I just don't think it's the most important thing everyone should worry about.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 05:54 PM
Hey Mattguy, I didn't say but there were not any school shooting when I was a kid. The teachers would have busted your ass for it.

I know in your country you are one step away form being a slave. Vote'em out? What if they don't go?


posted on May, 11 2008 @ 06:12 PM

Originally posted by mattguy404

If your government kicks into NWO mode, a few guns isn't really going to save anyone.

If the government goes into NWO mode and fails because of the real possibility of infighting (see Roman Empire) a few guns will help a bunch in the possible ensuing chaos.

Besides 100 million angry gun owners would be very hard to stop even with highly trained and armed government forces.

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 06:16 PM
You can laugh at me if you want, but I think we'll do better if we forge an alliance with the Alpha Draconis.

especially if we can offer them genetic engineering services.

Why not?

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 06:21 PM
I have to be honest. There is nothing in my life that has been stopped by our Government that has a negative affect on *me*

My life only improves over time. It has some ups and downs, but none of them are the fault of the US Government.

There is not one thing I used to do 20yrs ago that I can not do today.

Okay. Wait. I live on a military base and am not allowed to talk on my cell phone while driving. It doesnt bother me.

Hmmmmmm. Im trying to think of other things?

So, as of RIGHT NOW in my current life, none of *my* freedoms have been taken away.

However, if I had kids in school, im sure their freedoms have been stripped compared to what it was like when I was growing up. In fact, we used to have school prayers at the start of every day - in public school

So, again for me, I have no complaints. But that is just talking about *my* life

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