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Facelift Joke

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 01:46 PM
Just heard this joke the otherday and thought it was pretty funny..

Tammy a woman in her early 40's gets up one day and decides that she wants to get facelift done. Shes always been really sensitive about her looks and decides to get one of the best plastic surgens around to do the Job. Once the operation is done she looks in the mirror and cant believe her eyes, she looks 20 years younger! She's so happy she decides to show off her new looks and go shopping. First she walks Into the shoe store, she finds a pair of shoes she likes and walks up to the cash. She still cant believe how good she looks and decides to do a lil test. She goes up the the clerk and says.."excuse me sir I usually dont do this but how old do you think I am.. The clerk pauses for a second looks at her and says 20-25? Tammy so proud of herself smiles and says "actually Im 44!" Tammy struts out of the shoe store and decides to go do some groceries, she picks up a few things and goes to the cash. She gives the cashier her credit card and says "excuse me miss I usually dont do this but how old do you think I am..The cashier says "I don't know 20-25?" Tammy laughs loudly into the girls face "Actually Im 44 hahaha!" Tammy extremely satisfied with her new apearence decides to take the bus back home.
She gets on the bus and sits next to an Old man, she looks at the old man and says "excuse me sir I usually dont do this but how old do you think I am. The old man looks at her with a big smile and says "well there's only one way for me to find out but Id have to put my hand up your skirt, Its actually an old trick my grandfather taught me when I was a young man it never fails. Tammy is curious and decides to let the old guy put his wrinkly old hand up her skirt. The old man closes his eyes and fondles her down there for about 10min pulls his hand out and says "your exactly 44 years old." Tammy in disbelief says "how did you do that?" The old man laughs and says "Jeez lady I was standing in line right behind you at the supermarket." Hahaha!!

[edit on 9-5-2008 by The_Crimson_King]

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