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Conspiracy of Government Media Outlets

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 11:33 AM
It is my contention that US Media Outlets will not divulge practical solutions to remedy our dependence on foreign oil. I've wrote to all our leadership explaining how India is mass producing a 2-stroke air driven piston engine vehicle. Here was my proposal:

(1) Provide a tax-payer backed trillion dollar subsidy for the big 3 automakers (Ford, GM, Chrysler) to mass produce a 2-stroke air piston driven piston engine.

(2) Then have Ford, GM and Chrysler install that same engine in a light weight chassis. The 2-stroke air piston engine is capable of propelling an Air Car up to 70mph.

(3) The Air Car has a proven range of 125 miles per compressed air charge. India is already mass-producing these 2-stroke air piston driven vehicles.

(4) Have the US automakers sign a legal agreement that states for the trillion dollar subsidy, US automakers must build the vehicle in its entirety in the United States of America. Other contingencies:

a. US automakers must reopen closed plants and put Americans back to work.

b. US automakers must enlarge their work force to pre-oil embargo levels. Technology will not be allowed to replace US workers.

c. US automakers must pay their workers a minimum of $25 dollars an hour to build these air cars.

d. Only those US workers who can prove they are Americans would be hired to build the vehicle.

e. Those individuals (i.e. auto mechanics, oil workers and any other American who loses their job by this decision to massively produce the air driven vehicle must be given first hiring rights to work at the plant). Older Americans displaced and unable to work any longer would be given supervisory roles.

f. Make it illegal for any part of this car to be shipped off-shore for production. Any materials that would be used to build this car must be manufactured and produced by Americans in the U.S.

g. Overall goal of this program: In 10 years all fossil fueled driven vehicles would be replaced by air piston driven vehicles. Recycle the aluminum and other material of existing fossil fuel vehicles.

h. Benefits: In 12 months, the big 3 (Ford, GM, Chrysler) could dramatically alter the need for the fossil fuel driven engine. Mass production would see to that.

(1) According to the inventor of the air driven vehicle Negre's Development International a reasonable profit margin is realized for a cost of $18,000 per vehicle.

(2) A US company Zero Pollution Motors is already invested into the production of this vehicle. If the big 3 automakers don't want to mass produce it, have Zero Pollution Motors mass produce it.

i. Funding for Americans who purchase the vehicle would be done by a government backed 6 TRILLION DOLLAR loan program.

(1) Repayment Plan: Basis for US Consumers to pay back their government backed loan would primarily depend on an American's monthly SPENDABLE income.

(2) Some impoverished black, white, hispanic and indian people only have a SPENDABLE income of $10 a month after they pay for their living expenses.

(3) Homeless veterans would at least have a place to sleep at night. They won't be able to drive the car (i.e. no money for car insurance, but at least it provides them shelter)

j. Overcome the objection of the US taxpayer "SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS are you kidding me?" Remind them that we have already paid that much in US tax payer dollars in protecting US oil interests. And, there is no end to that abyss. This at least ends our dependence on oil and stimulates our economy.

k. Provide all US oil CEOs a guaranteed multimillion dollar pension. In addition to this pension, provide the US Oil CEOs a 10% TAX-FREE cut in this massive overnight product. This effort has to be an all-out massive effort. This provides the incentive for "US Oil Companies and US Automakers" to jump at the chance to help Americans.

l. For providing the 10% TAX-FREE windfall to the US Oil Company CEOs that back this massive overnight production we would mandate US oil companies reimburse out of their profits the current diesel fuel costs spent by US truckers transporting U.S. food and other material. US truckers could then deliver food to our tables without paying for the diesel fuel. This would drop food costs overnight.

Important Note: This reimbursement must not EXTEND to the truckers who travel our state and interstate roads from other nations (i.e. drivers who are from Mexico, Canada who just happen to transport their goods from Mexico and Canada into the United States would still have to pay for their own diesel fuel).

m. Also have GM, Ford and Chrysler mass-produce Farm equipment that utilizes this 2-stroke air piston driven engine. Farmers could cultivate food without the cost of fossil fuel. Ethanol would be a thing of the past. Corn could be used again feed chickens, cows and other farm animals instead of putting in our tanks. Or if farmers want to they could continue fueling their farm equipment with ethanol, but the rest of the United States would not need to purchase it. As the air car is strictly powered by Air.

n. This car is 100% evironmentally friendly. It has a nasty exhaust: ICE COLD air. This might even solve global warming and result in global cooling.

o. On a final note it would be simple to alter the Air Car's range from 125 miles to infinity. To do this US automakers could install an on-board air compressor with sensors that are hooked up to a cadmium battery. Each time the electric on-board compressor switches on it depletes the cadmium battery. To recharge the cadmium battery a sensor sends a signal to the solar panel collectors that are "affixed to the roof of the vehicle" which begin drawing "free energy" stored and collected from the sun. This energy would then be used to recharge the cadmium battery.

p. Am I wrong in thinking this would produce an Economic Explosion? Americans would be put back to work and in 10 years we could bring all of our veterans home.

I tend to think Americans who right now (myself included) who can't afford to feed their families might at least want to try this experiment. I am not in any way shape or form associated with any of the air car manufacturers.



posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 12:07 PM
Just ran across this thread.... I started researching air driven cars about a year ago and I think your proposal (for the most part) is a valid one.

Here are some links:

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