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I would vote for Hilary

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 10:50 PM
OP, I appreciate you opinions. I do take challenge to your belief that Hillary is a nice person. Obliterate Iran anyone? That aside, I won't vote for any of them, McCain, Hillary nor Obama. Who will I vote for? I don't know. Don't even know if I will vote. I have become tired of voting for the lesser of the evils. And as a woman accosted me the other day telling me I must vote because veterans fought for my freedom to vote, I mentioned that I fought for America and stand by my right to NOT vote. Don't play the guilt trip with me. The two party system stinks. I believe we should have a parlimentary system where mutliple parties are elected and from there a leader is chosen. We don't have a two party system by law, but we have it in action. Just think, the 3rd strongest party is the Constitiutional Party and it has only 400,000 registered members I believe that is their number. Not much chance of their voices being heard.

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 11:38 PM
reply to post by kyred

Yes i was quite stunned by her recent remarks against Iran, However i thought she would be like Bill Clinton whom i think is worse among the worst people...

Barak on the other hand straightforwardly had said to invade Pakistan therefore he was not gonna be my choice ever. Though i know it's not gonna happen. But he seemed 'naive' to me as well.

That's why i thought Hillary would be a bit better choice than any of the other Presidential hopefuls...

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 12:37 AM

Again as a Pakistani i would vote for Hiliary.. because i think she might be able to ease the tensions and bring some peace to the World!!!!

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If you vote for Hillary on a DIEBOLD OR SEQUOIA voting machine you may or you may not get your vote counted. Elections along with CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in AMERICA are in SEVERE DOUBT.
FACT..if Obama is elected he will face the same fate as the Kennedy Brothers, Martin Luther King, Vince Foster Chandra Levy Debra Palfrey and thats a fact.
The CLINTON is hanging in because she know the MEDIA has a coup de grace ready for Obama and if she stays in and accepts the VICE PRESIDENTIAL positon then she's a HEARTBEAT away from the to job..not bad..a win win situation

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 03:10 AM
hildawg cant win statistcally right? Granted howard dean said it doesnt matter. But still why is this even an issue?

But still why would anyone vote for hildawg shes is the worst one. Shes the most maniplative, the most pandering, she blatenly lies. She doesnt even try to hide it.

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 03:21 AM
First off what I don't know, Alot. Now what I do know is that the us deficit has grown by more than 50% to, what is it, 8.8 trillion, under George. Does anyone seriously think he was a good president for our country? I am under the, possibly incorrect, impresion that obama is the canidate least like bush. What we need is our economy fixed, and not another president who doesn't care about carbon emissions, or anyone making less than 1 million a year for that matter. Also as a US citizen I believe that anyone who thinks most US citizens are idiots, is mostly right.

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posted on May, 10 2008 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by LOYAL

What about Ron Paul?

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 04:54 AM

Originally posted by derfred33
What about Ron Paul?

Well buddy truly i don't know much about him, but all i figured he is a good person and deserved to be a President... i don't know him in details but i have not seen any person that i came across as yet criticizing him.. that means he would be really a very good person.

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by JohnDoe999
Also as a US citizen I believe that anyone who thinks most US citizens are idiots, is mostly right.

Well i can't call any of them idiots because i am not a US citizen

However i figured our buddies in US are very much 'gullible' -

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 05:41 AM
I do laugh when I hear rational people talking about these Puppets inc. Clintons and use words like 'nice' heheheheee

So you'd really want to be represented by people that are associated with such ‘suspicious’ allegations?

The Clinton's past?

Not so 'nice'?

I guess if you close your eyes, pop another donut and turn up the MTV/Fox its might all go away?

"No place like home, no place like home, no place like home......."

Oh, the UK is no different in terms of political puppets and their uslessness in serving the people they enslave!

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 09:21 AM
Hillary has said 1 thing that I completely agree with. That is that if Israel is attacked, we're on own way! Barack H. Obama criticized her for that statement. Said she was like Bush. As a Christian I know how important Jerusalem, Israel and the Jewish people are to God. That's why we have to protect Israel and her people. For Obama to criticize Hillary Clinton for saying yes we will defend Israel, well, doesn't show a Christian attitude in my opinion. If he was a Christian he would have agreed with Mrs. Clinton. I'm very leary of Barack Obama. He has absolutely no experience in running something as big as the United States. He's the most liberal legislator in the history of Illinois. That's bad news, folks!!
On the other hand, I don't like the idea of government controlled health care either. I don't believe in penalizing people who don't want Hillary's health care plan. That's not America!! I won't vote for either Democratic candidate.

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by Res Ipsa

Just to clarify on the Obama blowing up mosques thing I don't think he said he would destroy Mosques but he did say that he would invade Pakistan because "thats where the real terrorists are" he said it very early in the race back in sSeptember I think.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 02:17 PM
You may wish to look at the United States flag posted on my site with her and the family.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 02:22 PM
Touchy subject to be... touching on...

However, I really have to disagree with you here. Hillary blatantly & intentionally lied more than once and that took away all the respect I had for her. Obama is just what we need to set aside some racial tensions, and restore money to the poor (and our country as a whole). Bottom line is that we need to stop feeding the government with money and start feeding the country with it instead. We all need the money more than the military does, bring the troops home and let's have a country wide picnic with all this money. This isn't a war on terrorism it's a war on anyone who opposses the US, and we don't ever get the full story from both sides - only shreds of evidence that support the fact that they are all terrorists.

Back to presidency, I still want Ron Paul but I don't see it happening. Hillary also always has a fake smile on her face which is a distinct sign of insanity. It is also a complete poker face. You can tell she lies and hypes things up that she doesn't believe in by the way she speaks and her mannerisms. Would NOT want to watch her on the TV for 4 years.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 02:29 AM

1. Racism.

Well i believe every civilized American either Black or white denounces racism however i think common citizen who are not very much literate still would be considering Race issue in this Presidential Race... i may be wrong but just my personal thought....

True, I am glad to see you have that opinion

2. Barak Obama..

3. Hilary.

hmmm, She is nice lady however to me she is not very experienced either and she made some foolish statements about Obama that only caused damaged to her campaign like exploiting the issue of inexperience of Obama... to me both are inexperienced. and I still remember those ' Monster ' remarks actually it was because she was too desperate like Obama

however she had different tactics .... Obama wanted more media coverage therefore he made those stupid remarks like invading

Pakistan and attacking Mecca like that. Hilary instead targeted Obama and that is one stupid and silly mistake she made... esp., when she asked him to be her VP ... she seemed very desperate as well...

Overall i support Hiliary to be next US President however that's unlikely in my opinion as Barak is likely to win the Demo Presidential Race.....

Obama is not Muslim, you yourself being from an islamic nation should know better than to make assumptions like that. The mans father was muslim but wasnt a faithful muslim. His father never forced his beliefs on Barack Obama or his mother and Obama never chose to be muslim. Barack Obama lived in indonesian, the largest Muslim state in the world but attended a secular school. The only people accusing Obama of being muslim are ignorant "mis-informed" people getting religion confused for race.... and how convinient considering the fear mongering to those of islamic belief from republicans and frank from small town america.

As for Hillary, she's still in the race, dont count her out until Obama either gets the nomination or she declares that shes dropping out and I dont see that happening so theres still hope for your prefered candidate yet.

4. MaCcain

Well, repulican to me are very professional they did not make the same mistake that hiliary and obama made i meant bashing each other and demonstrating extreme desperation to become President ....

I think MAccain has more chances than anybody else to be next US President.... though he does not physically look good to me

But on the positive note, he looks mature and experienced

Oh trust me there are plenty of "mistakes" the republicans made in the white house and I assure you this will way in during the general election time. You see many republicans have the habit of "forgetting" these issues of theirs in the past and their so very happy to lie and complain that the "athiest" "unpatriotic" liberal is a threat to the nation yet behind close doors their leaders are very happy to carry out immoral acts and mis-use the term "patriot" in place of "right wing nationalists"

Thankyou for your opinion though, its to my understand most arabs and indians support Hillary. Its always good to get opinions around the world.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 02:42 AM
Here's someone who doesn't care too much for her (whoever started this rather large site):

The REAL Hillary Clinton

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posted on May, 14 2008 @ 07:25 PM
As a politically savvy US veteran, who believes the only wasted vote is the one not cast, I am once again going out on a limb with my political predictions. You may drag these quotes to ANY political thread you please.

If Barack Obama is nominated, he will be set upon by the Republicans worse than the US set upon Iraq for they already have their plans "surely drawn against us." He will be sticking his whole family into a beehive that he may not come through alive and probably not elected. This will disappoint his supporters and make him a one time candidate.

If Barack Obama is elected, he will be so busy trying to implant his lofty ideals that he won't see the forest for the proverbial trees. He will find the reality of Congress and world opinion so bringing him down he won't be able to "be fly" and brush things off. He will waste time and energy reaching for his veto pen as often as Congress reaches for its override vote. A one term president at best, he'll heal no real rifts domestic AND foreign, acheive next to nothing, and greatly disappoint his supporters.

If McCain is elected, he'll institute change foreign and domestic BUT only at his pace and on his terms. He may even stray from the Republican party platform from time to time and lose his support. If Congress butts heads with him realistically, he'll butt back and waste time and energy. A one term president this man is, who'll need three to acheive his goals. Does he have the wherewithal to establish an administration for three terms to finish the fight for the changes so desperately needed?

If Clinton is elected, she'll quickly make the necessary connections to institute change from the start. She will be strong yet gentle in all matters foreign and domestic, but possibly too gentle at times. If Congress butts heads with her she may resort to an end-around political play that could waste time and cost her support. (But not as much support as the other two.) As a one term president she will only begin the fight for change, as a two termer, she will possibly finish it.

I am sick and tired, to the point of wretching, to see Hillary portrayed as Adolf Hitler. As a student of the period in Germany, Obama has been the closest parallel to Adolf in his use of the most popular media of the day (internet), his party rallys (sideshows), his prescence, Obama over the USA), and his use of hecklers and detractors (the SA) to deride the support of other candidates and issues. I see Obama as the 21st century Hitler in terms of campaign parallels and anyone else will too if they dig deep enough. (Are you "top political pundits" listening, Tim Russert, etc.?)

And now its my bed time. I've had a cup of Earl Grey tea to tide me over and blown enough steam off on the politics of the day. All of you foreigners, keep posting your opinions, fears, hopes, and anxieties. Maybe one of the candidates will read them and take them to heart. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut don't bank on it.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by qxlb52

Thanks for your detailed post.

I as a foreigner believe we are not gonna have a better US President ever...

They are all the same.... I would support anyone who ends the wars...!!!!

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 09:14 PM
I don't know who to vote for.
I may do the write in thing, but I'll probably just close my eyes, hang a chad and hope for the best.

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