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Is Pay TV monitoring us?

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 11:49 PM
With pay TV in nearly every home in Australia and especially now with digital and interactive TV, the pay TV companies know exactly who is watching what and when.
In days of old we used to get manual ratings forms which were not quite accurate or people would just list shows they liked whether they watched it or not. I have not seen or heard about this now for a while but the ratings are still being measured.
When they combine this with household information (how many people, ages, gender etc.) its not hard to know who to target. Don’t fool yourself into thinking they don’t have that info either.
On top of that, whether the Pay TC company is government owned or private, it doesn’t matter. Either way the owner can get good info on you based on your viewing habbits.
Just something to think about next time you click on the adult channels or anything with ‘inappropriate’ content.

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