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video - NAFTA HIGHWAY Presentation

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 06:32 PM

july 21, 2007 about .75hrs

NAU _ SPP and our rights to our nation will disappear and so will every country on earth. we are all but a small country in the scheme of things. Our Asset is Oil - second only to the persian gulf (All of the Arab Oil) together might top our ability to pump. but we do not pump our own oil to help our people. The strategic oil reserve (no a peep).. cuz, if the TV doesnt tell you to be mad - then you dont even know ...
look we have two persian gulf sized deposits @ prudo bay - no a single word on sending the 1 billion cubic feet of Natural Gas that is forced back into the ground every 24 hours, yea, you heard me right...
Talk is we are going to flush to world with oil to drive out the competition and we will be the global oil pumper for the planet - as well as the worlds police man. When oil hits $150 a barrel. the price will drop as soon as you see super tankers lined up... I think we call it dumping...
but all of this could be AboveTOPSecret or it could be a methane discharge your call - are you calling me a liar...? well are you PUNK..?>
since you put it that way - research lesley williams, The Non-Energy Crisis


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