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You/your state wont survive without freedom of movement (listen up!)

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 04:04 PM
When the federal government gets the power to turn states into holding cells, what can you do then?

They would be on the move with FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT to do anything while you'd be confined to a single state as a sitting duck, begging to be fed or Fed (Federal aswell).

Your state depends on other states to hold onto the conditions for the well-being of its citizens, correct?

If the federal government got authority over commerce between states, then they can turn states from holding cells on into execution chambers by withholding commerce that comes through the interstate system. What would your state government do in such the event? Bet for you it would be time to become a death row rider when the game is subdued to where you see your true enemies eye to eye.

Name me a state that is self-reliable. There, I bet you, will be the federal goverment's secret headquarters all along that just wasnt known by the public in general.

Lessons learned is that each state should have had a back up plan, as in, had their own legal tender to monetary system to etc to be able to run independently. Question would be: why didnt they in the first place???

All this depending crap got us with our states as slaves and/or cattle for the slaughter.

You and your state government better to be willing to lock up and/or kill core federal government employees so that the freedom of movement and commerce wont stop as a move of self-defense.

Better ask yourself: what all can be included in martial law? Will it be things that do cause deaths while certain ppl (officials) turn a blind eye?

Which is better: To let looting that's for survival or to let die? It's protecting property vs maintaining lives. Which side is martial law and your government on?

And would your local and state government take the side of the federal goverment? Ask them. Or wont they speak to you without dodging questions?

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 04:29 PM
Whenever movement is depending on flat out allowance by government, then you are cattle. That's not the human way, but maybe the American way in how the government molds it. Dependent on allowance to move would have you as a slave up for a trade deal that may not even go through for you. If you can be barred, then it wasnt freedom of movement, no, it was allowance of movement.

So inform your state to get a back up plan in case it has to go independent.

And tell the federal government to add to the constitution a non-allowance type freedom of movement where you wont have to depend on being allowed or not ever. If the federal gov aint up to no good, then they should have no problem with it, correct?

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 06:12 PM

Originally posted by Mabus
Name me a state that is self-reliable. There, I bet you, will be the federal goverment's secret headquarters all along that just wasnt known by the public in general.


California as an independent nation
California compared to other countries GDP is in the same range as Spain, Italy and China (corresponding with the Department of Finance figures)
See also Comparison between U.S. states and countries nominal GDP
The economy of California is often cited for how it would compare to other countries if California was an independent nation. The statistic quoted varies widely (usually placing California between 7th and 10th)[10][11][12], depending on the source.
The two main issues are:
determining California's gross state product
determining the gross domestic product (GDP) for various countries

I am not saying that your point is not valid, I think that you have some excellent points, but there is a panic in your tone that makes me a bit afraid. If it hits the fan, it hits the fan... Plus you might be right about some hidden base in California.... There are many bases here.



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