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Why is there a general discontent towards women?

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posted on May, 10 2008 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by Duzey
Don't dismiss orangetom so quickly (although I don't subscribe to the gold-digger theory)......

Oh I don't dismiss orangetom, not at all - I think she's an incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable and perceptive woman

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by MrdDstrbr

All true, except 'she's' not a she.

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by Duzey

Well, believe whatever you want.

(STUPID men! DUMB, STUPID STUPID men!! STUPID men obsessed with Sports Illustrated and Hooters!!!

Smart women!! Smart female Drama Queens, marking out their territory, substituting their beliefs and values for yours and playing through unaccountable!!!

STUPID men!)

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 05:48 PM
I have no idea whats going on with you two. anyway, this is kind of depressing so lets focus instead on why men think that way. if a woman acts like a guy then isn't that only fair. wasn't that what feminists want. the problem is that there are two kinds of feminism, the one that believes that men are exploiting them and the other that believes that men are restraining them. both are contradictory. and some of them believe that women's mind became so corrupted over the years by 'masculine ideologies' that their only solution is to start over again from the ground up and forget everything that became of society all these years. (lesbian ideas)

you mustve heard of this comic book that is being made into a movie next year:
Y:The Last Man
its kind of interesting, it depicts a future where men have become extinct. well except one.

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 08:02 PM

Originally posted by DuneKnight
I have no idea whats going on with you two.

I don't know very many men who constantly praise women for outsmarting men, and who constantly call men dumb or stupid, like orangetom does.... do you?

anyway, this is kind of depressing so lets focus instead on why men think that way. if a woman acts like a guy then isn't that only fair. wasn't that what feminists want.

Well I think I already answered this.

If a man is just looking to have a good time, then sure, slutty, easy women are great.

But if a man has a wife and children, or a gf that he's considering for the "wife" role - then for her to act slutty and flirt with other men, is not so great. As the thought of her getting pregnant by another man, or another man stealing her away is unbearable.

I regret now that I brought up the violence aspect - and yet, it is part of the reality. There has of course been a lot of violence and abuse directed at women over this exact issue - expressing their sexual freedom and flirting/having sex with other men. There has also been a lot of violence amongst men - men competing with each other for a woman, beating each other up, even killing each other. (The face that launched 1000 ships?

Please believe me when I say that I have never, EVER beat up a woman - but there sure have been a few that loved to provoke me like that!!

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 11:22 PM
DuneKnight and MrdDstbr,

I posted this thread earlier today on ATS the General Conspiracys section..about violence, abuse, and also victimization.

If you can think outside the standard "victimization " mantras so popular might make some sense about what you see out here among the wildlife. here..


Thank you for confirming, in your own way, my point. It is rare that a woman will admit so. Thank you for your frankness. It is refreshing.


When men are full of crap..they deserve to be dogged just as do women.
I am not beyond dogging a man who deserves it. That link up earlier on this some of my other posts on that thread to some of the guys. I believe I pissed off more of the guys on that thread than the women. Same with a woman....I'll dog her too when I have had enough. I usually try to be somewhat civil in dogging someone on these threads...but I will do it at times. I am not into foul language or four letter word usage. No sense in letting a thread become dragged into the lowest common denominator. There is enough of that drivel going on in chat rooms...which is one reason I gave up on them.
I am an equal opportunity dogger. Just because I am a male does not automatically mean I side with another male or allow a male to play through..especially on conduct I consider stupid. Being a male is not a default to play through with other males. Nor is being a male a default to pass stupid off as smart, savy, or intelligent, or even as good tostesterone. This is the tack of many females..defaulting through...why would I think this same conduct.. wise or intelligent in males???

Thanks to all for their posts.

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posted on May, 10 2008 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Holy cats, orangetom!

Can you summarize your views on this subject in say four or five concise paragraphs?

Don't really have an hour or two to read through your incredibly lengthy, strangely hypnotic italicized posts over in the other thread....

In short: There's a definite link between sluttiness and violence. Can't even count the number of times I was simultaneously receiving flirtations from some pretty girl and threats of violence from the jealous bf.

There are many women who love to play men against each other and make them compete for the nookie. Even to the point of violence and death.

Hence the "discontent towards women" that the OP brought up

There, that wasn't so bad. A mere three paragraphs and maybe five minutes of typing, if that. Ahhhh!!

I am an equal opportunity dogger. Just because I am a male

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 10:38 PM
I hold anyone who sleeps around a lot in the same regard, whether that be a man or a woman. But really, I think it comes down to nature. A man's role in nature is to "spread his seed" to any willing partner, and it's up to the woman to say yes or no.

As a man, it seems more insulting for me that sleeping around a lot is seen as "ok" for a man. That sort of enforces the viewpoint that men are sex crazed and will sleep with anything that moves, and therefore get a free pass. Women are apparently supposed to have more dignity.

Originally posted by xion329alpha

I Just ignore ignorant B/S. Woman created man. They are superior. End of story.

And this, I think, is why there has been a recent backlash against women.

posted on May, 12 2008 @ 05:42 AM
for the question that i raised earlier, i think maybe sex is most pure when experienced with strangers. (okey here im playing the devil's advocate) but think about it in relationships such as marriage couples share lots of bad tensions that abruptly has an effect on their sexual relationship. these complex emotions are all collapsing amok during sex making it seem more like a bitter sweet relationship. from my understanding couples seem to never be able to satisfy each other in bed because they think about each other too much than about themselves. thats one factor another would be that simply marriages or bf/gf evolve their love to include non-sexual things that in a way might hamper the sex. because they start looking at each other not as sex objects but more like extremely valued soulmate or spirit something
so relationship might develop to become a brother sister thing puting an end to 'pure' sex.
however with strangers you do what you do for the sake of yourself without any complex emotions involved (no risk) where you don't care if your sex partner tomorrow gets hit by a bus or not. sex just becomes animalistic in its pure form and in a way its the human version of Sexual cannibalism

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posted on May, 12 2008 @ 05:56 AM
and I thought that was interesting:

The sexy son hypothesis has been suggested as the origin of some aspects of human sexual behavior. In particular, it has been shown that human females are more attracted to traditionally masculine men ("cads") during the most fertile times of their menstrual cycles, and more attracted to relatively feminine men ("dads") during the remainder of the cycle.[2] These observations have led to the conclusion that infidelity is a natural occurrence in women, and evolutionarily advantageous, on the grounds that it will enable them to secure both the best genes and the best caregiver for their offspring. Sexy sons hypothesis

summary: she sleeps with the bad boy and lets the other poor bastard raise the kid thinking its his.

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posted on May, 12 2008 @ 03:02 PM
Personally, I am a believer that women are 99% resposible for the dark side of love.

You see to women, men are expendable...anytime anywhere your woman can drop you like a sack of bricks and find a new guy (probably already has 5 waiting) and leave you all alone to masterbait with your tears.

It happened to me, it happend to the guys I work with, it happens everyday.

Women hold all cards in the game of sex and love. They know this, they know that if they left you right now, this very instance, that the second they left your house they could have another guy waiting for them when they get home...but would probably take weeks or months to find "another"

Second, they can play the victim card, that you "yelled" at her or that you treated her badly...

when you know in your heart you treated the girl like gold or better.

And for almost every "jerk" guy that you women meet...I promise you if you were to talk to him aside, he was prolly worked over by a female in the past, and is now seeking revenge against her through you.

Maybe I am bitter...maybe I am right...

Furthermore, it also seems that a female will lower herself in order to spite her lover.

Why? Honestly I dont know. Probably because they know they can do just about anything and you will take them back...why? Because they know you will...

I know this sounds pathetic...but if my ex showed up right now...even after giving herself to multiple men I would prolly take her back...

Like I said Im dont have to tell me twice.

But dont listen to me...I am bitter at the moment...:w:

posted on May, 12 2008 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by Perfectenemy05

Perfect enemy, I am a woman who has had a couple of guys leave me in the dust for other women. Believe me, it's not just men who go through that. One even left me while I was pregnant with his child. I did not flirt with other men, I was completly devoted to him and he left me.

See, I think it's hard for us all to see exactly what the opposite sex goes through because we are not a member of the opposite sex. So there are men out there who are upset at ALL women because they picked up a skank at the bar and they are mad because they picked up an STD, saying that she is a whore and slept around. But wait...didn't they just pick up some stranger at a bar? Isn't that equal to sleeping around too when YOU pick up a stranger at a bar?

The same with women, if you pick up a stranger in a bar, there's a good chance you could get STD's. This is not a gender specific issue like every one thinks it is. This happens to BOTH genders.

Both genders get dumped, There are skanks in both genders and while there are single women out there getting pregnant by multiple men and then settling down with someone else, there are ALSO men out there who are impregnating multiple women. Let's face it, there are good and bad in both genders...equally.

posted on May, 12 2008 @ 04:55 PM

Originally posted by DuneKnight
summary: she sleeps with the bad boy and lets the other poor bastard raise the kid thinking its his.

Yep! 10% of men with children....

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by MrdDstrbr

lol its so messed up that its funny.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 04:23 PM
I wonder what percentage of men impregnate a woman and then leave her. I am sure that isn't a pretty number either.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by snowflake_obsidian

the problem that i have with the concept is the lying or betrayal. your comparison doesnt quiet match up because women should know beforehand that if she sleeps with certain people they will not hang around to raise kids. its not rocket science. so its usually a result of their mistakes or ill-decisions. but a guy whos mislead to believe that this kid is his own flesh and blood until the day he dies is unsurmountable.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by DuneKnight

That is such bull. So women are supposed to be psychic and know before hand that the men they are with are going to leave if they get pregnant. There isn't a certain "type" of men that do this.

I guess we can apply that the other way around then. Maybe men should know before hand what kind of women are going to get pregnant by another man and get them to raise the child. Maybe men should know before hand if the woman that they choose to marry is going to flirt with other men.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by snowflake_obsidian

I thought we already established this: men are easily fooled by women. men dont disguise themselves, there is no need for it as society is cool with whatever. try and to remain objective because thats the way things are. but to be fair, men are naturally stupid because they assume that they have complete control over their own lives when thats far from reality.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by DuneKnight

Well I don't agree with that logic. I don't believe for one second that men are any more easily fooled by women than women are by men. There are some people in general that are easily fooled by others...non-gender specific. There are naive people in both genders. Again, as I have said in every single gender war thread that I have participated in, men and women both have similar problems with the opposite sex and neither gender wants to realize it. So we continue to play the gender blame game.

posted on May, 14 2008 @ 10:58 AM
reply to post by snowflake_obsidian

I think thats your way of saying that I'm right, but your loyalty to your gender forbids you from admitting it. so I'm gonna prove to you that one can be objective: you know what I hate most is sperm banks. why? well because then guys would just sell their sperm and its distributed it to dozens of women who get to raise their kids without telling them who their real father is mainly because she doesnt know herself. even though the business has its advantages, its completely unmonitored. stupid men would go for years doing this not caring for how many kids they have in the world like this one guy on the news who had like hundreds. he just lives his whole life oblivious as though nothing happened and he probably says to himself like ah..just in case in the future if I started sleeping around, I better ask her first if shes got a daddy or not...just to be sure. its so immoral.

now concerning the women issue thing. women are naturally coy which could be an attractive quality but is also used at times deceptively. a women can hide her skeletons in the closet pretty well. for example like not revealing the fact that its not his baby, that she in fact was with too many guys than she admitted, she hates her kids ruining her life, fake orgasms, etc thats all pretend. all women can be movie actors if they put their mind to it.

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