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False Prophets and the works of Christians

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 11:35 AM
First I like to point out that i am a firm believer in the bible and haveing faith and works. We as a christian follow of God got to realize the work we can do and the power of our words. The works we should do are spreading the word. Helping the the needing, and doing every day the will of God in all things weather we want to or not. We are to be a soldier and a pan for God. HOW MUCH DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD AND WHAT WOULD YOU DO.

With that said and done I done a recent study of persicuted christians and false prophets.

One false prophet was Peter popoff. Now I remember this man a few years ago on tv, and all I can remember is thinking the man look like a devil was inside of him. He was also saleing mericle water, saying that every time you use it a mericle will happen. On tv he was the man talking devil out of people (inside the church) making walkless walking. Years later he has be proven a fake (search his name peter popoff or youtube it). Henny hinn made false prophecy. On youtube search men who claim to be Jesus. and you will fine alot of them. One in partical which I cound'nt find his name. Claim to be Jesus and God. and thousands of followers and has his followers put 666 a tatoo on there body.

We as christian should be exposing the fakers, at all cost.

All over the world Christian are being punish for their beliefs. muslims wnating to rap christians (search christian news or check out Christian getting throne out and more.

We should be helping in anyway we can.

And want are we personal doing to help the world better. Even me I am so in my life taking care of myself it stops me from doing the real work of God. The question what are we doing to do the will of God. How much will we do. end the end of times christians will we put to the test, are we ready? to fight the devil? Following God is about forgeting self and remembering those around you. Being a soldier is about fighting and defending your nation. God is my nation. If I can save a soul I would. If I can spread the Gospel I will. If I can help I will. But where are we all, what are all our works.

With so much that can be done are we? The false prophets we should be fighting, They should not be on tv spreading false and taking the money of the good for the will of themselves. The money should go towards the will of God a true follower. Question were are you at what are you doing?

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by slymattb

Hi. Thanks for raising some important issues.

Yes we do need to be aware of what others are going through as a result of their Christian faith, and yes, I am as guilty as the next man of not doing enough. Doing something to help and encourage those who need help is never wasted, though: every little effort makes a differences. Consequently I don't let the littleness of my contribution send me on a guilt trip.

I'd just like to address one specific issue:

All over the world Christians are being punished for their beliefs. Muslims wanting to rap christians (search Christian News or check out Christians getting thrown out and more.

We really do need to beware giving the impression that all Muslims treat Christians in such ways, or that they are our enemies. In certain parts of the world there are religious zealots who think harming the interests of Christians or even trying to destroy their faith or their very lives is a way of serving God. Some even have political power and are guilty of using their position to whip up hatred.

Vast masses of Muslims across the world are not like this, however. This is the reality. It is pseudo-Christian governments who would like us to think otherwise, as it is convenient for them to portray Muslim nations in general as hostile to Western nations - it makes some of their policies much easier to get away with. 'A clash of civilizations' is an idea they tacitly encourage.

The Christian church - people who are disciples of Christ's teaching - needs to stand up and say loud and clear: Muslims are not our enemies. Some political and religious extremists within the Muslim religion, though, regard Christian people and nations as their enemies, and would very much like us to think of them in the same way. It is just as convenient for their agenda and for whipping up hatred in general - which they can then manipulate - as it is for Western governments.

We, as Christians, need to make sure we don't get caught up in the manipulation, in the same way as masses of Muslims manage to avoid it. People who seek to worship God from both religions and have respect, rather than hatred for adherents of the other faith, have something which can UNITE them against bigotry, hatred, and the desire for control.

I have written about this previously, as I believe this is a hugely important issue:

slymattb: I don't believe you wanted to give the wrong impression - I just thought it necessary to point out that we need to be acutely aware of the dangers of using the word 'Muslims' in a way that appears to tar hundreds of millions of people across the world with the same brush.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 12:10 PM
No I was'nt trying to say all are the same. As there are good and bad christians so are their the same in jews and muslims. My whole point is in all this bad things happening to christian, we are american christian get it so easy. And being lazy when we can do something to help God's world is what God saved us to do. We can have faith in God all we want but if we dont have works then God does not use us.


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