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The Third Way

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 11:03 AM
I can't remember the name of the thread or the member who posted it, but it was sometime in late '07, and it was THE, by far, most brilliant one (IMO) I've seen on this site in the (almost) year that I've been a member here. If someone, and hopefully the thread's author, can repost a link to it, I'd appreciate it... The thesis/subject of it was that BOTH tired old useless arguments of ABSOLUTE religion versus ABSOLUTE atheism are... ABSOLUTE BS!!

There is a third, virtually unrecognized (nowadays) way. For those who actually can, and for those who can somehow exceed their entirely cyborg-like programming, FORGET the insane (by definition) back-and-forth drivel that's REALLY - and trust me that it WILL eventually be historically recognized as such - 2 sides of the same divided-and-conquered coin.

The third way is the balance of SCIENCE. That's ALL science; which includes the currently undefined - NOT just the strictly robo sapiens (if you will) materialism routine . Simply, intelligent nonhumans, or ANY single ONE of them, assuming they exist, are NOT f-ing "GODS" to be WORSHIPPED. EVERYTHING in the universe/multiverse is SCIENCE!!! Quit cowering (for those who CAN) to the indescribably infantile notions of "magic" or "miracles" or the like. GET OFF YOUR KNEES, YOU F-ING SLAVES (to whom it applies)!!!

Here's the reason why sites like these amount to the biggest jokes in the history of the universe: NO ONE is talking about the biggest, most crucial item(s) of secrecy that is/are enslaving us. Nowhere. Nada. Zilch. And effectively no one has the faintest trace of a clue of what their own government is REALLY made of. Here's your answer: In the United States, it's the National Security state and NOTHING else. AGAIN, all the useless shouting of names like Bilderberg, CFR, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and even Illuminati, and ESPECIALLY that Crown Jewel of Vagueness, NWO, is the very definition of counterproductivity. Forget NWO in favor of the NSS as the real problem.

As for the most secretive topic(s) that no one - and I mean quite literally NO ONE - is discussing anywhere on the Internet - I can say I have experience with one of them, but for ME to just SAY what it is will only invite accusations of insanity. My particular situation requires, strictly and solely, simultaneous initiation of the discussion and corroberation of the phenomenon from a neutral enough party. Sorry for the vagueness (for those who have ABSOLUTELY no idea what I'm talking about), but that's as much as I can present at this time... I will say only that my situation concerns telepathy.

If that sounds unrelated to the thread title/topic, trust me that it isn't. I can assert with greatest confidence that the REAL reason for the existence of something as abominably totalitarian as the NSS (since 1947) is only to insulate the sadly flimsy eggshell psyches (due to their pathetically primitive religious and/or political BELIEFS as opposed to, "God" forbid, facts) from the truth. Want to make a difference? You can start by realizing, for the first time ever, what your own government is REALLY made of (the NSS and NOTHING else).

The uberconspiracy has yet to be addressed. I acknowledge that ATS has had many great and important discussions, and I don't mean to diss its existence, but the real "meat" of what's going on is nowhere to be found on the Internet.

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