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would you put a Judge In Jail... ?

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 09:58 AM
Well, I guess that depends on which side of the barb wire your own.... ha ha ...

Well the next time you have to "pay your debt to society" do it with a Check, make sure you can get the check from your bank "ORIGNAL CHECK" -- once you got it... take it to a financial investigator, have him trace the bank accounts in which the check was deposited into.
hum, seems the judge has some explaining to do. you see your fine goes into that JUDGES SLUSH FUND before he shares it with >>>?
I haven't personally knowingly committed any crimes to be punished for - so I dont have a debt to society - and I be damned if I will allow a Brithish Court Over Rule a Freeman such as my self. I will submit to a American Court, but there isn't one.

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