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Hitler Debate

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posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 04:13 AM

Originally posted by Pisky
I, too, have often wondered what would have happened if he had been accepted into art school, although I believe he would still have served in the German army in WWI.

As for his Word War I military service, he was a decorated soldier, blinded toward the end of the war by mustard gas.

Well it was a bit more than that. He was almost blinded and he led a number of German troops who were blinded, not breathing so good and or carrying others in a line with each man holding the shoulder of the man in front of him, to a field hospital... That is why he was awarded the Cross.

His hatred for the Jews began at around the same time, as mentioned in Mein Kampf, part of which he wrote while in prison for political crimes sometime after the war.

When he was trying to get into University for Art he did not have any means of making money once the slim amount he brought with him was gone. He ran into some street artists and got into doing some small pictures which caught the eye of a Art seller. Who became his friend, Hitler would draw pen and ink Postcards, some Water Colors and such and his friend would sell them on his travels. His friend was in fact a Jew. Once Hitler finally accepted he would not get into school no matter what and he decided to go home he demanded more money form his friend. When his friend said no, he made up reasons of how his friend had stolen form him and he came to the conclusion that it all boiled down to him being Jewish.

That was his first real time of disliking a Jew and blaming it upon his being Jewish as the core reason.

The final straw happened to be when he was in the hospital recovering from his injuries from that Gas Attack which he was Awarded the Cross for. While recovering, as the enemy forces came closer to wining, three junior officers came to the Hospital. They were drunk and still drinking, and he talked with them in length. As they got drunker they explained how there needed to be a revolution. The leaders over thrown and the people to decide how life should be. This really upset Hitler because at the time people still bought entry into commissions if they had enough money and the correct contacts. So these where the upper class which he never quit made it to with his Father being happy with his mid level government job.

Then he discovered that two of the officers were in fact Jews... not only that, but all three were communists at heart.

Hate filled him totally in short order...

He used a copy of the Protocols of Zion as his excuse for the final solution, stating that the Jewish bankers were draining Germany of its wealth and planned to take over the world.

Yes he did, but it was not only the Jews, but the impure.. Gypsies, Mentally Ill, deformed, anyone not White and Christian. He in fact didn't give a shake about religion other than it was a tool.

He also neglected to inform the people of the fact that WWI and the Stock Market crash pretty much put everyone in a hole.

A few years ago, I was shown a painting and asked to guess who had painted it. It was quite good and I was quite shocked to discover it was one of Hitlers.

For all the claims by those that hate the thought of Hitler to the point of being dishonest enough intellectually that they allow themselves to let emotion cloud the truth,. I say shame... Hitler was talented, raw, talent, but he was good, drawing or painting, he was good enough that he should have made it into school. So I wonder if it was not a personalty trait that held hi back, or outward display which he found so normal that he would not notice but in a stressful situation allowed those in charge to see that he would have been more trouble than he was worth at school?

As far as what might have been? He would not have finished school is my personal belief. He would have eventually ended up where he did or quite close to it...
just a guess...

I have to go to storage and pull some book out of boxes, but I can list references, Titles and such if anyone is interested to see if they can be found at their local Library...

[Edited on 4-6-2004 by IPlural]

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 04:26 AM
I bet he did...after all he killed himself. He probably killed people in order to gain respect from his military supporters etc...possibly during the annexation of Austria...

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 05:34 AM
a couple of old war vets told me that Hitler and Eva Braun escaped and went to Victoria, bc.. Who knows what really happened to him though, they've never really shown any evidence to my knowlege that he in fact died...

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