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Alien Ubduction!!C & C truth!!! <---->

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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 02:11 AM
This is real interesting case as not alot of people heard of this case! This is the second best case next to the Betty and Barney Hill ubduction!

On the night of October 10, 1973,Two fishermen, nineteen-year-old Calvin Parker, and forty-two-year-old Charles Hickson were about to have an experience that would forever change their lives.

The two men were both from the town of Gautier, Mississippi, and were doing some fishing in the Pascagoula River on a dark night about 9:00 P.M. They suddenly heard a type of buzzing behind them.

Both men turned around to see the source of the sound, and were amazed to see a glowing, egg-shaped object with bluish lighting on its front side.

The unusual craft was hovering just a few feet above the ground, and about 30 feet from the shore of the river. To their unbelief, a door opened in the object, and three strange beings began to float just above the water straight toward them. Though the beings had legs, they did not use them, they simply floated across the river.

Parker and Hickson would later describe the beings as "about five feet tall, had bullet-shaped heads without necks, slits for mouths, and where their noses or ears would be, they had thin, conical objects sticking out, like carrots from a snowman's head. They had no eyes, grey, wrinkled skin, round feet, and claw-like hands."

Hickson, frozen in fear and unbelief, was grabbed by two of these creatures, and the third one took Parker, who fainted from fright. Hickson would later relate that when the beings put their arms under his body to support him, he felt numb all over. He was then floated into a a brightly-lit room inside of the UFO. Inside this room, he floated, along with an eye-like device which examined him all over.

After his ordeal, Hickson was left floating, while the beings left the room, probably to examine Parker. Approximately 20 minutes after the ordeal had begun, it was over, and Hickson was floated back outside of the strange craft. Parker was crying, and praying on the ground. Only a moment or two later, the craft rose straight up into the air and disappeared.


On the night of October 10, 1973, there was a UFO sighting by fifteen different witnesses who saw a strange, unknown object fly over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana. Two of the witnesses were policeman.

Now this is real interesting!

Diamond interviewed the men, who related their story. After repeated questioning, Diamond left the two men alone in a room that was, unknown to Hickson or Parker, rigged with a hidden microphone.

As Jerome Clark, writes, "Sheriff Diamond assumed that if they were lying, that fact would become immediately apparent when the two spoke privately. Instead, they continued to talk in the voices of the terribly distressed." (Clark, 447) (This so-called "secret tape" is held on file at the Jackson County Sheriff's department, and is available for researchers to listen to.) Parker, who seemed particularly shaken, spoke repeatedly of his wish to see a doctor.immediately below is part of the conversation on the "secret tape":

CALVIN: I got to get home and get to bed or get some nerve pills or see the doctor or something. I can't stand it. I'm about to go half crazy.

CHARLIE: I tell you, when we through, I'll get you something to settle you down so you can get some damn sleep.

CALVIN: I can't sleep yet like it is. I'm just damn near crazy.

CHARLIE: Well, Calvin, when they brought you out-when they brought me out of that thing, goddamn it I like to never in hell got you straightened out.

His voice rising, Calvin said, "My damn arms, my arms, I remember they just froze up and I couldn't move. Just like I stepped on a damn rattlesnake."
"They didn't do me that way," sighed Charlie.
Now both men were talking as if to themselves.

CALVIN: I passed out. I expect I never passed out in my whole life.

CHARLIE: I've never seen nothin' like that before in my life. You can't make people believe-

CALVIN: I don't want to keep sittin' here. I want to see a doctor-

CHARLIE: They better wake up and start believin'... they better start believin'.

CALVIN: You see how that damn door come right up?

CHARLIE: I don't know how it opened, son. I don't know.

CALVIN: It just laid up and just like that those son' bitches-just like that they come out.

CHARLIE: I know. You can't believe it. You can't make people believe it-

CALVIN: I paralyzed right then. I couldn't move-

CHARLIE: They won't believe it. They gonna believe it one of these days. Might be too late. I knew all along they was people from other worlds up there. I knew all along. I never thought it would happen to me.

CALVIN: You know yourself I don't drink

CHARLIE: I know that, son. When I get to the house I'm gonna get me another drink, make me sleep. Look, what we sittin' around for. I gotta go tell Blanche... what we waitin' for?

CALVIN (panicky): I gotta go to the house. I'm gettin' sick. I gotta get out of here.

Then Charlie got up and left the room, and Calvin was alone.

CALVIN: It's hard to believe . . . Oh God, it's awful... I know there's a God up there...

The Pascagoula encounter is one of the most unusual accounts of all UFO reports. Though the sighting and abduction involved only two witnesses, there were several other sightings of unusual flying objects on the same night.


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posted on May, 8 2008 @ 06:08 AM

Expecting only ridicule if they were to tell anyone what had happened, Hickson and Parker initially decided to keep quiet; but then, because the government might want, or ought, to know about it, they telephoned Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi. A sergeant there told them to contact the sheriff. But uncertain about the reception their bizarre story might get from the local law, they drove to the local newspaper office to speak to a reporter. When they found the office closed, Hickson and Parker felt they had no alternative but to talk to the sheriff.

The sheriff, after listening to their story, put Hickson and Parker in a room wired for sound in the belief that if the two men were left alone they would reveal their hoax; of course they did not. The local press reported their tale; the wire services picked it up; and within several days the Pascagoula Encounter was major news all over the country. The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), founded in 1952, sent University of California engineering professor James Harder to Mississippi to investigate; J. Allen Hynek, representing the Air Force, also arrived. Together they interviews the witnesses. Harder hypnotized Hickson but had to terminate the session when Hickson became too frightened to continue.

Hickson and Parker both subsequently passed lie detector tests. Hynek and Harder believed the two men's story. And Hynek was later quoted as saying "There was definitely something here that was not terrestrial

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 06:55 AM
Its cases like this that intrigue me the most.

There’s no sign of hoaxing, no blurry photographs, witnesses interviewed ASAP, no profit, and no heavy reliance on hypnosis. Their reports are similar without being carbon copies. There are reports also claiming to see UFOs at the time

What I find interesting about the report (I won’t call it a story) is that the aliens didn’t interact with the environment. The ship didn’t land, the aliens floated above the water

The part I find most compelling about the story is that 2 strong and able men, report being powerless and just taken, as if they were nothing more than toys. For 2 men at the beginning of the 70s in Mississippi that is what I would call a major declaration.

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 06:59 AM
reply to post by Mark Roazhar

I agree with you Mark! Thanks for the input,
I have only heard about two other incidents where the aliens are describe the same with the same motions, no landing and hovering accros the ground!

Thanks Mark!

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 04:11 PM
Hickson sounds genuinely truthful. And I guess to some extent this was proved based on the lie detector tests.

What I find interesting is his description of the aliens. They had both organic and robotic attributes. They sound a lot like Reptillian creatures (wrinkles, squinted eyes, mouth).

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 04:59 PM
Now this is what I call a crazy account. The whole thing sounds straight out of a B movie script. Not saying that is what it is just very out there. Would love to find more info on this one and hear the recording for myself bet that would be a very interesting tape to listen to indeed. To bad there isnt a way of seeing the lie detector resulst for ourselves to see what questions etc were asked. Will have to try and dig around on this one. Great find thanks!!!

posted on May, 8 2008 @ 05:36 PM
Star & Flag Gunsinwar

I find this interesting:

Both men turned around to see the source of the sound, and were amazed to see a glowing, egg-shaped object with bluish lighting on its front side.

Terrk saw a similar craft as a kid, on this thread:'

here is his drawing of what he saw:

The 'floating' thing is most interesting, controlled anti-G! could be artificial intel droids??


posted on May, 9 2008 @ 12:02 AM
Thanks drift393
! i will obtain the link of the real tape account and look for the polygraph test!

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 12:20 AM
very interesting and am very curious what happened to them and how long they been on the ufo

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 10:41 PM
My mom told me once that when she was in high school (our family lives in southeastern Louisiana, very close to pascagoula, MS) that she and some of her classmates saw a UFO. She graduated in the mid 70's, possibly '73. I'll call her this weekend and ask her if she remembers the exact date. If she's comfortable talking about it and could provide any new info to this thread I'll get what I can from her. I won't be talking to her until Sunday though (coincidentally it's Mother's because she's hosting a wedding and reception for her old friend (who may have seen it too.) Thanks for posting this GUNS, I've always been interested in UFO sightings in general, but rarely have I found anything "close to home" until now. I'll try and bribe my mom to finally spill the beans and help further this story.


posted on May, 9 2008 @ 10:59 PM
I live in Louisiana and have heard of this account before. I live in Washington Parish and have friends and family that live in St. Tammany Parish.

The only problem I have with this story is that St. Tammany Parish is on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain and does not go into New Orleans, so the geographics don't make sense to me.

posted on May, 9 2008 @ 11:04 PM
Would love to hear this secret tape, that would be very interesting!

Is it around anywhere?

Anyway will see this thread in the morning. Hope to see more info. Thanks for the thread.

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posted on May, 10 2008 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by _Phoenix_

The secret transcript is on the web. Just search on pascagoula.

I looked for the skeptical POV and discovered that Phil Klass, infamous debunker in the truest sense of the word, left out a fairly relevant part of the story.

Klass UFOs Explained omission (wiki)

But Klass has participated in some "cover-ups" of his own. Just as extreme UFO believers ignore negative evidence, so Klass the extreme debunker ignores positive evidence. In UFOs Explained he devotes 19 pages to the famous Pascagoula, Miss., abduction claim (which unsurprisingly he decides is a hoax) but never mentions a key item of evidence which has always impressed more open-minded observers: the fact that when the two claimants were left alone in a room at the local sheriff's office (where they had gone two or three hours after the alleged encounter) with a tape-recorder running without their knowledge, they exhibited the same terror and bewilderment they had shown the officers who had just interrogated them

There is a remote possibility that the pair realized they may be being taped. Hickson had a criminal record, so it's not outside the realm of possibility that he had some 'jailhouse' savvy.


The polygraph test was given to Hickson by a young operator, just out of school, who had not completed his formal training, who had not been certified by his own school and who had not taken a state licensing examination. Furthermore, that the lawyer for Hickson and Parker - who also was acting as their "booking agent" - had turned down the chance to have his clients tested WITHOUT CHARGE by the very experienced Capt. Charles Wimberly, chief polygraph operator from the nearby Mobile Police Dept. Also, that the lawyer did not contact other experienced polygraph operators close to Pascagoula. Instead, the lawyer had imported from New Orleans - more than 100 miles away - the young, inexperienced, uncertified, unlicensed operator who, by a curious coincidence, worked for a friend of the lawyer! [[1]; emphasis in original)

Subsequent investigation by Joe Esterhas of Rolling Stone uncovered some additional information, leading to much skepticism about the abduction claim. The supposed UFO landing and abduction site was in full view of two twenty-four hour toll booths, and neither operator saw anything that night. Also, the site was in range of security cameras from nearby Ingalls Shipyard, and the cameras additionally showed nothing that night.

In addition Klass mentions varying opinions by investigators of this polygraph:

NICAP (same link)

[quoe]Citing the conflicting conclusions of Raskin and Reed about McCarthy's polygraph examination of Walton Hendry

This does detract, imo, of the status of this as one of the top unexplained cases.

Also, if you look at the transcript of the tape, Hickson minces words about whether he or his buddy actually went inside the 'UFO'.

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 06:52 PM
For those who can't find the transcript, it's on the UFO casebook site.

Hickson mentions he later had hypnotic regression:
Clarion Ledger

"...under deep hypnosis once, I discovered something that still gives me chills," Hickson says. "There were people on that spaceship - living beings in another compartment. They never came in there where we were. And I'm telling you, they looked almost like us. (bolding, mine)


Sounds a little like false memory by a too-enthusiastic hypnotist, or just plain embellishment.

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