Is "Webnet Global Communications" a legit company? If so their 3dh technology is amazing.

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 07:27 PM
Check this out. Copy and past the following link to your web browser;

Then contemplate 'seriously' if you still want to donate even more of your hard earned money on top of the money you already lost. Even better... read this blog in its entirety from page one to get the hint.

posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 03:02 PM

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 04:24 PM
Why hasn't Kay Lam been arrested? She committed fraud for years for Greg Carrington- deliberately lying to investors in webnet's telemarketing scam and deserves to go to jail. Where are the regulatory authorities? How can a scam on this scale continue for so long without anyone being brought to justice?

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 03:15 PM
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Do you know if the company has gone bankrupt? I work for a company that they owe money to and I am finding it VERY difficult to get a hold of them. The phone numbers I have on file are all canceled numbers. When I search on the internet to find the new store that opened across from the 7 Oaks Mall, that telephone number does not work either. I found an email address for Greg Carrington who is on the Board of Directors, but who knows if he will reply to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 01:52 PM
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Yes, If your read the previous pages on this blog you will have your answer and you won't have to read between the lines.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 11:06 AM
Kay Lam and her 'girlfriend' Eileen continue this telemarketing scam in California. They continue to defraud investors and handover millions of dollars to Greg Carrington. An FBI-RCMP joint effort is long overdue to stop these criminals.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 08:25 PM
being an ex-employee i understand the pain you are going through...especially when you are financially screwed. the company is now formally gone. they auctioned their remaning assets at aldergrove location few weeks ago. we should all now forget about the money owed and move on with our lives.

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 03:29 PM
I worked with Kay Lam and her cohort Eileen Duperron at Wwbnet The perfect couple. So cute together in the same jail cell. Who would have thought how evil these telemarketing con artists could be. Greg Carrington , where are the tens of millions of dollars you embezzled? Jail time for Greg, Kay and Eileen. Where are the police?

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 12:43 PM
I am some what i understand that Webnet is done but is 3DH still going?

posted on Dec, 15 2008 @ 10:07 AM
I just got wind that Greg Carrington had an auction (at an auction house in Aldergrove) selling off everything that Webnet (see us) owned.
I also heard that Janice Clark (Greg Carrington's Daughter) will not reply to emails requesting information about why noone was told about the auction or the money it raised.
Greg Carrington doesnt seem to be answering emails to his Webnet email or but he has sent out emails from his other email account that he probably checks at:
don't let Greg Carrington fool you though, it is Greg Carrington and Greg Carrington alone (that I know of..maybe his wife is on the paper too) that owns Essex Dominion Capital


posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 01:20 PM
What ever happened to John Lightheart? Remember in one of the letters its said that John would take over the majority ownership of the security side of WebNet and create a new security company that would pay back over a 5 year period? Nothing's been said since.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 06:09 PM

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 01:36 PM
I guess it over? He's is still living in the shareholders (roughly 8000 sq ft) home with the view on the hill in Abbotsford.

I guess we should be happy that (this formerly clear titled home now; mortgaged to the hilt) the taxes (hopefully) are paid along with the hydro so it won't deteriorate. Still pretty luxurious accommodation compared to a jail cell.

I don't wish any ill will towards anyone however he has upset the lives of so many and still blames it on all of us and his former employees who's hands were tied due to his dictatorial management style.

In hind site he really wasn't any good at what he was doing but did manage to con some folks at the beginning that got him afloat and then he screwed them too.

The concept was greed or fear of loss if we didn't participate and it worked for him and him.

I feel we must put this behind us or we will attract more loss due to our attitudes.

Merry Christmas to all this Season. It is very important at this time to get acquainted and closer to your God.

posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 04:47 PM

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 08:48 PM

posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 10:52 PM
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I am interested in joining in a law suit - who do I contact in Alberta?

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 06:15 PM
whats is with all the blank anonymous post's???
are you in cahoots with these guy's???
you can respond to me privately at my
personal e-mail
guaranteed to be kept confidential
I as many others bought into their
"vision" only to find out it was not as it
appeared to be.
I have the deepest respect for you and your
honesty and integrity and i find this puzzling,
given the # of investors (salt of the earth
working people) and the amount of money
in 2 countries involved.
what if they are embarking on another "venture"????
thank you in advance
you can leave message as i do not respond to
unidentified callers or toll free #'s
you are forbidden to post or share this e-mail
this is private and strictly confidential
(funny you should use "bilderberg")

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 12:35 AM
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I am interested in the lawsuit.

posted on Jan, 7 2009 @ 09:31 AM
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put a couple of bullets in his knee, so he'll remember this for the rest of his life

posted on Jan, 8 2009 @ 02:00 AM
I have a friend who used to work for Webnet. She is a very honest person and she believed fully in the investment she was promoting, but something always seemed fishy to me. She had little more than a highschool diploma, but she made tens of thousands of dollars per month. She was so enthusiastic about the company, she invested a good portion of her "income" back into the Webnet. In the end, she is out of a job and has lost her investment.

It's unfortunate that she will have to face up to the fact that she was involved in a major scam and was responsible for luring innocent investors into giving Webnet their money. But for all who lost money on this venture, whether as an employee, as an investor, or both:

If it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

The kind of returns they were offering investors were far higher than any reasonable investment.

The paycheques many of their employees took home were far about their paygrades.

Who am I supposed to feel sorry for here?

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