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Ancient Structure On The Moon [FILMED ON GROUND

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posted on May, 7 2008 @ 05:32 PM
Hey everyone, I was on youtube when I found this video.

It looks like Someone was filming this structure on the moon from the ground because you can clearly see an astronaut walk by the screen at one point.

Here is the link to the

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 05:39 PM
Oh for God's sake.

It's my opinion that ATS made a huge mistake setting up easy protocols for posting and linking YouTube videos.

Oughta' rename the source, "YouBoob".

I suppose ATS is no longer an appropriate venue for long-term members. It's starting to become like listening to the local "Top 40" radio station. The same, lame, stuff....over and over again. Every now and then....a topic "with a bullet" climbs the charts.....and then flames out like most "one-hit wonders".

That's just my opinion though.....ya'll have fun.

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by ckrules

HI, ckrules:
you'll find the Apollo 11 Video Library, Last revised 26 March 2008.
Before assessing that the video is original, we don't know what to do with this one, in my opinion.

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 06:04 PM
Hi there

This has been discussed quite a few times.

Search is your friend (I fracking hate that saying, but it seems to be the done thing


Credit to ATS member FREESPIRIT for this post in this thread.. ATS Thread

Originally posted by free_spirit
This footage has been discussed here before. Then I should tell again
the source. It's a recreation, CGI animation made in Spain by the
Dibulitoon Studio SL in 2001 as special effects for a movie by popular
spanish author J.J. Benitez known also for the best seller The Troy Horse.

The movie was released by Televisión Española TVE telling the story of
how the american astronauts found ruins of an ancient alien base on
the Moon. The movie folowed the model of the old british Alternative 3
movie and many people thought that the alien base ruins on the Moon
were actually real and filmed by the Apollo crew.

Of course J.J. Benitez never told the truth letting the controversy in favour
of the rattings.




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