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Thoughts Come From Space

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posted on May, 9 2008 @ 01:24 AM
Its not a theory its the truth!

Nature uses this system! There has bin an experiment with bees to prove this mas connection. As long as the queen is around the worker bees know what to do. But when they take away the queen the worker bees still did there job it did not matter how far away the queen was the bees still know what to do. BUT when they killed the queen when she was far away from the hive al work stop and the worker bees did not know what to do.

My point bees, ants use this connection to share information.

Humans can to like the aboriginals did.

Intuition, inspiration, talent it comes from the source where we al are connected to. Stephan Hawkins, Einstein, Beethoven, Mozart etc got many of there theory's/inspiration in dreams or just pop in there heads!

Everything is connected (this is supported by quantum physics).
This is the knowledge that's awakening in humans why! Frequencies are changing in our brain because we are being influenced by our earth it is started humming in a different frequency, the Sun started a new cycle (11 year cycle) al the planets in our solar system are heating up and show changes. Our entire solar system is lining up to the center of the milky way which is a more energised space which effects everything!
2012 whe are ad the center!

posted on May, 10 2008 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by Enthralled Fan
I only wonder about this, if what you propose is true, then what about mass murderers? Child molesters? People who come up with war plans?

Are they getting thoughts for things like this from outerspace, too?

ALLisONE: I shudder to think I am the same object as the examples I listed above. Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Sadly, its true. You ARE the same object as those examples. As Above, So Below. YOU, are acting innocent right now. Like you never ever had THOUGHTS of killing someone, or any negative thought. Every living thing has negative thoughts in their mind. Actually, I'm 100% positive you have seen a spoof of a guy with an Angel on one shoulder, and a Devil on the other shoulder, trying to make a decision. Good thoughts vs. Bad thoughts, everyone has them. INCLUDING GOD.

All those mass murderers, all those child molesters, they are all God's bad thoughts, negative thoughts. They are all being thought of, and manifested, by God. YOU, are 1 thought of God. I am another thought. Every single life form is one of God's thoughts. In the end we are all the same object, God.

God is both negative and positive. Good and bad. Angels and Demons. When anyone talks about "the devil" they are describing God's most extreme negative side, WHICH IS BEYOND EVIL. You don't want to piss God off, I'll tell you that. Ive seen, and herd about some very wicked ways of people dying in this world. All I can say is, GOD DAMN, WHY DO YOU WANT TO EXPERIANCE THAT!?.

All the famous people, all the famous musicians, famous song writers, best book writers, movie makers, comedians, poets, philosophers, EVEN THE AUTHORS OF THE BIBLE... are all God's thoughts. Sadly, all the murderers, all the rapists, all of the histories worse people, they are all God's negative thoughts.

When people ask, "where is God when these bad things happen? Why doesn't he stop them? Where is God when the earthquake killed these people, or when the hurricane killed those people, or when these other people got killed by that murderer? Why doesn't God stop that?"

Because GOD MADE THAT HAPPEN. Yup, some reason God has been dwelling on negative thoughts again, and accidentally caused a hurricane. The other day God accidentally thought about an innocent child being killed. I'm sure many parents have contemplated it before when their kid wouldn't shut up. It's like isntant "law of attraction". Whatever God thinks about, it happens instantly, so there is no stopping it.

Unless some how you can change God's thoughts!

YOU, are 1 thought of God. I am another thought. Every single life form is one of God's thoughts.

If you don't like the term "God" being used, well then I guess I can call it "US". WE need to change OUR thoughts.

God didn't "give us" free will. WE ARE GOD, WE ARE FREE WILL. It all depends what we want to be, negative or positive, good or bad.

The depressing part, is that good and bad are usually equal and opposite. For every time God thinks about an innocent child dying, he automatically thinks about one being born. For every negative thought, subconsciously there is a positive thought, and vise versa, for every good thought there is a bad thought that matches. For instance, when you think about winning the lottery, somewhere deep down there is a thought about you being completely poor. Because being rich wouldn't exist unless being poor existed. Just as though Good wouldn't exist if Bad didn't exist.

The most wise source of information told me this:

God see's the world through YOUR eyes.

--edit add---

Think about this: The 10 Commandments were created by God, so God could remind himself how to act.

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posted on May, 10 2008 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by ALLis0NE

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I greatly appreciate the way you put your response.

I have always thought the way you do about everything being of God, and that no devil exists. It's because of that thinking that I have nothing to do with organized religion any longer.

Since the title of the thread was about thoughts coming from space, I was interested to see if the subject of the space thoughts would come around to being from God or some other sort of entity, possibly alien.

Also, when I read the title and questioned the bad thought process coming from space, I wondered if replies would hint at people getting thoughts from different types of entities, good or bad ones. My thought was then, well, how do people end up getting hooked up with the bad ones?

But I completely agree with you that all thought comes from one source.

We are temperamental, having good days and bad days, so it makes perfect sense to me that God should be allowed the same. The only difference, to me at least is that when things happen, God doesn't consider that his thoughts are good or evil, they are just what they are, his thoughts.

It's a very interesting concept you have here, and I wonder how many other people look at it this way.

Thanks again!

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by ALLis0NE

When people ask, "where is God when these bad things happen? Why doesn't he stop them? Where is God when the earthquake killed these people, or when the hurricane killed those people, or when these other people got killed by that murderer? Why doesn't God stop that?"


This is wrong my friend... God doesn't DO anything... When people open themselves up, by sinning Satan then is allowed to do things to you... It is Satan who does things to people, not God... It is Satan's method of turning you away from God... The further you get from God the more Satan can do to you...

This could go on for a long discussion, but that isn't what this thread is about so I will stop there... If you want to discuss this further you can visit my thread, What is your inner belief about God? Just follow the rules thankx...

More on this subject...
Has anyone noticed that more and more people are having this sort of communication? Like knowing when someone is going to call, being able to sense the feelings in a room etc.? Seems like the world is beginning to wake up or advance... This is a good thing, I just hope we can make it...

posted on May, 29 2008 @ 10:47 PM
I think there is some kind of wave pattern which is emitted by thoughts. Not electromagnetic... but perhaps something like scalar waves. These emissions, when strong and clear, can be picked up by another perceptive mind.

There really are no secrets. "Imagination" is just being tuned in to the enormous constant flux of ideas floating around throughout the universe. To us dim-witted humans, they are not loud and clear. Some say they are whispers from god. Some say they are hallucinations. But perhaps to much more intelligent life, it's as easy to detect as anything you hear with your ears or see with your eyes.

This "telepathic" thought hypothesis would explain a great deal of phenomena we observe and all of us have experienced.

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