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Radio show online now - Pop star Robbie Williams discusses UFOs (and ATS)

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posted on May, 6 2008 @ 01:11 PM
Following press reports regarding British pop star Robbie Williams views on UFOs and visits to (discussed at some length on ATS in the thread here), on Tuesday 6 May 2008 BBC Radio 4 broadcast the radio documentary mentioned in those press reports.

The relevant half-an-hour radio documentary is online at the link below for the next few days:

ATS gets a mention a couple of minutes into the documentary.

The BBC’s website includes the following summary here:

Robbie Williams' Journey to the Other Side

Journalist and documentary maker, Jon Ronson goes with the singer Robbie Williams to a UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada in the USA.

Robbie Williams is taking time out from being a pop star and wants to get out and have adventures in the world of the paranormal.

He has a genuine interest in UFOs and has been researching sightings, abductees and the possibility of extra terrestrial life.

During the course of the day, Robbie and Jon meet a doctor who claims to have 15 metallic objects which are not earthly, as well as a British woman, Ann Andrews, who believes that her youngest son Jason is an 'indigo child' - a child abducted by extra terrestrials while in the womb and sent back to Earth to save the planet.

The documentary was recorded on location over 3 days in LA and Nevada. The programme is a radical departure from the usual pop star interview and Jon Ronson brings his own incisive take on proceedings with Robbie at the UFO conference.

The documentary maker, Jon Ronson, may be familiar to some of you as the person behind several highly entertaining books (including [url=]“Them : Adventures with Extremists” and “The Men Who Stare Goats”) and TV documentaries, discussed on his website here. He tends to highlight some of the absurdities involved in the subjects that he portrays in his documentaries. Some might even say that he indulges in a bit of gentle ridicule…

The broadcast was at 6.30pm, i.e. a time which has been referred to by “The Times” as “the drive-time comedy slot” on Radio 4.

Relevant articles published in the British media prior to the broadcast of this radio documentary include:
A “Guardian” article
A “Sun” article
A “Mirror” article

Robbie Williams has a website here.

(Personally, I find Jon Ronson more entertaining than Robbie Williams but, hey, that’s just me…).

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posted on May, 7 2008 @ 02:15 PM
Radio 1 did nothing but joke about the whole thing. Why is that when people express an interest in something that is out of the 'norm' it is rejected and ridiculed?

I brought this up at work and was also ridiculed, even though I share the same interest as this well known person and indeed, millions of people around the world. Is it wrong to make light of this issue.........I think not.

Who knows, one day we can all say................WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

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