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Organ Harvesting Confirmed By a Former Detention Center Prisoner

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posted on May, 6 2008 @ 11:58 AM
See original article about this subject:

Reporter: Under what circumstance were you able to find out about the organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners?

Witness: Between March 2005 and early 2007, I was unlawfully imprisoned in Wuxi City No.2 Detention Center. To add insult to my injury, the prison guards repeatedly moved me from cell to cell. Each time I was moved to a different cell, the despicable guards told the inmates I was nuts and that they shouldn’t talk to me. The inmates were even instructed to give me a hard time. During my detention, I was kept in 17 different cells. Inmates that had been imprisoned for a long time told me that organs were harvested from about two or three Falun Gong practitioners in every cell between 2002 and 2003.

Reporter: How did the subject come up?

Witness: In the detention center, each inmate must have at least two physical examinations a year. During the examination, the veteran inmates quietly told me, “It’s time to harvest organs from these people. Look at those strong young men. It is their organs that will be harvested.”

Reporter: Who were those “strong young men”?

Witness: Death row inmates and Falun Gong practitioners. The doctors carefully examined these people, but hardly paid attention to other inmates. It is no longer kept a secret that organs are removed from death row prisoners. Executions are carried out before the Chinese New Year and October 1 every year, so physical examinations are made in January and September when the doctors check on the health of prisoners to determine which parts are fit for organ transplant. These veteran inmates have noticed that Falun Gong practitioners are examined with unusual care. This means they may be targeting them.

Reporter: How did these veteran inmates know that Falun Gong practitioners’ organs were harvested?

Witness: Falun Gong practitioners have their own spiritual belief. Those inmates think they are just obstinate. All it takes for practitioners to be released is to guarantee in writing never to practice Falun Gong again, but they will not do it. So they are subjected to beating and torture. Sometimes the guards will deny practitioners food. Other times the guards feed them pigswill or food spoiled by fungi. I know for a fact that there are two prison guards in each detention center in Wuxi whose job is to beat up inmates. They will beat and torture practitioners until they are nearly dead. Sometimes the prisoners suffer internal injuries that prevent them from eating. Sometimes their lips and mouths are injured by severe kicking, making them unable to eat. After administering saline solutions for two days, the guards will stop and ignore them. By then, these practitioners are half dead. The next day they are hauled out of the cell and their organs will be removed. We will never see them again.

Reporter: How can these inmates be certain these practitioners are killed for their organs, instead of being released?

Witness: You asked me how the veteran inmates know for sure if these practitioners are killed for their organs instead of being released? Firstly, these people will not promise to stop practicing Falun Gong, so there is no way they will be released. Second, practitioners are taken to an isolated room. Many doctors dressed in white will go to the room and collect them, and they are never seen again. One day a new prisoner was put in our cell. He told us that a practitioner’s family was arguing with the guards outside. They questioned why their relative had died so suddenly and why the body was cremated before it was shown to the family. The inmates were puzzled. After all, that practitioner was alive when he was removed from the cell two days ago. How could he die so suddenly? He must have been murdered. Why did they deny his family the right to see the body before cremation? It is because his organs had been removed. Think about it. They harvest organs from executed prisoners, why wouldn’t they go one step further?

Same News with Different Sources with Various Perspectives:


Originally posted by LuggNutz

The Tribune Papers
Independent Weekly News Magazines for WNC
Asheville Tribune ~ Hendersonville Tribune ~ Weaverville Tribune

In their own words . . .

“The skin of a baby goes for $100, baby ears are $75, a spinal column is $150, eyes are $75 (one is 40% less); a company in Florida specializes only in baby heads.” This was the testimony of Mark Crutcher during a recent interview on WTZY radio (880AM) in Asheville N.C. Crutcher is head of Life Dynamics, a company in Denton, Texas founded in 1992. He has spent the past several years investigating a wholesale parts warehouse network for fetal body parts that are dissected and then shipped all over the United States.

I don't know any nation that is more troubled than China, but I do know their government is a huge trouble-maker. Prepare for war, America. The next few years will be terrible for all freedom-loving patriots, and ignorant children, who have no idea what or who starts most (if not all) of the wars in this world.

Excerpts from ENDGAME: China

China is the model for the New World Order planned society-- a one child policy under a police state.

10 Things You Should Know About China

The communist-Chinese government idolizes mass-murderers, such as Yosef Stalin, Temüjin (Genghis Khan), and Mao. All of them were known to harvest and/or abuse their prisoners' bodies to gain respect from their occultic-masters (Bauer-Rothschild family) & profit from expanding their empires by: terrorizing, stealing, & murdering their own people.

The communist-government of China is similar to Unit 731, & North Korea's communist-government:

North Korea Arms Tests on Babies

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