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Gulags in Michigan ?

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posted on May, 5 2008 @ 10:33 PM
Here in Michigan there have been two NEW developments here in as many weeks.

First it is reported that the Battle Creek Air National Guard base has been given a new mission. The current A-10 anti-tank jet fighters there will be redeployed to Selfridge AFB near Detroit, and the base will be under the control of the National Security. ( FEMA?) or ( BLACKWATER etc.)
The aircraft being sent to replace the A-10's are C-21 passenger jets, that can be quickly and easily changed to cargo jets, as the news reported it.
My question would be, who are they transporting, or what, and where?

The B.C. ANG base was also the Kellogg Air Port.
It was reported that there would be a tightening of security at the facility.

Now bear in mind, West Michigan is home to the founder of Blackwater!
Eric Prince's sister is married to Dick DeVos, who recently made a bid for governor here, and lost soundly! His wife, Betsy, was the head of the National Republicans Committee based in Washinton D.C, but was booted out because of her EGO and her goals. ( UH, like having her husband run for president) DeVos is connected to the AmWay billions. Old man DeVos was one of the original founders of AmWay...
The point is, they have more money than god!

The second story reported is; In the small northern town of Baldwin, Mich, they are going to build a NEW prison camp there. They called it a "PUNKS PRISON". Which is supposed to be a place where they send the worst of the worst offenders...what type of offender?
It was reported that initally the compound would hold up to 2000 inmates.
and create nearly 500 jobs. ( for whom? BLACKWATER? )
The prison will be built where an old closed down facility was 20 years ago.
sound familar?
They reported that the prison compound was expected to be enlarged much later after the first phase was operational...I wonder why?

So, they are going to turn over B.C. ANG base to FEMA, possibly with a Blackwater connection...using C-21 cargo/passenger jets to transport someone or something to parts unknown, then they are going to build a PUNK PRISON about 100 miles north of that. Hmmmm.

What does this sound like to you folks? Suspicious government crap for sure!

Other unconfirmed stuff here;

I have heard that the old K.I.Sawyer AFB in the Upper Penn. is converting to a prison as well...which I intend to go up there and video to see if it is true.
The old, decomissioned Wurtsmith AFB in the lower south eastern side of the state is supposed to be up to something as well...which I again will go check out.

I think there is really some truth to "concentration camps being built" in the USA. I wonder why?

Anyone else from Michigan know anything worth reporting about this?

If I have some facts off, please clarify...

posted on May, 5 2008 @ 10:42 PM
I havent heard any of this yet.

Making prisons is like saying they've given up on creating ways for ppl to prosper.

A place that prefers criminal will get criminal systematically. And if they ever get proud for getting most criminals off the street it's only because they failed the ppl.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 08:27 PM
Where did you hear about this? Do you have any links confirming the handing over of the Battle Creek Air National Guard base to FEMA? And what exactly is FEMA turning the base into? Any outside articles would be much appreciated.

As for new prisons, it doesn't surprise me one bit. The institution refuses to acknowledge its failure, so the need for "law enforcement" remains on an exponential rise. Oh, we could do a lot of wonderful things with all that tax money.

posted on May, 11 2008 @ 08:40 PM
Some info here

Twards the bottom of the page

Edit to add

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posted on May, 11 2008 @ 10:44 PM
good thread,I had know idea devose was soo conected.when he was campaning he walked threw my work right up to me and i just walkt away.he had ahole pose with not far from battle creek like 20 munitas.thare was a thread a long time ago about fema rail cars right in that it does make sense i will be looking into this more.thanks for the info,

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