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Dark Energy and You - A Tale and A Story -

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posted on May, 5 2008 @ 08:23 PM
This is an excerpt from my personal journal that I wrote in contimplation of dark energy, what it is, how it effects me and the rest of us. First of all, negativity exist's for me and us to watch, grow, and learn from it. Thusly, I appriciate this and understand that it is essential for my growth. This is how I have love for it. Plus most of the negativty in the world is created by people who do not know what they are doing, even if they think they do. This is how we are being controlled... its all about energy control and it has nothing to do with anything physical.

posted on May, 5 2008 @ 08:56 PM
The darkness is actually the void, it is devoid of life. People think that the darkness is filling them up and fullfilling themselves with all the things we seek in life but, actually what's happening is that they are doing what they seek to prevent. Because, the darkness is actually the void. They become empty and devoid. This is what it means to sell your soul to the devil and give into temptations, then you become lifeless and part of the dark, and to top it off you probly wont realise it. That you are denying your soul, your life, god, earth and yourself. So I ask myself, whats it all worth? A few good feelings, physical security? You cant just magically press a button and have the world change so you can then start living properly... We need to start living that way right away, otherwise there will be no change.

So I ask, who really wants to make the change? Who really has the love and the heart and to be a leader and not a follower anymore? I know I do and its about time I start. People who are on this path, I love you so much. To the people who are not, I love you just as much, for giving us the courage to step out of darkness and embrace ourselves, who we are. Thank you. Peace.

-Edit- Tried to clean it up a little.

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posted on May, 13 2008 @ 04:45 AM
MY VISION and consciousness.

There is no such thing as conscience, that would be single. There is only us, with our consciousness together.
(something divine, that we are all connected to) Wether you realise it or not, you are connected, allways. IT
is yours, it is your true self... they keep you in-control and they got us creating what they tell us to create.
Thats the only choice we are give and it is not mine, is it yours?

You will never create what you want becuase, you are being told
what to create and they are telling you that it is right to create what they say.
The only thing that is right, is what you think, feel, want and do. ALONG AS ITS TRUE TO YOU (your perfection, can you find your real self?)
So tell me, do you guys really wanna keep going on in this world being led? Do you wanna keep controlling how you feel and
how you do things because its not what people consider to be "right"? Its not normal?, sane?, what? if its you, then its perfection.
because you are perfection. Dont let anyone tell you different. People are ready to accept themsevles in these times.
and will begin to follow only one man.. Their self and anyone who relates, resonates and understands will gravitate towards eachother.
There will be alot of fights and there will be alot of surprises and when people start to follow themselves they will find that they will
begin to start collecting in the same place, together. This new place where they meet, will be like heaven on earth, away from the matrix.
I was born out of the matrix and into what I call the real reality. They would have to make me out as insane or any other number of things.

I get a jolt of energy and my heart starts to beat fast. I dont like it and I start to get angry and start to feel
my body get numb. With this extreme angry and fury, I feel like i'm mulling over my problems and bringing them out
to heal. I realise just how much anger I really had and its intense.(never acted on it)
but, for some reason, I start to feel comfortable and warm in my chest and everything starts to change and slow down.
I see a light beam and feel like angels or god himself is protecing me and my anger, pain and suffering starts to melt away.
I begin to wonder if I'm dead.
I begin to think introsepctive on my life and who I am...I start to understand things in life more clearer and I begin to see whats really
going on in our reality, like a vision, yet, I can feel, see, and sense it. I can also see more clear who is friendly to me and who is not.
The problems my body has that I need to fix...become more aparent.
I see flashes of light and start to feel this powerful warmth all over my body and visions of connection with the one flow to me.
I step out of the mind-game and only view life as it truly is, as it was meant to be seen.
At the same time Its like I'm on a cloud and I'm looking down at earth and all I see is a thick, dark, mucky stuff with dark souls flying around.
Most of this I couldn;t actually see with my real eyes, but it was more of an image mixed in with a feeling in my mind. My body physically felt
light and vibrated during this time.
I start to realise just how people are minmalized and 'trapped' within this matrix grid. I realise just how intense the control is.
But that thought does not scare me at all, if I can be in this state and see this #, so can others. Right now I feel gracefully good but tired.
I get the intense feeling that they are using weather technology(chemtrails) to control the minds of people. People that are effected by their
game, matrix, life.. whatever you wanna call it. The control is a virus, both literally and metaphorically... The tainted viral minds spread from
colony to colony, seed to seed, generation to generation. And all you gotta do is make the choice to step outta the infectious world,
through your mind... in a way, start to detach... and begin to attach yourself to the beautiful.. and you will be regoined with your true-self
not only this, but you will gain knoweldge, understanding, peace, love and understanding of yourself and god and this world in a clear sense.
You will be detaching your mind from the control matrix and re-attaching yourself to the connection to yourself that you have lost, divine.
to mother earth and its people in a new more respectully beautiful way that is indescribable.

This is happening and its not going on where/how you think.

There are many things people do not understand about our reality. You cannot figure this stuff out unless you stop becoming apart of this reality

If you are not speaking from yourself and truly representing yourself(if you are not honest), dont talk to me at all.

Lies are at the center of this corrupt world. Thats obvious, but did you ever stop to think that maybe the lies are also the glue that holds
the corruption in place? That maybe the lies we all help to vacilitate, also disable us from being ourselves? That these lies are in a sense,
ideas of others that were placed in our minds to control us? So when we do this, we are becoming one with their mind matrix and fufilling their duties.
and we would then, not be intouch with our true self, heart/soul center. So why cant you just be yourself? Wow thats pretty easy. You dont even have
to agree with anything I'm saying... all you have to do is ignore the MIND they have molded and created to fit their plan
and only FOLLOW your own heart and instincts. The only thing stopping people is ego, the ego says no no no no, this would ruin us... or
I need more security, money, respect.. because in this world right now.. people dont respect this movment.. it goes against the main 'plan' 'ideas'
And I say I would rather die then take part in this crap, because then I would not be me. i just cant do that. I was born out of the matrix.
I'm trying to fully seperate from this matrix and that would be a family movement, I cant do it alone. Thats why I'm here, to help teach and bring
understanding. Otherwise, I wouldn't know what I know. or be who I am. This doesn't make me special... I'm just saying, dont be affraid of being
yourself and the personal rewards are great. You will feel really good and the world will change. Its only a matter of time and.. -When-.
It is inevitable.

posted on May, 13 2008 @ 09:15 AM
Did you get that out of your system? Can normal programming resume?

posted on May, 15 2008 @ 12:04 AM
Funny you ask..
actually, there is more... I wrote about our reality(made a diagram)and about our soul, among other things. Check it out here if you like:

-It goes into detail about the physical illusion and attempts to explain it.-

Give it a read.

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