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The next one. This One's worst.

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posted on May, 5 2008 @ 05:07 PM
Spirit and/or soul wise is one of the candidates running for the white house is an alien, a paranormal, and/or a devil.

Who do you think it is? What were/are the clues?

They are all of one mind and mission to do things wickedly altogether ppl wise. Whenever there is organized corruption with no money or communication trail, then you need to think about how do aliens, paranormals, and/or devils benefit or communicate with abilities that make them much different than the rest.

Too many of you are sleeping on the spirit/soul in what it tells of a person. One spirit (alien, paranormal, devil) on one mission could be many human beings rather than many different spirits that cant be on one mission being many different human beings.

Dont let human flesh decieve. All it takes is ONE alien, paranormal, and/or devil MIND to cause unprovable corruption to be.

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