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Some strange connections between US politic and UFOs

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posted on Dec, 28 2002 @ 09:45 AM
Some strange connections

First before many people read and that is very important many us-people read this posting you all must know and understand that my parents are friends of US nation and they all like americans and US-history and democracy, and also my uncle escape to USA at 1987 from the communist block with high-tech education and at 1991 he works at one of the two towers that terrorists shut down in the terrible terrorist attacks at 11.09.2001 and this posting is just to face some strange connections between UFO alert and american politic .

About Bush old and underground facilities in USA 50s

The big american space book

It was 1990 when my father meet me with famous bulgarian science-fiction writer Luben Dilov and we talk about space, possibility of space travel and of course UFO team . When Luben Dilov hears about UFOs he says ìHohoho, there are no UFOs, one day you understand know this very wellî . Yes, but I talk and talk again about UFO objects and he gives me few old magazines ìFenomenî from 1987 because he donít want to make any discision with me about UFOs . Well I read careful this magazines and find very interesting material about the story of US military officer who describe in details US Goverment&Alien contract from late 40ís . This contract allowed terrible transfer between US military and aliens on subject - cows and humans from the military to the aliens, and subject super-tech from aliens for wining Cold War against Soviet Union in aerospace industry and weapon development . This officer write in this magazine-posting about Bush-old(US president 80s) who join super-secret CIA operation that must organize international drug business in many geographical areas with mission for generating milliards and milliards USD in enormous black cases for building underground basses for the aliens in this contract . This officer went to one of this underground bases and find terrible things - cow and human corpses mutilated and plasma-blood all around, he answer himself - what is the connection between human and cows blood, why aliens want cows and humans ?
Well this story happen in the middle of 50s, and was written to west magazines in 1975 and bulgarian magazine ìPhenomenî write it 12 years later at 1987, I read it 1990 Öafter 3 months in another but this time new bulgarian magazine named ìParalellyîI read this data ìBefore 2 weeks US scientists find method to produce human blood from blood of cowsîÖ 15 years after this information be posted in Western magazines and 3 years after been posted here in BulgariaÖ US scientists find method for making human blood from the blood of cows, is this any kind of reverse-bio technology ?

About JFK and Vietnam War (1964-1973)

The very important fact in the modern history and the history of USA that I want to fix peopleís mind is the curse of JFKís international politic after dangerous Cuba crisis in 1962 against Soviet Union and East political block .Like clever and very educated person JFK wants to establish peaceful politic against USSR and other communist nations , but some very special military circles in USA(or some very special international organization?) with enormous invisible political power and secret black budgets(the same black cases) stand against this peaceful curse of international corporation . US budget is really very very big but and milliards are spent for weapons development, and military industry is maybe the richest economical area but
there are many indications from decades that some secret military projects have some very special black cases in which black cases secret under-government organization in special CIA operations are organizing and managing drug business in international levels . And for example in early 60s similar drug zone is the ìGolden Triangleî in South-East Asia, in fact few years before Vietnam war was started in this geographic area exist very good and rich drug bissines of this very special USmilitary circle, and red communist invasion alerted US military about the possibility to loose this reach and important zone .
Also some people say that JFK wants to tell very special secret to all the people in the world about US-alien contact(the same contract) and that the knowledge that aliens give to US government shall use for peaceful targets in international politic - it seems that US generals donít want this type of JFKís peaceful politic against Soviet Union and East Block and want to finish with JKFís peaceful threat that may be danger for their black-cases and secret weapon developments . Just think on the facts that JFK was shot in Dallas at 22 november 1963 and only after nine months the Vietnam war was started after not real north-vietnam ambush against US battle ship . JFK was killed Vietnam war was started and the ìGolden Triangleî was saved from red alert invasion and more and more money are going right in this black cases Ö you will say that Iím writing stupid words because Vietnam war was so expensive and this is really tru hypothesis but the money for bomb attacks over North Vietnam are coming right from national us budget from US-people that pay taxes Ö but the money coming from drug business are using in this black cases - and this is the important fact for this very special us military circle Öand most of the money are going for secret air projects like the first Stelt F117 who fly into the sky only 5 years after the end of Vietnam war and it was super-high tech for 20 century Öand maybe for some super tech used in Apollo mission in late 60ís - many of the Apollo pics are well done fakery and this means one of two facts - US are never reach the Moon, or the pics are faked because NASA want to keep some very important secret in the Moon .
Also Vietnam war area was sure zone of testing new super weapons not only from US army but also soviets in early 70s deploy Mig-25 prototypes and the first test of this jets was over Vietnam sky when only at one day Mig-25 squads shot down four B-52 flying fortress - possible nobody talk for this in the USA ?

Reaganís Star Wars and Soviet Union collapse

Period of the 80s - Reaganís administration want to smash Soviet Union once again with economical and political weapons . They make some agitation to shut down the price of the gold in international prices and crush soviet economic system, but the most interesting part are Reagan Star Wars - the SDI super project . Milliards and milliards of dollars are spent for development anti-ICBM weapons but finally the official position is that this SDI mission is really not possible to do . Yes, but some people like me have another oponition about SDI success - in the middle of 90ís I meet bulgarian soldier who serve in anti-aviation squad and he tells me that one bulgarian high military after solid drunk tells him that at 1992 US intelligence satellite shall pass over the Balkans and make connection with NATO battle ship near Italy and russians decide to shot it down with anti-satellite rockets . When russians shot this anti-satellite missiles against this spy satellite Ö chemical lazer weapons shot and destroy russian rockets from the satellite who pass without any problems targeting his mission objectives over Balkans where in Yoguslavia the civil war was burning . This report means that SDI program was successful and Reaganís government cover this fact and tell to US society that is not possible to build lazer anti-ICBM weapons Öwhy, maybe some reverse engineering helps US scientists to finish with success SDI weapons, or the capabilities of this lazer systems are too powerful that nobody must know about this ?
Now about the second period of 80s when Gorbachov enters Kremal at 1985 and take the rule of the Soviet Union . If you remember well this days before Challenger and Chernobyl, the spirit of Cold War was so strong and confrontation was really in dangerous levels but what was going on after this two incidents - Challenger and NPP Chernobyl disasters ? Why the presidents of USA and USSR turn the politic in 180 degrees in peaceful curse ?
And in the second part of 80s when the same Bush who make CIA drug operations was US presidentÖ. What is the first think that he do in international scene ? First he order US army to hit Panama in 1987(First Stelt battle action) and catch Noriega and the official position was to tell to the world that Panamaís president have drug business in international level and USA was allowed to bring him down, well is the truth that Noriega donít want to be part of CIA drug-system and Bush decide to fall down this man with military operation to stop spoil this important for US national security business generating money for development new super weapons and technologies ?

1985 many people in the high-communist security system in Bulgaria(the most nearest to the Soviet KGB)talk about alien ultimatum against Reagan and Gorbachov to stop Cold War for period of 5 years or their countries shall be destroyed Ö I donít know what was the political reaction on this alien threat Öbut in 1986 Challenger shuttle exploded and after few months NPP Chernobyl make big radiation disaster Öafter this two incidents Mighail Gorbachov turn international politic to peaceful curse against USA and start ìPerestroikaî. Only after 3 years east block system was shut down and after 5 years in 1991 Soviet Union was history in fact Öand donít remember for what subject are Gorbachov and Reagan talk about in his meeting - ìpotential alien threatî - words that president of USSR say to the president of USA in 1987 ÖAnd it is strange that soviet president after 1986 close all UFO-study groups, and all space-war development weapons - maybe he donít want to show aggression against UFOs, maybe something very serious was gone on and nobody knows about it .Some russian ufologist like Michail Gershtein now are wondering why Gorbachov close all soviet space weapons, UFO-study groups and so on strange behaviour .

Area51, Stelt planes and reverse technologies

Well Iím sure that all information about UFOs, Area 51 and reverse technologies is master dezinformation organized by CIA that must lie international society and ufological society about UFO threat and reverse technologies . I think that from many years there is nothing super secret like flying saucer in Area 51 that is interest for skywatchers and spotters like me but of course there are other really super-secret bases with super tech developments and nobody knows about them . About Stelt planes they really come too early in late 70s and it is really possible that aliens help us engineers to design this birds . I think that most of the information in this web site is 97% political dezinformation with science-fiction data - and this is done because people like you must know nothing about how serious is UFO problem and what is the true system of US economic and weapon-development today and from decades time .

Skywatchers, interceptors and astronomers

Finally few words about our job today - be 100% shure that with our giant binoculars, scopes and PC-computers we are helpless to find anything really special and secret that is going on, most of the information in Internet is desinformation and we have to be arm with powerful than 200 mm telescope to inspect orbiting object - this is absolutely not possible with smaller aperture scopes and telescopes, the maximal success that we can do is to track and photo planes like hyper-sonic Aurora that is project to explain the very big money for B-2 Spirit Bomber - administration fakery to avoid any problems in society. Read between words in Internet about the lies that we must readÖ maybe the most important information about us are UFO-databases in NUFORC and other UFO-portals where we can read about similar UFO observations and make any connections about . And very finally quest why big rich and powerful organizations like MUFON donít want to organize real UFO-detection system with powerful telescopes, radar system and skywatch-radar net ?I think that UFO orgs. Like MUFON are working for military dezinformation to avoid knowing the truth about UFOs .

Vesselin Yakovov

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 12:23 PM

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