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Universal Identification Numbers for Global Identification

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posted on May, 5 2008 @ 01:10 PM
In most countries around the world each person is already registered to that country of orgin by a number. Whether at birth or shortly after. It's called a national Identification Number. NIN, just like you use a Personal Identification Number (Pin) for your personal use and access to banking and accounts.

Well what is being worked on right now, and yes all over the world is called the Universal Identification Number ( UIN ).

Go to

the patent # 2007/0072190A1
pub. date Mar. 29, 2007

System and Method for Universal Indentfication of Biological Humans

HITS (Human indenification Tracking System) DoD, INS.

Now you will have to sign in to print out in pdf but, you should still be able to view it. I suggest print it out so you can go through highlight and under line.

This is where your cross checking research comes in.

also look up patent # 20050010796

Method of secure personal Indentification, Information Processing, and Precise Point of contact location and timing. article=tionline/legacy/inst2003/jun03/6w.memberprofile.xml&

This is the inventor who came up with the calculations and wrote his Citation. Read carefully the verbage used. But this is his way of thinking. This is a global liasion. (Yes, you need an account for this site, but accounts are free. Just use fake info I reckon, but here's some snippets from the document:

[0019] Many advantages are realized using this system and method. The invention provides a system and method for uniquely identifying all the human beings on this planet and the scheme can be universally implemented.

[0020] Further, the identifier (UIN) associated with each individual human being can be used to not only to identify the particular individual, but also to provide other information, such as the medical and confidential data to relevant authorized medical and law-enforcement agencies.

[0021] Preventing terrorism and tracing the missing people In a post-September 11 '2001 world, there is an urgent need to uniquely identify and track each and every single individual human on the planet. If we have such a system in place, tracking individuals on a global basis is possible, cutting across boundaries of the nations. Preventing terrorism and identity frauds is a responsibility for each and every nation of the world, as much as it is for each one of us. Providing a system and method that makes a paradigm shift in the ways we operate and function globally as a society is a crying need of the hour. We learn of identity frauds that lead to embezzlements worth a fortune.

Your mailbox delivers images of several lost kids. Even if you had an identity kit, that would not help much beyond providing a picture of the missing child. The stage has come when we need to make an effective use of technology to protect the lives of our children and their fortunes besides ours. A missing child can be traced when anyone reports the sight and description and data can be matched with UIN database. Furthermore, UIN controlling agency can periodically issue alerts related to all missing UIN holders, seeking the cooperation of a global fraternity as human community to assist in tracing. In the futuristic plan, those opting for a tracking service can be equipped with a device that can be issued to the UIN holder and they can be tracked within a fair range of accuracy by use of satellite and radio based navigation system.

There's lot more at the link.

This technology would enable the one world government to find you quickly. The patent promotes this of course as a good thing.

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