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Gods to Saints to Aliens

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posted on May, 5 2008 @ 05:37 AM
Was reading a thread and a coment by st udio pulled a lever that started a thought rolling in my mind. now, you'll have to excuse as it's five in the morning and the main reason i'm posting this is I'm horribly sleep deprived. But enough about me, this is my thought.
It's well known, or at least generally accepted that as the catholic Church moved in on pagan religions many of the old Gods were remade into devils or saints, to fit the new mythology, and as times changed they continued to gain different meanings, sometimes taking them far from their original intentions. (Pan's a good example)
Now in this age of science, reason, scifi, fantasy, and conspiracy, we are beginning to see these old Gods and old Goddess' reimagined as aliens, or old stories taking on the shape of modern or post podern warfare.
Do I mean to say aliens never visited? No. But maybe we are reading to much into history. I'm just saying i'm seeing things repeated, take it as you will.

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