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Russian trail

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posted on May, 5 2008 @ 04:11 AM
My 9/11 story.

Most of my story takes place in the late 80's. In then the Soviet Union goes on "perestroika" - the policy of liberalization carried out by then the leader of Russia Mikhail Gorbachev. The policy is accepted well by the West, by majority of the Russians, but there is also an opposition. KGB sees it as a threat to it's power. They find it unpatriotic, see the danger for their country in it. And in that atmosphere happens an accident which they consider as both dangerous and confirming their fears. In May 1987 a young German called Matias Rust using small Cesna plane flies and lands on the Red Square! The man is arrested and a trial awaits him. The media reacts to it and is being sympathetic to Rust.
One of those days I heard a radio program about it. I don't remember was it Voice of America of Radio Liberty. The program was usual of it's kind, but some opinions expressed in it I didn't like. I thought that criticising the Soviets and taking too liberal stand on such unauthorised flights over sensitive areas is not too reasonable. After all the western cities are no less vulnerable to such violations of the law.
It happened that about that time I was in Moscow and there visited some beer restaurant. I was alone and sat at the table with people totally unknown to me. Usual talk about nothing. At my suggestion we started to discuss that radio program, not too good theme for a beer restaurant but I couldn't find better. And my companions found it all right. We mentioned the possibility of some western city becoming the target of similar crime. And at that point our discussion took a curious turn. We tried to picture the possible terrorist attack using captured planes!
I think you've already felt something familiar in it. But let's go further. I'll just describe the end result of our efforts. The planes on internal flights would be captured. Because there are less security control - as it was mentioned in the radio program. Planes would be captured at some airports from Washington to Boston - to be nearer their targets, to reach them quicker and to preserve the fuel - for bigger impact on targets. Nobody will allow the terrorists to have a second try, so they'll do the most possible in the first. But their resources are not unlimited, so they'll hijack let's say three to five planes. By teams of 4 to 5 men in each. Then goes the list of possible targets. We(I?) said that we are the foreigners who don't know America much, just like possible terrorists, so our list will resemble very much theirs. First two targets were in New York - towers of the Trade Center. The rest in Washington: the White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon. Mad? But it's not all.
Nearer the end, drunk and complacent, we came to the question when it may happen. We couldn't determine the year - some not too distant future. May be not in current presidency(Reagan's second term), But may be during the rule of his successor? We did not know the successor, but suggested it may be Reagan's vice-president George Bush(the Senior). That means the discussion took place between May 87 and November 88. Based on other details I can suggest that it happened end of summer or beginning of fall 1988. So we couldn't decide on a year, but drunken and filled with dark humour we agreed on the date. On September 11, 1973 in Chile happened a military coup. A lot of people died. There were accusations of the involvement of the American secret services. So we decided: it will happed on September 11.
I almost agree with possible accusations of making up mad stories. The problem with me is I know it happened. I'm not lying. Even more I am uncapable of such elaborate lies - don't have enough fantasy for it.
What next? First I'll say that quite curiously the most part of the attack's description was formulated by me. With my unknown companions prompting me and agreeing in most cases. Even the date was proposed by me. So several years after that event, may be in the

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 01:25 AM
What next? First I'll say that quite curiously the most part of the attack's description was formulated by me. With my unknown companions prompting me and agreeing in most cases. Even the date was proposed by me. So several years after that event, may be in the beginning of 90's, after the Soviet Union fell apart, I was surprized by the matter being raised again. Some person, whom I suspected of being a KGB imformer, during some drinking party, suddenly asked me a question: "What means September 11 in your life?". Shocked, but still in control of myself, I answered casually - something about Chile, military coup and so on. The matter was not continued.
It happened in the late 80's. During next 13 to 14 years the thing came to my mind may be several times each year. So to 9/11 it makes several dozens of times. I was fascinated by it. It looked like some action film. And I was surprised at myself having been so resourcefull, inventive. Quite unusual! Rude awakening did not come even on 9/11 proper. It took me several days to realize that 9/11 attack and the possible attack of that conversation are very similar!
Now try and imagine what you would have done in my place? I've spent some time - may be months, may be years trying some "simpler" explanations. From something paranormal, may be aliens to me being so wise that I can predict the future. How stupid! Until finally I dropped all that stuff and found rather complicated but the only possible, in my view, explanation.
Here it is.
First, the attack was professionally developped in the late 80's by experts on sabotage from Soviet secret services. Developped as a purely research project, without realization planned. The idea raises question: why they would do that? I think it was that frustration of KGB over liberal reforms of which I told you earlier. But the main reason that triggered the reaction was that Rust's flight. You may not think of it much but for KGB it was a very sensitive point and they reacted strongly. They decided to develop "an accident" similar to Rust's flight but happening in America. It was their virtual counterblow. So the Rust's flight served as a prototype, a starting point for the developped project.
As part of that project, it seems, they developped some means of pushing possible inquiry in the wrong direction. That is the role of al Qaeda. It was put in to take the blame. But, it seems, they had more of it. My role may be explaned only by their wish to have also some kind of expert that developped the attack technically. Here I'll remind you that I, it seems, formulated in that conversation practically all the plan. This raises the question: how a layman like me could formulate the plan of a complex attack. Of the attack that could be carried out so successfully. And do it in one go. Normally even a real expert would have needed several(many!) passes to do it.
The rest may seem doubtfull but is quite inevitable. Using hypnosis they put needed parts of the project into me and in that beer restaurant those casual companions of mine(agents obviously!) pulled it out using some key words or something else. Curiously, during that conversation I suspected very strongly that they are agents or something. I am quite paranoid in some ways. The goal of that complex operation might be their desire to get a man believing that he really developped the attack.
If he himself articulated it - he must have done it. Even a lie detector won't help.
But, it looks, not everything went according to plan. May be some parts could not be extracted. And obviously I added something of my own to their plan. I mean that particular date. They asked me later what it is for me. So they didn't know.
From this follows an interesting point. It looks that's me who appointed the date of the attack!

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 01:27 AM
Talking about fragments of the description put into me I remember one isolated fragment which is interesting. Pretending to be an expert I tied to determine what would happen after planes hit the towers. I said that they won't fall like pins but rather fold in like telescopes. Then I said that the first to fall will be the tower hit lower and not one hit the first. May be they meant me "to know" that the first tower would be hit higher and the second would fall first? One of the things following from it is that the whole sequence might have been orchestrated. And that may mean destruction of the towers by preinstalled explosives.
The last question: why me and not some other person? First, I'm Muslim. Like most ex-Soviets I am not religious, but ethnically and culturally I'm Muslim. Another point: I was at that time spied upon for a long time. I don't wish to go into this too deeply, just say that I was considered promising scientist in one important field. So they spied on me and by that time knew me very well. I was familiar material for them.
Now we have the description of the possible attack very similar to real. The same date makes it sealed. The attack discussed in the bar and the real attack are one and the same thing! Next question is who carried it out? There is the possibility that the project was sold to Arabs after the fall of the Soviet Union. But I don't believe in such theory. If that were the Arabs they would have chosen their own date. Some tragic day in Palestinian history perhaps. The date of such attack is very important, symbolic thing. 9/11 puts it firmly in Russian political space.
Considering the timing of the attack it can be suggested that attack was carried out by one of the sides in the power struggle in Russia at the turn of the century. Coming in were ex-KGB agents. I don't believe they could do that. The power was falling in their hands by itself - there is no enough motivation. And they are quite disciplined - parts of the state mechanism. If we look now at the other side - there is quite different story. So called oligarchs. Put plainly just criminals, theaves. And they were loosing power and quite desperate. To carry out such an attack it was not enough to be criminal, the man must be a psychopath. I think in such an assorted group as Russian oligarchs of the 90's you can find such persons.
Last small detail which may mean something or be just a coincidence. In 1988 Usama bin Laden created al Qaeda.
I approached Americans with the information in the summer of 2007. But in spring 2008 after my second visit it became obvious that they decided not to treat it seriously. It is really difficult to trust such unbelievable story and on the strength of it question the work of American security and even the policy of the current administration. I felt snubbed. Then, after some thinking I decided it's not the fault of my story. The whole system failed in this affair so a single man can not do much about it. I tried to send my story to some newspapers but they behaved as part of that system themselves and ignored it.
Nevertheless the fact remains: the scenario of the 9/11 attack existed in Russia in the late 80's.
Ramil Ahmetshin, 52, single, Russia.

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