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Does Affirmative Action Hurt Kids?

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 09:22 PM
Source: From WND News

Does affirmative action hurt kids?
Yes, says author of new bilingual children's book

LOS ANGELES – It's a publishing first. In his new kids' book, "Joey Gonzalez, Great American," author Tony Robles takes on one of today's most polarizing issues – affirmative action.
Using words and pictures that kids can easily understand, "Joey Gonzalez" shows how government programs designed to "help" children are often the ones that do the most harm...

...In today's schools, however, competition has become a dirty word, he says. Affirmative action is a policy, says Robles, that pits kids against each other in all the wrong ways. Instead of being challenged and prepared to compete in the real world, Robles contends that "minority kids learn early on that they will never get the credit they deserve for working hard and trying to succeed on their own." At the same time, other children resent the preferred treatment that their minority classmates receive, and end up resenting them....

As for myself, I've always held the opinion that "Affirmative Action" is another way to create unnecessary definitions concerning racial differences & increase racial tensions; In short, by promoting the differences between races, "Affirmative Action" serves only to increase racial tensions. I grant that legislation which prevents discrimination is a positive step, but it's when it goes beyond that point it results only in the granting of unearned privileges due to racial background, above & beyond basic equal Rights.

It seems that my opinion is not unique...


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