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The Lesser of Three Evils?

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 09:10 PM
From: WND News:

How Hillary will lead America into hell
As November's election nears, some otherwise right-thinking conservatives and Christians, unhappy with GOP presidential candidate John McCain, have concluded America would actually be better off in the long run with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the White House for the next four years.

They recount all of McCain's personal and policy sins. They say, at least if Clinton or Obama is elected, Republicans will unite in opposition to the new president's wacko policies. But if McCain becomes president and champions bad policies, they argue, Republicans in Congress will be paralyzed, unable to oppose effectively any wrongheaded initiatives championed by a chief executive of their own party. With Obama or Clinton as president, the argument goes, the Democrat-controlled White House and Congress will get all the blame for the inevitable failure of their destructive policies, thus creating a comeback opportunity for a principled Republican in 2012. So it's better, they conclude, to give the ranch over to the enemy for four years – and then come back chastened, stronger, more energized than ever, and with a new Ronald Reagan as a standard-bearer.

There's just enough logic to this reasoning to beguile a lot of good people, especially those who have long harbored anger toward John McCain for his many obvious – and sometimes outrageous and even scary – flaws.

Although Hillary Clinton likes to compare herself with the movie character "Rocky" – claiming that, like the underdog prizefighter, "I never quit, I never give up" – many longtime Clinton observers say a more apt comparison would be with "The Terminator."

After all, the "Terminator" also never gave up. But in addition, he (or she in "Terminator 3") was obsessed with attaining a single, urgent, all-important goal, was able to morph into any other form to help reach that goal, and was willing to sacrifice any and all who got in the way.

A humorous (but accurate) example can be seen in the Richard Pryor movie, "Brewster's Millions." Considering all of the poor choices that America gets saddled with during each election, do The People need any better reason to vote "None of the Above?"

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 09:56 PM
If people would take some time to look around and open their minds for once, there will be more than 2 choices available for President, come November. There always is.


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