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Grab-Bag (Bug out bag)

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 07:08 PM
I have came to a point now where I am happy with my grab bag. Simply put, when sheets get tangled in the fan, this is the thing you grab if you can't grab anything else. It took me almost a year since starting this project to get where I am now, a point where I could call it a stopping point but in reality I'll never stop "upgrading".

Anyway, I'll list the general idea of my bag. I won't go into detail about every little thing in my pack. I did decide on a backpack and not a duffle or fanny pack.

Anybody who was ever in the military (marines especially) knows what a hump is. It's not what dogs do to your leg, it's a hike with massive amounts of gear on your back walking for massive amounts of time over massive distances lol. MASSIVE EVERYTHING. Anyway, I promised myself that I wouldn't hump a survival pack in the midst of SitX. That was my foundation for my grab bag.....weight. I think less weight means more distance you can cover without using much gas. Think of it as gas mileage. For this I turned to the cult of ultra-light hikers. Google ultralight hiking and start here IMHO. My pack is strong, roomy, REALLY LIGHT, waterproof, and not an unnatural color. It is green and black. Important if you wish to not be so obvious.

Next, I loaded up my pack with ultra-light gear that covers all the aspects for primitive survivial. Air, Water, Food, Shelter, Fire. Even though fire isnt absolutly nessessary, it helps out a lot.

A good starting point for your grab bag is this little helper:
IMO the best pocket survival kit ever

Just this little, inexpensive pack is enough to help out tremendiously by itself. Once I had this, I'm a big believer in the survival knife. Such a useful tool in a survival situation. There is a thread about survival knifes. I read it and saw some awesome awesome knives. My knife is a Cold Steel SRK. It's simple, not horribly expensive, holds and edge, super corrosion resistant and versitile. It's also small to go in perfect to your grab bag but big enough for any survival chore.

Those are the only two peices of gear I describe in detail cause I believe they are the most important. In my bag I do not include any water or food. But I do include means to procure them. Water purif. tablets are part of my bag. Here's a brief low down of the contents:

-Shelter: Ultralight tent, mylar emergency blanket, ultralight hammock
-Food: Couple means to trap small animals, knife, multi fuel stove
-Water: Purification tabs, katadyn filter, titanium pot for boiling
-Fire: Sparklite starters, good ol' BICs, magesium starters, magnifying glass

Other items: small roll of TP, small first aid kit with the essentials, 550 cord, MSR ultralight multifuel stove, compressed winter sleeping bag, dental floss (1000's of uses)

Hope this post helps somebody out. I'd love to hear other ideas on a grab bag. Later on, may put a .22 handgun in the bag.

posted on May, 7 2008 @ 02:00 AM
Hey Mekanic.

Thanks for sharing. There are tons of threads on this exact subject, but I never tire of them.

What pack did you decide upon?

Next, I loaded up my pack with ultra-light gear that covers all the aspects for primitive survivial. Air, Water, Food, Shelter, Fire.


Here's my set-up.

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