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Religion is not my truth.

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 06:58 PM
Forget the shameful politics,
Embrace and honour heretics!
Tread wisely, mind well practiced tricks
From jumped up, little, lying pricks.
Abandon hope all ye who pray
In limestone tombs of praise, all day
Enter into the light, the natural way
A ‘science world’ which might or may
Offend the masses, massively
Whilst hidden and left passively
To gain support so silently
But not manifest as violently
In those who are afraid to speak
Their heart-felt thoughts, because they’re weak
Too shamed to voice their own belief
That God is just a common thief
Who steals from us, our innocence
And saves us from deliverance
If we all gracefully repent…
As if it makes an ounce of sense!?
We’re braced to forge the revolution
And find the atheist solution
Prove something real like evolution
Let us pray…
For religion’s death and execution.

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