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Do you really know what words mean?

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 04:08 AM
I am realizing that many of the words in our dictionary are used for specific purposes and many of these purposes being for power and control over the masses. See if you can find any in the following.

Focal point: Pre-fix con-

Con: To assimilate, to bring together.

Con-fuse: To bring together through fusion.

Con-vent: Two or more connected vents. Any meeting or gathering of peoples in which they express themselves amongst each other.

Con-vert: A joining or group of botanic biology that is green in chrome.

Con-spire: To join together and raise to the top. To join together two or more highest or high points. To come together and create a spiral.

Con-stable: To be amalgamated and stable. The universe is constable.

This is what the words say... prefix and suffix, the words are con-fused

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