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Two things that have been bugging me lately

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 03:52 AM
First off, I have only recently found ATS and have been learning a lot from the informed among this community.
This new "open eyes and ears" way of thinking begins to lift a blurry vail that has so long covered the world around me. I dont think all bad all the time, but I do at least think MORE about that which I see, read and hear.
Thank you all.

Now, I would like some opinion from you all on a couple of things that have been swimming through my mind of late.

First, this government refund that is coming back in the next few weeks or so seems more to me like they are actually trying to "buy time" in a very real sense. With all of the information on the net about the illegality of the Income Tax, complaints about high energy/gas prices, bloated government spending, etc, this seems more like hush money than a genuine care for the American people government relief effort.
Of course, in this society, it would be stupid to turn it down, but how many nights will some of you lie awake wondering if you have sold out by cashing in? It acutally bothers me on two levels; 1) selling out, 2) wreaping back a bit of so much formerly sown.

Second, I have been reading a lot about all of the big internet providers and researchers discussing how in a few years, the internet will globally crash unless so many billions and billions of dollars are spent to basically rebuild the bohemoth into an even larder megolith.
This sounds to me like a huge setup aimed at first crashing the current network and putting silent these voices that are opening the minds of people who were once (like myself) so closed to the truth, then raping the economy with what has become such a vital communication and information tool. The first screams of terror give way to a major crash and remaking of very backbone of information transmission, and the second opens the door for vaulted costs to the individual consumer to fund the entire project.
It just seems to be another weight across the neck to keep the fowls in submissive tranquility and blind them to the truth.

If I am overstating or way off base, I appreciate any corrections or comments. I basically have the latter information only from the various news sites and all of my opinions have manifested in my own warped little mind.

posted on May, 4 2008 @ 07:08 AM
Welcome here, glad to have you aboard.
As a Canadian I can't say much about your little gov. pay-back check, but I hear your concern. As far as the internet goes, I am right with you. It almost seems like too much of a good thing, and so surely it won't be allowed to continue on unabated. As we have learned here, there is no such thing as a "free" media outside of the internet anymore. Here there is free thinking and also low relative cost - both sacreligious in todays corporate/economic environment.
We know the Chinese regime restricts and censors the internet heavily. You know our governments must be agonizing over how they can do the same. They have to be majorly paranoid about the free thinking that goes on. On the other hand, sites like this one provide the government with what must seem to them (wrongly I should add) a spotlight shining brightly on dissidents and potentil terrorists. Like shooting fish in a barrel. So maybe they will let it go on, if for that reason only, but I doubt it.
There apparently has already been set up a more advanced internet with super high speed/high volume capacity but it is limited to a select group of researchers and the like. I will search for a link and add it here.

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posted on May, 4 2008 @ 07:38 AM
the rebate checks & the stimulus checks are just more of the bread & circus routines.
rebate check worked in 2001, so why not again in 2008?
i wouldn't lose any sleep over anguishing if the $$ is 'selling out'
the people getting the rebate will be getting a tax bill in 2009 for that extra 'imcome' they received...
And i suspect the stimulus $$ received by some qualifying SocialSecurity, Veterans pensioners and those rare RailRoadRetirement receipients.....
will have their COLAs reflect the stimulus-package monies received in 2008. (to theirultimate detriment)

as far as building a www3 & www4, all they need to do is reroute all the streaming Video & Gaming venues
away from the HTTP section of an expanded internet architecture

as Alfred E Newman says - -> What Me Worry?

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